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bannaght (f.) blessing, compliments, greeting, salute: hig bannaght foddey beayn orroosyn Bible

Inexact matches:

bannaght ayd adieu, cheerio

bannaght eu adieu

bannaght injillaghey (of flag) dip

bannaght lhiat adieu, cheerio, farewell: Bannaght lhiat as aigh-vie ort. Coraa

slane bannaght (f.) valediction

adieu (n.) bannaght ayd; bannaght eu; bannaght lhiat; bannaghtyn ort; dy row mie erriu; shee dy row mayrt; slane ayd: To bid someone 'adieu' - Dy 'aagail 'slane ayd' ec fer ennagh. DF idiom

cheerio (n.) bannaght ayd, bannaght lhiat, slane ayd, slane lhiat

greeting (n.) bannaght

valediction (n.) slane bannaght

chiare meant, purposed, assayed: chiare Jee eh son bannaght Bible; prepared

Nagh vel (interrog.) Is not: Nagh vel bannaght sodjey ayd my chouyrs? Bible

blessing bannaght; bannaghtagh; booilley: They came home with the blessing - Haink ad thie lesh y vooilley orroo. DF idiom

compliments bannaght; corp as slaynt: Whatever compliments he may pay you, don't beleive it - Cre erbee corp-as-slaynt saillish hood, ny cur treisht ayn. JJK idiom; moyllaghyn; moylley

cursing guee er; gwee; guee; gweeaghyn: tHis delight was in cursing - Va e haitnys ayns gweeaghyn Bible; mollaght: Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing -Ass yn un veeal ta cheet bannaght as mollaght Bible

dip2 (v.) (of flag) bannaght injillaghey: Dip the flag to him - Injillee y brattagh da. DF idiom

meant chiare: but God meant it unto good - agh chiare Jee eh son bannaght Bible

salute (v.) bannaghey, jannoo curteish, oltaghey, goltaghey; (n.) bannaght; curteish: To stand at the salute - Dy hassoo er curteish. DF idiom

deiney mooinjer kinsmen: My ta deiney mooinjer ain, she bannaght ad veih Jee; as my ta noidjyn ain, tad slattyn ayns e laue dy smaghtagh shin, er-nonney dy chur orrin ve kiarailagh jeh nyn raai CS; cousins; friends

frioosagh advertent, attentive, careful, considerate, heedful, mindful, momentous, thoughtful: ta cooid dooinney frioosagh bannaght da. Bible; frugal, parsimonious; painstaker

goaill aggle roish fear: Son ta sleih t'ayns pooar as goaill aggle roish Jee bannaght feer wooar CS

goll dy chadley retire: Quoi erbee ta goll dy chadley fegooish bannaght Yee, ta oyr wooar echey dy ve agglagh jeh e hauçhys. CS

laueys alacrity, elbow grease, skilfulness: Foddee sleih smooinaght dy heet er nyn doshiaght liorish y laueys oc hene, liorish cooney deiney-mooinjer, liorish ny daag nyn ayraghyn daue, agh cha jean ad shoh ooilley mie fegooish bannaght Yee CS; (speed) industry

oyr wooar good reason, great reason: Quoi erbee ta goll dy chadley fegooish bannaght Yee , ta oyr wooar echey dy ve agglagh jeh e hauçhys. CS

farewell (n.) aigh vie; bannaght lhiat; slane ayd; slane eu; slane lhiat: to say before thee what they had against him. Farewell - dy chur stiagh kiongoyrt rhyts cre-erbee voc dy lhiassaghey n. Slane lhiat Bible; slane lhieu, slane lhiu; my vannaght mêriu: Finally, brethren, farewell - Er-jerrey, vraaraghyn, my vannaght mêriu: Bible

er y chione ahead; on the head: Eshyn ta keiltyn e stoyr arroo, nee yn pobble gwee mollaght er: agh bee bannaght er y chione echeysyn ta dy chreck eh. Bible; on the end: As jean un cherub er y derrey chione as cherub er y chione elley Bible

shelg 1 (v.) hunting: myr fer ta shelg kiark-rheinnee er ny sleityn Bible; 2 (f.) chase, hunt, milt, prey, prowl, pursuit, quarry, run, shoot, spleen, venery a: Cha vel yn er-liastey gaarlagh shen, ghow eh ayns shelg: agh ta cooid dooinney frioosagh bannaght da Bible; 3 (the) field [Ir. sealg]


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