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bink (f.) pl. binkyn COMPARE beck bench, base: Eisht hie eh cheu-mooie gys y bink, as hrog eh yn clagh va ny choodey. Coraa

Inexact matches:

bink obbree (f.) workbench

bink prowallagh (f.) testbench

bink saaue (f.) sawbench

bink saauederagh (f.) sawyer's jack

bink tessen (f.) crossbench

prowallys bink bench-test

bink ny bingey (f.) jury box

bink ny briwnys (f.) judgement bench

bink ny shanstyryn (f.) aldermanic bench

bench-test prowallys bink

crossbench (n.) bink tessen

sawbench (n.) bink saaue

sawyer's jack (n.) bink saauederagh

testbench (n.) bink prowallagh

workbench (n.) bink obbree

aldermanic bench (n.) bink ny shanstyryn

judgement bench (n.) bink ny briwnys

jury box (n.) bink ny bingey

work bench (n.) bink-obbree

bink-obbree (f.) work bench

Vink Hoshee (f.) See bink (Yn); (The) Front Bench

base1 bun: Set square on its base - Soit corrym er y vun. DF idiom; (n.) balley, bink, bun-ynnyd, undin, moodjeen; (v.) gruntal, soieaghey er grunt; (adj.) moodjeenagh

bench1 (n.) caair vriwnys, furrym; bink: She was gutting the herring on the stone bench outside - V'ee scoltey y skeddan er y vink cheumooie. DF idiom

form5 (n.) (Furn.) furrym; bink: Go and sit down on the form - Immee as soie sheese er y vink. JJK idiom


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