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bearer1 (n.) erreyder; sharvaant; ymmyrkagh; fer-ymmyrkee

bearer2 (n.) (of cheque) shellooder

Inexact matches:

bearer share (n.) ronney ymmyrkagh

incense bearer (n.) cleragh thooishey

pall bearer (n.) merre-vaaish

standard bearer (n.) mergeyr; fer-cullee

water bearer (n.) ymmyrkagh ushtey

principal Sword Bearer (n.) Ard-er-Cliwe

Ard-er-Cliwe principal Sword Bearer

cleragh thooishey incense bearer

fer-ymmyrkee bearer

mergeyr standard bearer

merre-vaaish (f.) pall bearer

ronney ymmyrkagh bearer share

armour-bearer (n.) armyder, ymmyrkagh eilley

colour-bearer (n.) ymmyrkagh brattagh

cross-bearer (n.) fer ny croshey

cup-bearer (n.) guilley cappan

flag-bearer (n.) fer brattagh

mace-bearer (n.) fer ny slatt

purse-bearer (n.) kishteyr, sporraneyr

shield-bearer (n.) fer scape, guilley scape

stretcher-bearer (n.) carbyder, sheeyntanee

sword-bearer (n.) fer cliwe, ymmyrkagh cliwe

torch-bearer (n.) ymmyrkagh doagan

train-bearer paitchey farbil

truce-bearer (n.) chaghter shee

carbyder stretcher-bearer

chaghter shee truce-bearer

fer brattagh flag-bearer

fer cliwe sword-bearer

fer ny croshey cross-bearer

fer ny slatt mace-bearer

fer scape shield-bearer

guilley cappan cup-bearer

guilley scape shield-bearer

kishteyr purse-bearer, treasurer

paitchey farbil train-bearer

sheeyntanee stretcher-bearer

sporraneyr purse-bearer

ymmyrkagh brattagh colour-bearer

ymmyrkagh cliwe sword-bearer

ymmyrkagh doagan torch-bearer

ymmyrkagh eilley armour-bearer

ymmyrkagh ushtey bhisti, water bearer, water carrier

erreyder bearer, carrier, porter: V'eh dy jarroo erreyder dewil! JG

fer-cullee standard bearer: bee ad myr tra ta fer-cullee goll neeal. Bible

armyder (pl -yn) armour-bearer: Eisht dooyrt Saul rish e armyder, Tayrn dty chliwe Bible

sharvaant pl. sharvaantyn bearer, orderly, servant, valet, vassal: Cursit vees Canaan; sharvaant dy harvaantyn vees eh da e vraaraghyn. Bible

shellooder (pl -yn) holder, owner, possessor, proprietor: Ta shellooderyn ennagh cosney argid mooar trooid shelg, spooyrt-gunn as yeeastagh er nyn dhalloo. Carn; (of cheque) bearer

ymmyrkagh (n.) bearer, carrier, conveyor, haulage contractor, haulier, porter, transporter, vehicle; (v.) sustaining, bring forth: cren-fa eisht, tra yeeagh mee dy nymmyrkagh eh berrishyn-feeyney, dy dymmyrk eh berrishyn-feeyney feïe? Bible; portable


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