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bannee 1 (impv) bless a: Bannee yn Chiarn, O m'annym Bible; 2 (adj.) holy, saintly; 3 (gen.) blessed, of blessing: veih dobberan, gys laa bannee Bible

Inexact matches:

fockle bannee valedictory

naightyn bannee good tidings

dy bannee dhyt (intj) ave; hail: Dy bannee dhyt, Y Charadar, uss va feeu dy ve er dty earroo mastey ny ardscoilliaryn Gailckagh, as erskyn ooilley, carrey firrinagh nyManninee-dooie . Coraa

Dy Bannee Dhyt y Voirrey (intj) Hail Mary

Shee bannee mee (intj) By gosh, Golly, Lord bless me, My Goodness, My word, Oh dear

hail1 (v.) ceau sniaghtey garroo; (intj) dy bannee dhyt: Hail Mary - Dy bannee dhyt y Voirrey. DF idiom; (n.) sniaghtey garroo

holy orders (n.) oardagh bannit; oardaghyn bannee: Take holy orders - Oardaghyn bannee y ghoaill. DF idiom

bless1 (v.) bannaghey, casherickee, casherickey; sheeaney: Bless me! - Sheean mie orrym! DF idiom; (to); (dy); (y) vannaghey: The Lord bless us - Dy jean yn Chiarn shin y vannaghey. DF idiom; bannee: Lord bless me - She bannee mee. DF idiom

Golly (intj) Shee bannee mee

holy bannee: Holy angels - Ainleyn bannee. DF idiom; noo: Holy writ - Ny Scriptyryn Noo. DF idiom; casherick: The Holy Innocents - Ny Neufoiljee Casherick. DF idiom; san

of blessing (gen.) bannee

valedictory (n.) fockle bannee

By gosh (intj) Shee bannee mee

My Goodness (intj) Shee bannee mee

My word Shee bannee mee

My word! (intj) Shee bannee mee

Oh dear (intj) Shee bannee mee

saintly (adj.) bannee; nooyr; gollrish noo

ave (intj) dy bannee dhyt, failt, slane ayd

Hail Mary (intj) Dy Bannee Dhyt y Voirrey; (n.) Failt yn Ainle

Lord bless me (intj) Shee bannee mee; Sheean mie orrym

Parick (=Ir. Pádraig) Paddy, Patrick: Dy bannee Parick Noo shin as nyn maatey BS

vannee (v.) See bannee blessed: vannee eh dagh unnane oc Bible

blessed bannee; bannit; sheaynt; sheeant; vannee: The Blessed Mary - Yn Voidyn Vannee. DF idiom The priest blessed them all - Vannee yn saggyrt ad ooilley. DF idiom; chasherickee: He blessed the water - Chasherickee eh yn ushtey. DF idiom

good tidings (npl.) naightyn mie: thinking to have brought good tidings - smooinaghtyn dy row eh cheet lesh naightyn mie Bible; slane imraa; naightyn bannee; naightyn eunyssagh; coontey mie

ashlins (f.) apparition, ghost, phantasm, vision: Eisht hee'm yn ashlins bannee e laue yesh. DF; second sight

bhow See bow bow: Cayrn v'er ny heidey, ny ainleyn bannee cheet ny sleaie na sideyn ass bhow steillin cloit PC

erskyn deiney superhuman: My ta e ymmyrkey, dooie, meen, as bannee, s'maynrey e sheshey erskyn deiney elley. Apoc; above men, over men

ferrish pl. ferrishyn elf, fairy: "Jee bannee mee," dooyrt eh, "she ny ferrishyn va mooie riyr as she ferrish mie va my yeih." GB; naughty child; hand-steel

gwee pl. gweeaghyn curse, cursing: bannee-jee adsyn ta gwee mollaght diu Bible

Irree Seose Reesht (f.) Resurrection: Freill mee veih pooar as goanlys y Drogh-spyrryd, giall dou cadley feagh, baase bannee as irree seose reesht gerjoilagh, son graih Yeesey Creest. CS

laboree workers: Bannee-jee Priscilla as Aquila my cho-laboree ayns Creest Yeesey Bible

livreyit delivered, rescued: Cre cho mennick as oddagh eh shen y yannoo, yinnagh eh gliooney sheese as goaill padjer rish y Chiarn dy ve livreyit veih e vondiaght liorish aghin ny Moidyn Bannee Chron

scollagyn 1 school children; 2 lads a: Yn ainle ren mish y livrey veih dy chooilley olk, dy bannee eh ny scollagyn Bible; 3 children a: Ghow ad ny deiney aegey dy vlieh, as huitt ny scollagyn fon fuygh. Bible

smeyr ghoo (f.) bramble berry: honnick mee eh reesht as ga dy row e ennym jarroodit aym, dyllee mee er, 'Bannee mee! Feeyn smeyr ghoo,' as va cooinaght er orrym. Carn

son graih Yeesey Creest for Jesus Christ's love: Freill mee veih pooar as goanlys y Drogh-spyrryd, giall dou cadley feagh, baase bannee as irree seose reesht gerjoilagh, son graih Yeesey Creest. CS

kibbin beg skewer: y cowrey-bannee enmyssit 'Callenig' - ooyl ny oranje, ny hassoo er tree cassyn, as croin, corkey ny arroo, as foddee luss y teim mygeayrt-y-mysh as kibbin beg ayn. Dhoor


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