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beam1 (n.) beam; caabyr; cheu: On the weather beam - Er cheu ny geayee. DF idiom; darrag; garmin: Weak place in a beam - Boayl faase ayns garmin. DF idiom; goull; trasnane; (v.) (to); (dy) skellal

beam2 (n.) (of light) skag

beam3 (n.) (of scales) quing

beam 1 cut, gash, nick; 2 beam a: va ny pillaryn elley, as y beam lajer cordail roo. Bible; 3 handful of corn, sickleful

Inexact matches:

balance beam (n.) quing

beam compass (n.) combaase goullagh

beam ends (ny) lhie er e cheu; (ny) lhie er e lhiattee

cross beam (n.) garmin

landing beam (n.) goull tarlheimagh

weaver's beam (n.) garmin feederagh

wooden beam (n.) shout, spyr

beam of light (n.) skag

on the weather beam er cheu ny geayee

cur beam ayn nicking

garmin cross beam: ayns laue yn Egyptian va shleiy myr garmin fidderagh Bible; beam

handful of corn (n.) beam

sickleful beam, gleih

caabyr beam, caber, rafter

combaase goullagh beam compass

garmin feederagh weaver's beam

goull tarlheimagh landing beam

quing (f.) pl. quingyn 1 (of scales) beam, balance beam, weigh-beam; 2 brace, team of oxen; 3 yoke a: Ta quing my loghtyn kainlt orrym liorish e laue's Bible [L. jungo]

shout (pl -yn) handle, wooden beam

skag (f.) (pl -yn) beam of light, beam: HIARN myghinagh ta shin gui oyrts dy hilge skagyn solys dy hoilshey er dy ghill PB1610

spyr wooden beam

collar-beam (n.) maidjey tessen

H-beam (n.) H-gharmin

nicking (v.) cur beam ayn, giarrey

tie-beam (n.) maidjey kianglee

weigh-beam (n.) quing

H-gharmin H-beam

maidjey tessen collar-beam

maidjey kianglee stringer, tie, tie-beam

trasnane beam, cross-piece, serif, sleeper, transom

nick (n.) agg; aggad; beam; (v.) cur agg ayn, cur aggad ayn

cheu (=Ir. taobh) (f.) pl. cheughyn 1 beam, side, standpoint a: er cheu elley jeh'n awin Bible; 2 page

lhie er e cheu (ny) beam ends: T'ee ny lhie er e cheu. DF

lhie er e lhiattee (ny) beam ends: T'ee ny lhie er e lhiattee. DF

gash (n.) beam; lhott; loggyr: This stuff is gash - Ta'n stoo shoh loggyr. DF idiom; (v.) giarrey

starboard cheu yesh: On the starboard beam - Er y cheu yesh. DF idiom; jesh: She had a list to starboard - V'ee ny lhie er e jesh. DF idiom

darrag (f.) (pl -yn) 1 beam, log a: cha vel geill ayd da'n darrag t'ayns dty hooill hene Bible; 2 oak; 3 (fishing) cast; 4 hairline, snood [L. doru]

er cheu ny geayee aloof; on the weather beam: Er cheu ny geayee. DF

goull pl. goullyn beam, dart, ray: ta goull beg sollys skeayley magh er my chree dy voddym's gynsagh da ny Manninee PC; pillar; (of lightning) fork

skellal 1 die away, disappearance: Marish yn chengey va palchey dy arraneyn skellal ersooyl, dy-jarroo ta chengey undin jeh kiaull as persoonaght ashoonagh. Carn; 2 (dy); (to) glisten; 3 (dy); (to) beam a: coodagh dy hoilshey sollys v'er e skyn as goullyn greiney skellal magh veih 'vun PC

cut baarey; beam; beamey; buinn; collag; giarreen; giarey, giarrey; grainney; injillaghey; jeeig; oght; slish-woalley; slissey; giareit; vuinn; (to); (dy) ghiarrey; giarit: I must get my hair cut - Shegin dou geddyn m'olt giarit. JJK idiom; giar: Please cut my hair, too - Giar m'olt neesht, my sailliu. JJK idiom


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