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beishteig (f.) pl. beishteigyn crawler, creepy-crawly, insect; reptile; worm: nee'n beishteig beaghey dy blaystal er Bible; coil

Inexact matches:

beishteig chreoi (f.) wireworm

beishteig fainnagh (f.) annelid

beishteig famlee (f.) seaweed worm

beishteig ghoal (f.) slow worm

beishteig lhuingey (f.) copper worm, teredo

beishteig loauee (f.) palmer worm

beishteig rybbanagh (f.) taenia, tapeworm

beishteig snaieagh (f.) threadworm

beishteig vergagh (f.) cankerworm

marrooder beishteig insecticide

poodyr beishteig insect powder, worm powder

towl beishteig worm-hole

Thalloo ny Beishteig Insects' Ground

annelid annelaid; beishteig fainnagh

copper worm (n.) beishteig lhuingey

creepy-crawly (n.) beishteig

insect (n.) shey-chassagh, beishteig, meeyl

insecticide (n.) beishteig-nieu, marrooder beishteig

insect powder (n.) poodyr beishteig

palmer worm (n.) beishteig loauee

reptile (m.) beishteig; peisht; snaueagh

seaweed worm (n.) beishteig famlee

slow worm (n.) beishteig ghoal

taenia (n.) beishteig rybbanagh

teredo (n.) beishteig lhuingey

threadworm (n.) beishteig snaieagh

worm-hole (n.) towl beishteig

worm powder (n.) poodyr beishteig

cankerworm (n.) praddag stroailtagh, beishteig vergagh

insect eater (n.) beishteig-eeder

insecticidal (adj.) beishteig-varrooagh

insectivorous (adj.) beishteig-eeagh, meeyl-eeagh

Insects' Ground (n.) Thalloo ny Beishteig

tapeworm (n.) beishteig rybbanagh, martlan ghailley

vermiform (adj.) beishteig-chrooagh; liauyr

vermifuge (n.) beishteig-phurgaid, nieu-vartlhan

wireworm (n.) beishteig chreoi, cuttag, sorrane

worm1 (n.) beisht; beishteig: The womb shall forget him; the worm shall feed sweetly on him - Neen vreïn eshyn y yarrood; neen beishteig beaghey dy blaystal er Bible; crooag: it did not stink, neither was there any worm therein - cha ren eh breinaghey, chamoo va crooag ayn Bible; dhiane: How much less man, that is a worm? and the son of man, which is a worm? - Cre-woad sloo dooinney, ta ny veishteig, as yn mac dooinney, ta myr y dhiane. Bible; peishteig; tayrneyder

beishteig-chrooagh (f.) vermiform

beishteig-eeagh (f.) insectivorous

beishteig-eeder (f.) insect eater

beishteig-nieu (f.) insecticide

beishteig-phurgaid (f.) vermifuge

beishteig-varrooagh insecticidal

crawler (n.) beishteig; loaganagh, raseyder, snaueyder; fer thoanney

coil beishteig; caslag: Inductance coil - Caslag indughtysh. DF idiom; caslagh: Ignition coil - Caslagh lossee. DF idiom; feddan lhoobagh; lhoob; lhoobey

gyn grunt bottomless, characterless, fathomless, unfathomable: ta'n Goo ginsh dooin jeh'n dor'ghys sodjey magh, jeh ooig gyn grunt, as pian gyn aash dy bragh, jeh aile gyn vooghey, beishteig kinjagh bio, jeh ster'm, dorrin as brimstone lheit heese fo. CS

goll ersooyl go away, move off, waning: guee-ym gys y Chiarn, dy vod ny swarmyn-beishteig goll ersooyl veih Pharaoh Bible; going away


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