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being1 beays; bioys

being2 (n.) (person) bioagh, persoon

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being benign (v.) meiygaghey; meiyghey

being thrifty (v.) jannoo gress

being wary (v.) goaill kiarail

human being (n.) peccah, peiagh, sheelnaue

heritage (n.) eiraght: Neither as being lords over God's heritage, but being ensamples to the flock - Chamoo myr chiarnyn harrish eiraght Yee, agh myr sampleyryn dan chioltane Bible; eirys

jannoo gress (=Ir. deanadh-greas) being thrifty

meiygaghey being benign

well-being (n.) gien mie, foays, speeideilys

bioagh animal, live person, living creature; (person) being

beays being, existence: beayn myr yn trilleen farrarey reddyn erskyn beays. Coraa

affectionately slane aigney-mie: So being affectionately desirous of you - Myr shen ayns slane aigney-mie diuish Bible

arrayed (v.) choamree: and arrayed him in vestures of fine linen - as choamree eh eh ayns garmadyn sheeidey Bible; coamrit: being arrayed in white linen - coamrit ayns aanrit gial Bible

besides cheumooie jeh; erskyn ooilley; foast; fy-yeih; gyn eie, gyn eie er; gyn oai; maghey shen; marish shen; neesht: Besides, it is my fault for being so late - Ta mee guee erriu ny imraa eh. JJK idiom

Douglas (n.) Doolish: There are many new houses being built in Douglas now - Ta ymmodee thieyn noa goll er troggal ayns Doolish nish. JJK idiom

go away (v.) goll ersooyl: Being about to go away - Er chee goll ersooyl. JJK idiom

houses (npl.) thieyn: There are many new houses being built in Douglas now - Ta ymmodee thieyn noa goll er troggal ayns Doolish nish. JJK idiom; dhieyn

warned as raaue currit da: By faith Noah, being warned of God of things not seen as yet - Liorish credjue, Noah, myr va raaue er ny choyrt da liorish Jee mychione reddyn nagh row foast ry-akin Bible; raauit

bioys being, existence, life-saving, lifetime; life: Ta baase as bioys ayns pooar y chengey, as nee dooinney farrail rere myr t'eh jannoo ymmyd jeh. Bible

gien mie well-being, euphoria: Eisht voyll mee gien mie Bible

goaill kiarail being wary: Dy vel Jee'n Spyrryd Noo goaill kiarail jeusyn ooilley ta credjal ayns Yeesey Creest CS

meiyghey being benign, softening, yearn, yearning: Quoi ec ta fys my nee Jee chyndaa as meiyghey Bible

peccah human being, sinner; pl. peccaghyn sin; wickedness: Son dy ren shiu peccah m'oï Bible [L. peccatum]

peiagh COMPARE pyagh human, human being, person: Peiagh erbee ta smooinaghtyn dy jagh sidooryn Goaldagh gys Nerin Twoaie son y chied cheayrt sy vlein 1969, cha nel ad toiggal y chooish ro vie! Carn

persoon (=Ir. pearsa) pl. persoonyn being, individual, person, personage: cha bee un feanish fondagh noi persoon erbee Bible [L. persona]

sheelnaue human being, humanity, humankind, mankind: Myr t'ou er chur da pooar harrish ooilley sheelnaue Bible

booty (n.) cragh: And their camels shall be a booty - As bee ny camelyn oc son cragh Bible; griu; spooilley: And the booty, being the rest of the prey which the men of war had caught - As y spooilley, ta shen, yn chooid elley jehn chragh va ny deiney- caggee er ghoaill Bible; griu-vaarlee

compelled eignit; eginit, êginit: But neither Titus, who was with me, being a Greek, was compelled to be circumcised - Agh cha row Titus hene, va mârym, ga ny Ghreek, êginit dy ve er ny ghiarey-chymmylt bible; deginee: And I punished them oft in every synagogue, and compelled them to blaspheme - As smaghtee mee ad dy mennick ayns dy chooilley synagogue, as dêginee mee ad dy oltooan [Creest] bible

dry sponkit, reeastanagh; chirrym: The road is dry without being hard - Ta'n raad chirrym gyn ve creoi. DF idiom; creeney; creoi; cuckley; jeen; shiast: The cow is dry - Ta'n vooa shiast. DF idiom; shiastey: Dry wells - Chibbraghyn shiastey. DF idiom; sloateil; chyrmey; chyrmaghey; chirmaghey: Put out to dry - Cur magh dy chirmaghey. DF idiom

men of war (npl.) deiney-caggee: And the booty, being the rest of the prey which the men of war had caught - As y spooilley, ta shen, yn chooid elley jehn chragh va ny deiney-caggee er ghoaill Bible; sidooryn: And Eleazar the priest said unto the men of war which went to the battle - As dooyrt Eleazar y saggyrt rish ny sidooryn hie gys y chaggey Bible; treanee caggee: with mighty men, and with all men of war - lesh deiney niartal, as lesh ooilley ny treanee caggee Bible

sharp barb, geayr, geyre; barbagh, birragh, birranagh, brishtagh, foyragh, gibbagh; foyral; gyere, gyerey, geayrey: Has the fork sharp prongs? - Vel gaghyn geayrey er y gollage? JJK idiom; gear: She has a sharp tongue - Ta chengey ghear eck. DF idiom; geyragh: He is being sharp with them - T'eh geyragh roosyn. DF idiom

we neemayd: we shall catch them alive - nee mayd goaill ad bio Bible; veesmayd: much more, being reconciled, we shall be saved by his life - foddey smoo, myr ta shin nish goit stiagh gys shee, vees mayd er nyn sauail liorish e vioys Bible

foays (=Ir. feabhas) pl. foayssyn benefit, betterment, good, goodness, improvement, profit, prosperity, quality, utility, wealth: son ta foays ooilley thalloo Egypt nyn gour Bible; perfection: ronsagh magh dy chooilley foays Bible; health, welfare, well-being; dignity

speeideilys fortune, prosperity, success, well-being: Roish ny stholkyn accrys ayns 1981, cha row monney speeideilys ec Sinn Fein ayns reihyssyn. Carn


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