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basket (n.) bascad, bascaid, baskad; bastag: There are extremely few apples in the basket - Ta feer veggan dy hooylyn 'sy vastag. JJK idiom; basket

basket basket

Inexact matches:

baby basket (n.) murlhin lhiennoo

basket ball (n.) bluckan-baskad

basket hilt (n.) doarn bascaidagh

basket maker (n.) bastageyr

bread basket (n.) bastag arran

buck basket (n.) bastag niaghyn

clothes basket (n.) bastag eaddagh

eel basket (n.) ribbey astan

fire basket (n.) kishan aile

fish basket (n.) murlhin eeast

hand basket (n.) bascad laue

laundry basket (n.) bascad niaghan, bastag niaghyn

market basket (n.) bastag vargee

picnic basket (n.) murlhin

plate basket (n.) murlhin voggaid

salad basket (n.) bascad ghlassan

tea basket (n.) bascad hey

twig basket (n.) clean

wicker basket (n.) murlhin

work basket (n.) bastag whaalee

waste paper basket (n.) kishan pabyr

bastag niaghyn (f.) buck basket, laundry basket

murlhin (f.) hamper, pannier, picnic basket, wicker basket

bascad (f.) (pl -yn) basket

bascad ghlassan (f.) salad basket

bascad hey (f.) tea basket

bascad laue (f.) hand basket

bascad niaghan (f.) laundry basket

bascaid (f.) basket

bastag (f.) basket

bastag arran (f.) bread basket

bastag eaddagh (f.) clothes basket

bastageyr basket maker

bastag vargee (f.) market basket

bastag whaalee (f.) work basket

bluckan-baskad basket ball

doarn bascaidagh basket hilt

kishan aile fire basket

murlhin eeast (f.) fish basket

murlhin lhiennoo (f.) baby basket

murlhin voggaid (f.) plate basket

ribbey astan (f.) eel basket

kishan pabyr waste paper basket

baskad pl. baskadyn basket: cre-woad baskad hrog shiu? Bible

eaten (v.) eeit: the other basket had very naughty figs, which could not be eaten - vasy vaskad elley figgyn feer olk, nagh voddagh ve eeit Bible

extremely (adv.) feer: There are extremely few apples in the basket - Ta feer veggan dy hooylyn 'sy vastag. JJK idiom

clean pannier, potato creel, twig basket; cot, cradle: As tra nagh dod ee keiltyn eh ny sodjey, ren ee da clean dy hioonyn Bible


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