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bell1 (n.) clag, clageen; kiaullane: As soon as the bell rang, you awoke - Cha leah's woaill y kiaullane, ghooisht oo. JJK idiom; (v.) cur clag er

bell2 (of fowl) brooinney

bell3 (of stag) eam

bell4 (n.) (small) kiaullane

Inexact matches:

alarm bell (n.) clag raauee

angelus bell (n.) clag yn ainle

ave bell (n.) clag yn ainle

bell buoy (n.) booie kiallane

bell flower (n.) clageen

bell glass (n.) clageen glenney

bell heather (n.) freoagh tessen

bell metal (n.) meain chluig

bell pepper pibbyr-millish

bell ringer (n.) kiaullaneyder

bell ringing (n.) kiaullaneydys

bell rope (n.) tead clag, tead cluig

bell tent (n.) paalan clagganagh

bell tower (n.) claggys

Canterbury bell (n.) claggan

church bell (n.) clag ny killagh: The church bell is ringing - Ta clagh ny killagh bingys. DF idiom

death bell (n.) clag baaish, clag ny merriu

diving bell (n.) clag thummee

door bell (n.) clageen dorrysh

electric bell (n.) claggan

funeral bell (n.) clag ny merriu, clag oanluckee

mass bell (n.) clag erin

passing bell (n.) clag baaish, clag ny merriu

sanctus bell (n.) clag erin, kiaullane erin

ship's bell (n.) clag lhuingey

storm bell (n.) clag sterrym

telephone bell (n.) claggan chellvane

wedding bell (n.) clag poosee

Croit Bell Bell's Croft

of a bell (gen.) cluig

small mass bell (n.) kiaullane erin

toll of bell cling

clag ny merriu death bell, funeral bell, passing bell

clag baaish death bell, death knell, passing bell

clageen bell, bell flower, rampion

clag erin mass bell, sanctus bell

clag yn ainle angelus bell, ave bell

kiaullane erin sanctus bell, small mass bell

claggan (=Ir. clagan) Canterbury bell; clapper; electric bell: Broo yn claggan. DF

Bell's Croft (n.) Croit Bell

booie kiallane bell buoy

brooinney abdomen; (of fowl) bell; (of fowl) chest

clageen dorrysh door bell

clageen glenney bell glass

claggan chellvane telephone bell

clag oanluckee funeral bell

clag poosee wedding bell

clag sterrym storm bell

clag thummee diving bell

cur clag er bell

freoagh tessen bell heather

meain chluig (f.) bell metal

paalan clagganagh bell tent

pibbyr-millish bell pepper

bell-band (n.) tarragh

bell-bottomed (adj.) cass-lhean

bell-bottoms (n.) troosyn cass lhean

bell-clapper (n.) chengey

bell-fashion jeh cummey cluig

bell-founder (n.) clag-cheirdagh

bell-foundry (n.) thie grease cluig

bell-hanger (n.) fer cluig; soieder clag

bell-landing tarlheimmey bolg

bell-like clagagh; clagganagh; kiaullaneagh

bell-pull (n.) teaddan cluig

bell-rope tead clag, tead cluig

dumb-bell (n.) tromman

ring bingys, clinc, rhollan; (v.) cur fainey er, cur stroineen er, clinck, craa, clinckal, clinckeragh, glingal; broo: Ring the doorbell - Broo yn claggan. DF idiom; bwoalley: Ring the bell - Bwoaill yn clag. DF idiom; crie: Ring the bell - Crie yn kiaullane. DF idiom; (n.) bwoaillee, croa, fainney, kiarkyl, loop, paal, scoodyn; fainey: He pledged the ring - Hug eh yn ainey myr raane. DF idiom

ringing claggintys; clinckal; gling; glingal; bingys: The church bell is ringing - Ta clagh ny killagh bingys. DF idiom; clinkeragh: There's someone ringing - Ta pagh ennagh clinkeragh. JJK idiom; bwoalley: The church bell is ringing - Ta clagh ny killagh bwoalley. DF idiom

