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billey ruissagh rhododendron

billey pl. billaghyn bank bill: Billey y 'aagail gyn eeck DF; (proposed law) bill: Hug eh lesh stiagh billey ayns Y Chiare as Feed DF; pl. biljyn :1 big bush, tree: Ta mess y dooinney cairagh billey dy vea Bible [O.Ir. bile]

Inexact matches:

billey aeg sapling

billey airnag damson tree

billey almon almond tree

billey almug almug tree

billey apricoc apricot tree

billey argid money bill

billey bananey banana tree

billey banc bank bill

billey beih birch tree

billey buigh bay tree, sweet bay

billey bwee laurel

billey cainleagh wax myrtle

billey cannial cinnamon

billey cashoo cashew

billey castan chestnut tree

billey coco cacao tree

billey cornel cornelian

billey coyin dwarf cornel

billey creen withered tree: bee fys ec ooilley biljyn y vagher, dy nee mish y Chiarn, ter lhieggal y billey ard, as eer hroggal y billey injil, ter fioghey yn billey glass, as er chur er y billey creen dy vlaaghey Bible

billey cro nut tree

billey cro-cabbyl horse chestnut

billey cuinnsey quince tree

billey cullyn holly tree

billey cuphar cypress

billey darragh oak tree: as dollee Jacob ad, fo yn billey darragh va liorish Shechem. Bible

billey date date palm

billey eabban ebony

billey eairkey cork oak

Billey Eeastagh Fisheries Bill

billey euar yew tree

billey faagit staddle

billey faih beech tree

billey feeyn vine

billey feeyney grapevine, vine

billey figgagh pl. biljyn-figgagh fig tree: Ga nagh der y billey figgagh magh e vlaa, as nagh bee mess er ny biljyn-feeyney Bible

billey frangagh laburnum

billey galchro walnut tree

billey granooyl pomegranate tree

billey greimmey wild service tree

billey gum gum tree

billey hollin holly tree

Billey Hramman Elder Tree

Billey Jeig Tithe Tree

billey juys conifer, fir

billey keanagh cotton tree

billey keirn rowan

billey kenney arbutus

billey kereagh wax tree

billey keylley forest tree, timber tree

billey kidrane citron

billey laurys laurel

billey lhome naked tree

billey limon lemon tree

billey locust algarroba, carob tree, locust tree

billey malpys maple tree

billey mangrove mangrove tree

billey masthag mastic tree

billey meidil medlar

billey mess fruit tree

billey millish bay tree

Billey-moddee Lhiasaghey Dogs Amendment Bill

Billey Mooar Big Tree

billey naghtyreen nectarine tree

billey niau tree of heaven

billey Nollick Christmas tree: Ta billey Nollick er lheh ec gagh colught dy hoilshaghey e yalloo co-chorpagh liorish tayrn sooillyn huggey. BS

billey ooyl apple tree

billey oranje orange tree

billey palm palm tree: ayns Elim va daa hibbyr jeig ushtey, as three-feed billey palm as jeih Bible

billey peear pear tree

billey peitshag peach tree

billey plaaney plane

billey plumbis plum tree

billey pobbyl poplar

billey quassia quassia

billey rubbyr rubber tree

billey santyl sandalwood

billey sedar cedar

billey shapaanagh japonica

billey shillish cherry tree

billey shykey sycamore

billey skeag thorn tree

billey slaanee senna

billey smeyr mulberry

billey snauee dugout

billey theiley lime tree, linden tree

billey tooishey frankincense

billey unjin ash tree

billey ymmyrkee waybill

bun billey tree trunk: Gra rish bun billey, She uss my ayr; as rish clagh, T'ou uss er my ymmyrkey Bible

