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bitter1 garg; gargaghey; gart; geyre; gort; sharroo, shirroo: Sweet to take but bitter to pay - Millish dy ghoaill agh sharroo dy eeck. JJK idiom

bitter2 (adj.) (as enemy) nieunagh

bitter3 (adj.) (of frost) creoi

bitter4 (adj.) (of wind) fannee

Inexact matches:

bitter ale (n.) lhune sharroo

bitter beer (n.) lhune sharroo

bitter enemy (n.) gallvarg, gallverg

bitter herbs (npl.) lossreeyn sharroo: and with bitter herbs they shall eat it - as lesh lossreeyn sharroo nee ad gee eh. Bible

bitter orange (n.) oranje harroo

bitter vetch (n.) crammelt

bitter weather (n.) emshir fannee

keg bitter (n.) lhune sharroo ass mullag

more bitter (ny) shirroo: And I find more bitter than death the woman, whose heart is snares and nets - As hooar mee ny shirroo nan baase yn ven tan cree eck ribbaghyn as lieenteenyn Bible

pint of bitter (n.) pynt sharroo

lhune sharroo bitter ale, bitter beer: Lhune sharroo ass y vullag. DF

crammelt bitter vetch

emshir fannee (f.) bitter weather

gargaghey bitter

bitter-sweet croanreisht; feoh gorrym; lus ny hoie; sharroo as millish

croanreisht bitter-sweet

feoh gorrym bitter-sweet

lus ny hoie (f.) bitter-sweet

sharroo as millish bitter-sweet

gallvarg See galverg bitter enemy, spite; (f.) virulent anger

gart (=Ir. gart, gort) bitter, stale; (as game) high; cornland; (of land) sour

lhune sharroo ass mullag keg bitter

oranje harroo (f.) bitter orange, Seville orange

pynt sharroo pint of bitter: Pynt sharroo my sailliu. DF

medicine (n.) jough lheihys, saase lheeys, stoo lheeys; chesh; medshin: How bitter this medicine is! - Nagh sharroo yn vedshin shoh! JJK idiom

pint (n.) pynt: A pint of bitter, please - Pynt sharroo my sailliu. DF idiom

sweet (n.) bee millish, milljan; (adj.) bing, meen, oor, blaystal; smillish; millish: Sweet to take but bitter to pay - Millish dy ghoaill agh sharroo dy eeck. DF idiom

creoi (=Ir. crochadh) 1 adamant, difficult, distressing, hardy, heartless, obdurate, severe, stubborn; 2 dry, hard, hard-boiled, hard-set, neat, solid, steely, stiff, tough a: Hug oo lhiat farraneyn, as ushtaghyn magh ass ny creggyn creoi Bible; 3 (of frost) bitter; 4 (as language) blistering; 5 (with money) near

fannee (of wind) bitter; draughty; flaying: Va paart jeu er shen roie marish Bock Yuan Fannee Carn

gallverg (f.) bitter enemy, ferocity, sarcasm, spite, spiteful hatred, virulence, virulent anger: sauchys ny shee cha row ayns aer ny thalloo agh eulys ghewil, gallverg as noidys hiarroo. PC

garg acrid, austere, bitter, brusque, harsh, pungent, tuneless: ta shoh son dty vee-chraueeaght, er-yn-oyr dy vel eh garg Bible; poignant

geyre abrupt, acrid, acute, austere, bitter, cutting, discerning, edged, hard, high-pitched, incisive, knifelike, penetrating, piercing, poignant, pointed, pungent, sharp, sour, stiff, twinging; strict, stringent: hug eh currym geyre er Bible; (promontory) bold; (of sight) quick [O.Ir. gér]

lossreeyn sharroo bitter herbs: Er yn chiarroo laa yeig jeh'n nah vee, ec yn astyr, nee ad y reayll eh, as gee eh lesh arran soorit as lossreeyn sharroo. Bible

nieunagh 1 deadly, poisonous, toxic, venomous, virulent, vitriolic a: ta beeal y drogh-ghooinney deayrtey magh goan nieunagh Bible; 2 (as enemy) bitter; 3 (of wind) bleak; 4 froward; 5 despitefully; 6 scathing

sharroo (=Ir. searbh) acid, acidific, acrid, acrimonious, bitter, cutting, embittered, sardonic, sour, tart, unpalatable, vitriolic: nee eh dolley ad ass lesh yn ushtey sharroo Bible

shirroo (ny) more bitter: hooar mee ny shirroo na'n baase yn ven ta'n cree eck ribbaghyn as lieenteenyn Bible

gort acid, bitter, brackish, rank, vinegarish, vinegary: Trooid gort as genney v'ad nyn gercheenyn Bible; (as game) high; stale: Bainney gort. DF; (of land) sour; dearth, want: Trooid gort as genney v'ad nyn gercheenyn; chea gys yn aasagh foddey-feayn as fadaneagh Bible; hurt; poignant; acrid; acrimony


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