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blass (=Ir. blas) accent, flavour, overtone, spiciness, taste, tinge, tang: Cha d'ee mee arran lesh blass erbee Bible; zest

Inexact matches:

blass agglagh affected speech

blass lajer broad accent

blass millish sweet taste

blass rolaue foretaste

blass shugyr sugariness

Blass Vannin Taste of Mannin

gyn blass flavourless, savourless, tasteless: Ta bee blaystal da beeal gyn blass, myr mooarane gien er beeal yn oaie. Apoc

blass mie dhyt enjoy your meal

blass mie diu enjoy your meal

blass ny cheerey local colour

cur blass er flavouring, savour: Foddee dy nhegin cur tooilley cloreen syn ushtey, oddagh cur blass er-lheh da. BS

cur blass folley da blood as hounds

accent (n.) blass: He has an English accent - Ta blass Sostynagh echey. DF idiom; sheeanane

enjoy your meal gow dty haie; blass mie dhyt, blass mie diu; ee dy liooar

affected speech blass agglagh

broad accent (n.) blass lajer

English1 (n.) Baarle, Baarl: He has an English accent - Ta blass ny Baarle echey. DF idiom; Baarlagh; (adj., n.) Sostnagh; Sostynagh: He has an English accent - Ta blass Sostynagh echey. DF idiom

flavour (n.) blass, blayst

flavourless (adj.) gyn blass

foretaste (n.) blass rolaue

overtone (n.) armoanagh; blass

savourless (adj.) gyn blass

spiciness (n.) blass; spiosraght

sugariness (n.) blass shugyr, milljid

sweet taste (n.) blass millish

tang1 (n.) blayst, blass

taste blass: This beer has an unpleasant taste - Ta blass olk er y lhune shoh. JJK idiom; blasstyn, blastyn, blashtyn; blayst; blayster; blaystyn; blasht; rah

tasteless1 (adj.) gyn blass; neuvlaystal

derrey yeh (yn); (the) one: Da'n derrey yeh ta shin blass y vaaish gys baase; as da'n jeh elley ta shin blass y vea gys bea: as quoi ta fondagh son ny reddyn shoh? Bible

flavouring (n.) blasstan; (v.) cur blass er

local colour (n.) blass ny cheerey

Taste of Mannin (n.) Blass Vannin

zest (n.) blass; (v.) (to); (dy) vishaghey yn vlass

blood as hounds cur blass folley da

savour blasstey; blasstyn; cur blass er

Baarle (=Ir. Béarla) (f.) English: Ta blass ny Baarle echey DF

tinge blass; daaheen; mynghaah; (v.) cullyral, cur daah ayn, cur daah da, mynghaahaghey

aynshoh here: Vel ad yeedyn blass Vannin choud's t'ad aynshoh? Cha nel. Carn

Yernagh (=Ir. Éireannach) pl. Yernee Hibernian, Irish, Irishman: Ta blass Yernagh echey. DF

beer (n.) beer; jough cheyl: It flattened the beer - Ren eh eig y jough-cheyl. DF idiom; lhune: This beer has an unpleasant taste - Ta blass olk er y lhune shoh. JJK idiom

correct1 (adj.) feer, reajagh; kiart: You have a correct Manx accent - Ta blass kiart ny Gaelgey ayd. DF idiom; reih: That was the correct thing to do - Va shen yn reih red dy yannoo. DF idiom

onion (n.) unnish: The soup flavours of onion - Ta blass unnishyn er yn anvroie. DF idiom

pronounced focklit: This is how the word is pronounced - Myr shoh ta'n fockle focklit. DF idiom; focklit magh; lajer: Pronounced accent - Blass lajer. DF idiom

voice1 coraa: There was a note of sorrow in his voice - Va blass trimshey ayns e choraa. DF idiom; fwee; glare; goo; ghoo; (v.) coraaghey, glaraghey

feïeys wildness: Myr ta blass y vee-feïeys soilshaghey yn keint, myr shen ta cree tastagh goaill baght jeh raaghyn foalsey. Apoc

meehaitnyssagh charmless, disagreeable, displeased, displeasing, ill-pleased, objectionable, unacceptable, unattractive, unenjoyable, unprepossessing: Lavinia gyn blass, cha vel mee credjal dy vel ayn red erbee cha marroo  as cha meehaitnyssagh. CnyO; (as job) uncongenial

plumbis (pl -yn) plum: Veagh blass ny share er ve er ny plumbisyn shoh dy beagh ad er ve ny sappee JJK

voain (dy) of turf: T'ad jannoo ymmyd jeh'n voain son dy chur bree as blass da'n ushtey bea. GK; of peat

sorrow bran; seaghyn; smeih; sou-aigney; trimshey: There was a note of sorrow in his voice - Va blass trimshey ayns e choraa. DF idiom; dobberan: She made a great display of her sorrow - Ren ee musthaa mychione y dobberan eck. DF idiom


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