gyn billey treeless

kayt billey marten

lhieggey billey chop down

roie billey (of bill) carriage

Billey Aa-chummey Reihyssagh Electoral Reform Bill

Billey Lhiasaghey Reihyssagh Electoral Reform Bill

billey mess boalley wall fruit

billey ny bea lignum vitae

billey ny coyin dogwood

Billey Oltey Preevaadjagh Private Member's Bill

billey ooyl feie crab apple tree, wilding

billey plumbis glass greengage

Billey ry-hoi Reirey Gaue Thooillaghyn Flood Risk Management Bill

billey shillish feie wild cherry tree

billey shillish figgagh bird cherry tree

Billey Shirveishyn Argidoil Financial Services Bill

Billey Sollaghey Laue Bribery Bill

billey y chugyr sugar maple tree

billey yn stait treasury bill

cur billey gys bill

Glion ny Billey Gorrym Glen of the Blue Trees

thie billey feeyney vinery

Billey Cairys Kimmee cour Loghtyn Yn-ghoaill Criminal justice Arrestable Offences Bill

billey y chur er y voayrd (to) table a bill

Bing y Chiare as Feed mychione Billey Cairys Kimmee (f.) House of Keys Committee on the Criminal Justice Bill

Co-ving Tinvaal mychione Prinsabylyn Bunraghtoil ta girree ass Billey Lhiasaghey Reihyssagh Joint Committee on Constitutional Principles raised by the Electoral Reform Bill

bank bill (n.) billey, billey banc

bay tree (n.) billey buigh; billey millish; laurys; beith

holly tree (n.) billey cullyn, billey hollin

laurel (n.) billey bwee; billey laurys; laurys

vine (n.) billey feeyn, billey feeyney

bill2 (n.) (proposed law) billey: To race a bill through the Keys - Billey y raipey trooid yn Kiare as Feed. DF idiom

tree billagh; billey: The car crashed into a tree - Ren y gleashtan smoashal noi billey. DF idiom; saayl

algarroba (n.) billey locust

almond tree (n.) billey almon

almug tree (n.) billey almug

apple tree (n.) billey ooyl

apricot tree (n.) billey apricoc

arbutus (n.) billey kenney

banana tree (n.) billey bananey

beech tree (n.) billey faih

big bush (n.) billey

Big Tree (n.) Billey Mooar

cacao tree (n.) billey coco

carob tree (n.) billey locust

carriage4 (of bill) roie billey

cashew (n.) billey cashoo, cashoo

cherry tree (n.) billey shillish

chestnut tree (n.) billey castan

citron (n.) billey kidrane; kidrane

cork oak (n.) billey eairkey

cornelian (n.) billey cornel

cotton tree (n.) billey keanagh

damson tree (gen.) billey airnag

date palm (n.) billey date

dogwood (n.) billey ny coyin

dugout (n.) billey snauee, finneig

dwarf cornel (n.) billey coyin

Elder Tree (n.) Billey Hramman

fig tree (n.) billey figgagh

fir (n.) billey juys, juys

Fisheries Bill (n.) Billey Eeastagh

forest tree (n.) billey keylley

fruit tree (n.) billey mess

grapevine (n.) billey feeyney

gum tree (n.) billey gum

laburnum (n.) billey frangagh

lemon tree (n.) billey limon

lime tree (n.) billey theiley

linden tree (n.) billey theiley

locust tree (n.) billey locust

mangrove tree (n.) billey mangrove

maple tree (n.) billey malpys

marten (n.) kayt billey

mastic tree (n.) billey masthag

medlar (n.) billey meidil, meidil

money bill (n.) billey argid

naked tree (n.) billey lhome

nectarine tree (n.) billey naghtyreen

nut tree (n.) billey cro

oak tree (n.) billey darragh

orange tree (n.) billey oranje

peach tree (n.) billey peitshag

pear tree (n.) billey peear

plum tree (n.) billey plumbis

pomegranate tree (n.) billey granooyl

quassia (n.) billey quassia, quassia

quince tree (n.) billey cuinnsey

rhododendron (n.) billey ruissagh

rubber tree (n.) billey rubbyr

sandalwood (n.) billey santyl, santyl

sapling (n.) billey aeg, sthowyr

senna (n.) billey slaanee, senney

staddle (n.) billey faagit; bwon

sweet bay (n.) billey buigh

timber tree (n.) billey keylley

Tithe Tree (n.) Billey Jeig

treeless (adj.) gyn billey

vinery (n.) thie billey feeyney

wax myrtle (n.) billey cainleagh

wax tree (n.) billey kereagh

waybill (n.) billey ymmyrkee

withered tree (n.) billey creen

yew tree (n.) billey euar


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