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bishagh pl. bishaghyn betterment, interest payer, rally, supplement, thriving: Nee bishagh e hie lheïe ersooyl Bible; fruitful

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bishagh er cheet-stiagh lughtyn-thie family income supplement

betterment (n.) bishagh, foays

thriving bishagh

obbyr lauagh handiwork: as ligge ayrd yasly gloroil yn chiarn nan iih ve oruin : toyr bishagh er obyr nan lauyn oruiniyn, o toer us bishagh er nan obyr lauygh. PB1610

family income supplement bishagh er cheet-stiagh lughtyn-thie

interest payer (n.) bishagh, okyr, parteeas, tack, useree

supplement bishagh; cur rish; lhiasaghane; sur-lhieeney; tooilley

rally aachruinnaghey; aahoiagh; aavioghey; bishagh; drease; rallee; roie ayns rallee; troggal

molg (f.) milt: Ta cooid dy yeeastyn bishagh liorish spawn, oghyr as molg PC

fruitful (adj.) messoil: and be fruitful, and multiply upon the earth - as ve messoil, as bishaghey er yn ooir Bible; sluightagh, sluightoil; my-yeish; bishagh; toyrtagh; sheelagh

occupation (n.) aght baghee, aght-beaghee, keird; cummaltys: Army of occupation - Armee cummaltys. DF idiom; staartey: Blind alley occupation - Staartey nagh vel bishagh ayn. DF idiom

cheet er y hoshiaght come forward, prosper, succeed: te cheet er y hoshiaght lesh bishagh Yee. Bible

crouw (f.) bunch, bush, dwarf tree, shrub, stick, stock, wide spreading tree: ayns yn aer foshlit eeanlee bishagh ghow, dagh cronk, dagh dress, dagh billey as dagh crouw, keylljyn as coanyn ooilley swarmal lhieu. PC; Masonic lodge; (of society) branch; (of river) tributary

meehreishteil (f.) despair: Veih'n voyrn sp'rydoil v'ayndoo nyn droo as goanlys bishagh ren ny smoo, as meehreishteil hug smooinaght ayns nyn gree dy voghe ad foast y varriaght jeh Jee. PC

oghyr (f.) berry; roe, spawn: Ta cooid dy yeeastyn bishagh liorish spawn, oghyr as molg, as jeu cooid elley t'ayn, myr eeanlee, breh nyn ooh 'sy gheinnagh heh, as voue shen cheet yn dooghys t'ad hene jeh. PC; ochre

undinyn foundations: ver eh mow yn thalloo, lesh e bishagh, as ver eh aile fo undinyn ny sleityn Bible

lheie ersooyl blow over, die out, dwindle, wear off: Ta'n drualtys eck er lheie ersooyl dasyn. DF; (as ice) vanish; waste away: derrey va slane sheeloghe ny deiney-caggee e lheïe ersooyl veih masteyn cheshaght Bible; melt away: ren creeaghyn y pobble lheïe ersooyl, as vad lhag myr ushtey Bible; fade away: Nee joarreeyn lheïe ersooyl, as bee ad agglagh ayns ny ynnydyn follit oc. Bible; pass away: myr ny strooanyn tad lheïe ersooyl Bible; consumed: as lesh chiass ny greiney tad lheïe ersooyl Bible; be no more: derrey ta ny niaughyn lheïe ersooyl, cha jean ad doostey Bible; fly away: Nee eh lheïe ersooyl myr dreamal Bible; depart: Nee bishagh e hie lheïe ersooyl Bible; scattered: Myrgeddin liorish deayrtey neose ushtey tan bodjal trome lheïe ersooyl Bible; worn away: Ta my aalid er nimmeeaght lesh eer seaghyn: as er ny lheïe ersooyl kyndagh rish ooilley my noidyn Bible; done away


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