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beat1 (v.) bwoalley; yeelt, custey; custhey; geddyn laue yn eaghtyr er: We beat them! - Hooar shin laue yn eaghtyr orroo! DF idiom; yeealley; (n.) ronney: Policeman on his beat - Meoir shee er yn ronney echey. DF idiom

beat2 (v.) (record) sharaghey

beat3 (v.) (as pulse) builley

Inexact matches:

beat back (n.) bwoaill er ash: They beat back the enemy - Woaill ad er ash y noid. DF idiom; castey

beat clothes (v.) sladdaney

beat down1 (v.) brishey sheese, bwoalley sheese

beat down2 (v.) (price) lhieggal

beat flax (v.) tratney

beat in (v.) brishey stiagh; bwoalley stiagh

Beat it (impv) Fow royd

beat metal (v.) inganey

beat off (v.) bwoalley jeh

beat out (v.) giarrey; lheanaghey

beat up (v.) bwoalley; cur condoo da; cur da; lhie stiagh rish

shall beat kerree: Thou shalt beat him with the rod - Kerree oo eh lesh y clatt Bible

beat for game (v.) ronsaghey

inganey beat metal, stamp

sladdaney beat clothes, beetle

bwoalley (=Ir. bualadh) assault, bang, bash, batter, beat, beat up, belabour, buffet, clap, club, flap, hammer, hit, knock, mint, punch, scramble, shock, slam, slap, smite, strike, thrash, thresh, toll, wallop: honnick eh Egyptian bwoalley Hebrewnagh; fer jeh e vraaraghyn Bible; chime, ring; play; rhythm; pulsate, throb; rise of penis; (n.) percussion; striking; ringing [O.Ir. búailid]

cur condoo da beat up

tratney beat flax, maul, mauling

bwoaill er ash beat back, kick back

bwoalley jeh beat off, strike off

lhie stiagh rish beat up; snuggle up

yeealley beat, lash, strap, whip; beating, swishing: Hooar eh yeealley. DF

yeelt beaten, beat; saddled: yeelt eh e assyl, as hrog eh er Bible

altogether (adv.) ooilley dy lieragh; ooilley-cooidjagh: It's off my beat altogether - T'eh ass my reir ooilley cooidjagh. DF idiom; trooid as trooid

drum (n.) dollan, stoandey; drum: Beat the drum - Yn drum y woalley. DF idiom; (v.) drummeragh

flames (npl.) lossaghyn, losseryn, lossyryn; lossanyn: He beat back the flames - Chast eh ny lossanyn. DF idiom

retreat1 chea; cooyl-ghleashaght; goll ergooyl; roie er chea; cooyllaghey: Beat the retreat - Yn cooyllaghey y woalley. DF idiom

brishey sheese analyse, analysis; break down, beat down, rend: Agh nish t'ad brishey sheese ooilley yn obbyr grainnit eck: lesh teighyn as oardyn. Bible

brishey stiagh 1 beat in, break in, burgle, burst in, burst open, gate crashing, stave in a: raad ta maarlee brishey stiagh as geid Bible; 2 encroachment, intrusion

bwoalley sheese 1 beat down, break down, hammer down, smite down a: nee eh bwoalley sheese ny tooryn ayd Bible

bwoalley stiagh barge in, beat in, burst in, strike in; charge in: Ren mee bwoalley stiagh noi echey. DF

castey appease, assuage, beat back, censor, check, choke back, contain, counter, cure, defeat, end, hitch, inhibit, preclude, staunch, stave off, suppress; (as loan) freeze; cast out: teh castey drogh spyrrydyn Bible; throwing stones; cut off

custey (adj.) See curstey accursed, cursed, damnable: cha keill oo veg jeh'n red custey Bible; (v.) scourge, beat, chasten

custhey beat, birch, flog, lash; flogging, beating: Ren ad caggey er finnue lesh cre erbee wappinyn v'oc, custhey ny meoiryn shee lesh maidjaghyn. NNS

