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blade1 (n.) blod

blade2 (n.) (of corn) foghan, jeeas

blade3 (n.) (of grass) oashyr

blade4 (n.) (of oar) bass

blade5 (n.) (of scythe) yiarn

blade6 (n.) (of propeller) lheean

blade7 (n.) (of tongue) bass ny chengey

Inexact matches:

knife blade (n.) blod

propeller blade (n.) blod

razor blade (n.) blod baaree

shoulder blade (n.) shlingan

two-edged blade (n.) blod daa foyr

coming into blade oashyragh

blod pl. bluit (pl -yn) blade, knife blade, propeller blade: agh lesh cliwe gyere glackit dy shickyr, vrish stiagh trooid y vayr er Beelzebub loayrt ny goan mollaghtagh as roie eh'n blod gyere ayns e scoarnagh stiagh. PC

bass ny chengey (f.) (of tongue) blade

blod baaree razor blade

lheean (of propeller) blade

twin-blade daa-vlod

blod daa foyr two-edged blade

daa-vlod twin-blade

oashyragh 1 bladed, coming into blade a: Ayns trie oashyragh. DF; 2 (as corn) boll; 3 hosier

haft (n.) (v.) cur cass ayn, cur doarnane ayn; (n.) dhornane, doarnane; hilt: And the haft also went in after the blade - As hie yn hilt myrgeddin stiagh marish y vlod Bible

bass (f.) 1 bass, scale pan; 2 (of oar) blade; 3 pl. bassyn flat of hand, palm a: nee'n saggyrt deayrtey jeh'n ooil ayns bass e laue chiare Bible

foghan (of corn) blade: agh nar ve yn foghyn ern aas shuas, as er doyrt magh meass, eisht haink rish yn grayndou niist. PB1610; breward, germ, young herbage

jeeas (f.) See jeeass cob, ear; (of corn) blade: yn arroo creen ayns y jeeas. Bible; husk

oashyr (f.) 1 sock, stocking a pl. oashyryn; 2 (of grass) blade a: cha row'n churnagh n'yn shoggyl naardey, son cha row ad foast ass yn oashyr. Bible

shlingan (f.) See clingan back of shoulder, scapula, shoulder blade: nee'n saggyrt goaill shlingan vroie yn rea Bible

yiarn iron: Bee yiarn as prash fo dty chassyn Bible; scythe, tool; (of scythe) blade, tip; (money) tin, dough; pl. yiarnyn


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