cass-lhean bell-bottomed

clagagh bell-like

clag-cheirdagh bell-founder

clagganagh bell-like

claggys belfry, bell tower; campanology

clag lhuingey chronometer, ship's bell

clag ny killagh church bell

fer cluig bell-hanger

jeh cummey cluig bell-fashion

kiaullaneydys bell ringing, campanology; orchestration

soieder clag bell-hanger

tarlheimmey bolg bell-landing

tarragh bell-band, girth, surcingle

tead clag bell-rope, bell rope

tead cluig bell-rope, bell rope

teaddan cluig bell-pull

thie grease cluig bell-foundry

tromman dumb-bell, treadle

troosyn cass lhean bell-bottoms

clag raauee alarm bell, alarm gong, tocsin

buzz1 (n.) cronnane, sheean, skianys; (v.) jannoo cronnane, jean cronnane, thassaney; broo: Buzz the bell - Broo yn clag. DF idiom

jingle clink; clinkal; clinkeragh: clinkeragh myr feiyr-chlig. - Jingling like the sound of a bell JK; gliggin; gligginaght; glingal

bunraghtoil constitutional: Dooyrt Allan Bell, oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Rhumsaa, dy jinnagh cur lesh stiagh billey elley myr lhiasaghey, dy jinnagh eh chyndaa cooishyn bunraghtoil bun ry skyn. Dhoor; constitutionally

clag pl. cluig 1 bell, blow ball a: clag airhey as pomegranate, rish chemmal y choamrey ooilley mygeayrt Bible; 2 clock

cling (f.) chime, clang, clink, ting, toll of bell, tolling: Ta cling yn stainney echey. DF; (of bell) tang; (of bell) toll

cluig 1 (npl.) bells, chimes a: ren ad cluig veggey dy glen airh Bible; 2 clock; 3 (gen.) of a bell

connaasagh contemptuous: T'ad jannoo briwnys row Allan Bell connaasagh mychione y Chiare as Feed as eshyn cur ad er shaghryn ayns nuy cheead jeig, kiare feed as daa- yeig, coardail rish Commishoon Brialtys Chronk Murray BS; scoff, sneer

eam 1 call, cry, shout a: Er-yn-oyr dy vel eam Sodom as Gomorrah atchimagh. Bible; 2 (of stag) bell; 3 (of cattle) low, moo

feer trome-chooishagh all-important: Coardail rish yn Çhirveishagh Cooishyn Sthie, Allan Bell, cha bee yn reiltys goaill ymmyd jeh'n phooar shoh agh ayns cooishyn 'feer trome-chooishagh'. BS

kiaullane 1 clamourer, squeaker; 2 (small) bell, handbell a: Ny jean builley yn kiaullane son padjer as eisht roie ersooyl. EF; 3 (of bell) toll; 4 orchestra; 5 clarion; 6 noise in the ear, racket, tolling; 7 blatancy

kiaullaneagh bell-like, blatant, clamorous, hectoring, loud, loud-mouthed, randy, robustious, roistering, squealing, stormy, strident, uproarious, vociferous; roisterer; orchestral

sound cayrnal; eaishtagh rish; feeam; feiyr; feiyral; follan: He is as sound as a bell - T'eh cha follan as breck. DF idiom; hellym: The sound of the trumpet - Hellym y chayrn. DF idiom; keyllys: They used to swim the cattle across the Sound - Boallagh ad cur er yn ollagh dy naue harrish y Cheyllys. DF idiom; lajer; lane; sheean: Empty vessels make the most sound - Siyn folmey smoo sheean nee. JJK idiom; sheeanal; sheeaney; sheidey; slayntoil; sunt; suntal; sunteil; sonn; (adj.) keyn; breeoil

chengey (=Ir., Sc.G. teanga) (f.) pl. chengaghyn 1 bell-clapper, clasp, feather, strap-hinge; 2 (of buckle) catch; 3 tongue a: nee'n chengey oc shirgaghey ayns nyn meeal Bible; 4 language, speech: ta chengey veeley brishey eer craueyn Bible; 5 utterance [O.Ir. tengae]

kiaullaneyder bellman, bell ringer, campanologist; clamourer, town crier: Son y veggan t'eh dy choyrt, t'eh mooaraghey dy creoi, t'eh fosley e veeal myr kiaullaneyder: t'eh geeasagh jiu, as shirrey reesht mairagh: ta lheid y fer dwoaiagh fenish Jee as dooinney. Apoc; herald

Shirveishagh Tashtee Treasury Minister: Lhisagh y Reiltys goaill rish dy bollagh ny reddyn hooar Brialtys Chronk Murray magh - goaill stiagh y briwnys dy dug Allan Bell, y Shirveishagh Tashtee nish, dy dug eshyn y Chiare as Feed er shaghryn. BS


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