Fow royd (impv) Beat it, Clear off, Go away, Hop it; Get thee to, Go your way: fow royd gys phadeyryn dt'ayrey, as gys phadeyryn dty vayrey. Bible

geddyn laue yn eaghtyr er beat, outdo: Cha dod fer erbee geddyn laue yn eaghtyr er. Carn

kerree shall avenge, shall beat: Kerree oo eh lesh y clatt Bible; chastening, corrective

lhieggal abate, bowl over, cast down, chop down, dismount, destroy, fall, fell, fetch down, get down, knock over, lay low, level, lower, pull down, pull over, raze, run down, topple, tumble, unship, upset; (price) beat down; dissolve; overthrow

ronney 1 beat, category, departmental, division, lot, part, political ward, portion, quota, share, verse; 2 (gen.) of a division a: Ta mee myrgeddin er choyrt dhyt cooid-ronney sodjey, erskyn dty vraaraghyn Bible; 3 (of land) claim; 4 (of land) parcel

ronsaghey beat for game, consult, debate, examine, explore, forage, frisk, investigate, look into, ransack, research, rifle, rummage, scrutinise, scrutinize, scrutinizing, search, searching: jean-jee ronsaghey as jeeaghyn Bible; consultation

sharaghey (record) beat; improve: Smooinee Nóirín nagh ghiarr Lunnin yn argid kyndagh rish feoh noi'n chengey agh er y fa dy row Glór na nGael ro speeideilagh as ad sharaghey arrym-hene mastey sleih boght. Carn

fainted (v.) fioghey: and all the trees of the field fainted for him - as ren ooilley biljyn y vagheragh fioghey er e hon Bible; gannoonaghey: And Jacob's heart fainted - As ren cree Yacob gannoonaghey Bible; huitt my-neealloo: and the sun beat upon the head of Jonah, that he fainted - as cha lajer shen va chiass ny greiney er kione Yonah, dy huitt eh my-neealloo Bible

builley bash, bump, cast, clap, hit, impact, knock, pulsate, punch, slam, slap, strike, stripe, stroke, sweep, thump, whack: 2 ¦ Eshyn ta cur builley baaish da dooinney, bee eh dy shickyr er ny choyrt gy baase. Bible; (as pulse) beat, pulsation; (of voice) cadence; (on horn) toot; choosing; fervour, fit, frenzy, madness

cur da (expenses) allow; contribute, enhance, give over, give to, pass over: cha vel oo cur da barriaght ayns y chaggey Bible; beat up, belabour, clock, hammer, hit, lash, scold, thrash: By vie lhiam cur da'n chayt ayd agh cha bloys dou. DF; append; article to trade; bestow; ascribe

giarrey1 (=Ir. gearradh) abbreviate, abridge, axe, beat out, carve, castrate, circumcise, cleave, clip, condense, cut, cut away, cut back, cut short, cut up, disconnect, dissect, erupt, flux, gash, hack, hew, incise, intersect, lance, levy, lop, mark out, prune, sever, shear, sink, slash, slicing, slit, snip; cut off: Ny jean-jee giarrey jeh sluight kynney ny Kohathiteyn, veih mastey ny Leviteyn Bible; (as words) clip: Nagh vaik oo dy vel dy chooilley hushtey ymmyrçhagh soit sheese ayns focklyn giarrey? CS; (as tail) crop; curtailment; diarrhoea; abridging, condensing, nicking, pruning, reaping; section [O.Ir. gerraid]

lheanaghey1 beat out, branch out, broadening, dilate, dilation, expand, expansion, extend, extension, flare, flatten, sprain, widen, widening: Va currym doillee son fer-erbee va cheet ny joarree dys yn Ellan, as hug ny staydyn anreiltagh er lheanaghey yn scoltey eddyr Agglish as Steat. Coraa; (as chasm) yawn


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