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bieauid (f.) (pl -yn) pace, promptness, rapidity, speed, tempo, velocity: Ren yn etlan coayl bieauid. DF

Inexact matches:

baatey bieauid speedboat

bieauid beill muzzle velocity

bieauid cosnee escape velocity

bieauid cruinlagh orbital speed

bieauid hollys velocity of light

bieauid lhuingey (f.) sea speed

bieauid lossee breakneck

bieauid shooyl walking pace

bieauid tarlheimagh landing speed

bieauid thallooin ground speed

bieauid uillinagh angular velocity

bieauid veg (f.) slow speed

cagliagh bieauid speed limit

coayl bieauid stall: Ren yn etlan coayl bieauid. DF

co-chaghlaa bieauid velocity modulation

corrillagh bieauid velocity ratio

cowreyder bieauid speed indicator

eab bieauid speed trial

fer bieauid pacemaker

laaragh bieauid speedway

meiheyder bieauid speedometer

Shiaghtin Bieauid Speed Week

troggal bieauid accelerate, pick up speed

bieauid ny geayee wind velocity

bieauid 'syn aer air-speed

cur bieauid fo open out

ec bieauid bunneydagh tempo

ec bieauid ny geayee at full pelt

meoir shee bieauid speed cop

recortys-bieauid thallooin seihll world land speed record

kianglaghyn as bieauid yn boandey lhean broadband connection speeds

tempo (n.) ec bieauid bunneydagh, bieauid, traa

speed bieaughey; bieauid: Going at breakneck speed - Goll ec bieauid lossee. DF idiom; kirtagh; tappeeid; tappeeys; speedeil

air-speed (n.) bieauid 'syn aer

angular velocity (n.) bieauid uillinagh

escape velocity (n.) bieauid cosnee

ground speed bieauid thallooin

landing speed (n.) bieauid tarlheimagh

muzzle velocity (n.) bieauid beill

orbital speed (n.) bieauid cruinlagh

pace bieauid: Gather pace - Bieauid y hroggal. DF idiom; colheimyragh; keim: At a walking pace - Er keim hooyl. DF idiom; keimyragh; kesmad; lurgey; (v.) giarrey y vieauid da, kesmadey, shooyl; coskeim

pacemaker (n.) fer bieauid

promptness (n.) bieauid, leahys

rapidity (n.) bieauid; tappeeid; tappeeys

sea speed (n.) bieauid lhuingey

slow speed (n.) bieauid veg

speedboat (n.) baatey bieauid

speed indicator (n.) cowreyder bieauid

speed limit (n.) cagliagh bieauid

speedometer (n.) meiheyder bieauid

speed trial (n.) eab bieauid

speedway (n.) laaragh bieauid

Speed Week (n.) Shiaghtin Bieauid

velocity (n.) bieauid

velocity modulation (n.) co-chaghlaa bieauid

velocity ratio (n.) corrillagh bieauid

walking pace bieauid shooyl

accelerate (v.) greesaghey, siyraghey, troggal bieauid

breakneck (adj.) bieauid lossee, brishey mwannal

pick up speed troggal bieauid

speed cop (n.) meoir shee bieauid

velocity of light (n.) bieauid hollys

wind velocity (n.) bieauid ny geayee

at full pelt ec bieauid ny geayee

open out (v.) cur bieauid fo, fosley, lheeanaghey

broadband connection speeds (npl.) kianglaghyn as bieauid yn boandey lhean

pick up (n.) glackeyder; (v.) troggal: Pick up speed - Bieauid y hroggal. DF idiom

world land speed record (n.) recortys-bieauid thallooin seihll

er yn rea on the level: Bieauid er yn rea. DF

on the level er yn rea: Speed on the level - Bieauid er yn rea. DF idiom

millit blown, corrupted, defaced, ruined, spoil, spoiled, undone: Va shoh troggit ec bieauid mirrilagh - veeit mee rish deiney as y claynt oc millit dy bollagh liorish y traastey jeh'n obbyr shen. Dhoor; spoilt

level co-ard rish; cormaghey, cur er corrym rish, jannoo rea, jeeraghey, lhieggal, lhiggey; corrym: The level of the water - Corrym yn ushtey. DF idiom; gob er gob rish; kiart; laare; leval; rea: Speed on the level - Bieauid er yn rea. DF idiom; keim: I wouldn't descend to his level - Cha jinnin cur mee hene er yn un keim as eshyn. DF idiom

stall bwaane: and the calves out of the midst of the stall - as ny lheiyee ass ny bwaneyn Bible; manjoor: And Solomon had four thousand stalls for horses - As va ec Solomon kiare thousane manjoor son cabbil Bible; coayl bieauid, cur 'sy stholl, scuirr; stholl; sthollal

smoash crash, smash, smash-up: Y markiagh, va shey bleeaney jeig as feed dy eash, hooar eh baase ayns smoash bieauid ard ayns Grand Prix Sosharagh Vannin, dy jeeragh lurg da v'er jeet dy ve yn chied dooinney dy yannoo garrey ayns Grand Prix Vannin BS


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