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Bank Broogh

bank1 (n.) broogh: The river's bank - Broogh ny hawin. DF idiom; banc: We had a communication from the bank - Hooar shin screeuyn voish y vanc. DF idiom; thie-argid, thie argid; boghlane, brooghane, claddagh; (v.) carnane y yannoo, dellal rish y vanc; cleayney, leaystey

bank2 (n.) (mine shaft) mullagh slogh

bank3 (n.) (of snow) thummid sniaghtee

bank4 (n.) (of fog) thummid kay

Inexact matches:

bank account (n.) coontys banc

bank balance (n.) cormid coontys

bank bill (n.) billey, billey banc

bank bills billaghyn

bank book (n.) lioar vanc, lioaran banc

bank clerk (n.) cleragh banc

bank deposit (n.) tashtey banc

bank depositor (n.) tashteyder banc

bank facilities (npl.) seyraaidyn-bank

Bank Field Magher y Broogh, Magher Brooee

Bank Hill (n.) Broogh y Vanc, Cronkan y Vanc, Cronk y Vanc

bank holiday (n.) laa seyr ny bancyn; feailley vancagh

bank holidays (npl.) feaillaghyn bancagh

Bank House1 (n.) Thie ny Brooee

Bank House2 (n.) Thie ny Brooie

bank loans (npl.) eeasaghtyn-banc

bank messenger (n.) chaghter banc; guilley banc

bank on (v.) croghey er

bank rate (n.) cormid y vanc

bank statement (n.) coontys banc, duillag vanc

blood bank (n.) stoyr folley

Bridget's Bank (n.) Broogh Vreeshey

Broad Bank (n.) Broogh Lhean

Broken Bank (n.) Broogh Vrisht

clearing bank (n.) banc ym-reaghee

cloud bank (n.) broogh bodjallagh

cod bank (n.) broogh boiddee

commercial bank (n.) banc traghtee

Daisy Bank (n.) Broogh ny Neaynin

discount bank (n.) banc dooraght

East Bank (n.) Broogh Shiar

fishing bank (n.) broogh eeastee

food bank (n.) tashtey-bee

fringe bank (n.) banc chemmalagh, banc er y chemmal

Gorse Bank (n.) Broogh Aittin

Gravel Bank (n.) Ayre

gravel bank (n.) broogh shillee

Gravelly Bank (n.) Ayrey

Hazel Bank (n.) Broogh Coull

Hemp Bank (n.) Broogh ny Kennipey

ice bank (n.) broogh rioee

Laurel Bank (n.) Broogh Laurys, Balley ny Hawin, Cronk ny Keeilley

loan bank (n.) banc eeassee

mud bank (n.) broogh laaghey

Muddy Bank (n.) Broogh ny Laaghey

national bank (n.) banc ashoonagh

peat bank (n.) lagg moaney, poyll moaney

Penny Bank (n.) Broogh Ping

Red Bank (n.) Broogh Yiarg

River Bank (n.) Claddagh

river bank (n.) broogh awiney, claddagh

savings bank (n.) banc tashtee

Sea Bank (n.) Broogh Marrey

sea bank (n.) broogh varrey

South Bank (n.) Broogh Jiass

spoil bank (n.) carnane caartey

Steep Bank (n.) Rourey

Sunny Bank (n.) Broogh Grianagh

Thorn Bank (n.) Broogh ny Drineyn

trust bank (n.) banc barrantys

turf bank (n.) lagg moaney, slogh moaney

West Bank (n.) Broogh Sheear

White Bank (n.) Broogh Bane

Kiarkyl Bank Banks Circus

August Bank Holiday (n.) Laa Seyr Banc Luanistyn

Bank of Bellowing (n.) Broogh Shirrees

Bank of the Barn (n.) Broogh y Toalt

Bank of the Berries (n.) Broogh ny Soo

Bank of the Crow (n.) Broogh ny Fannag

Bank of the Peas (n.) Broogh ny Pishyragh

Bank of the Plain (n.) Broogh ny Dayllagh

Bank of the River (n.) Broogh ny Hawin

bank of the river (n.) broogh ny hawin

Big Steep Bank (n.) Rourey Mooar

Gap of the Steep Bank (n.) Doarlish Rourey

Grass Bank Ford Farm (n.) Byballo

May Bank Holiday (n.) Laa Seyr Banc Boaldyn

Oats' Gravel Bank (n.) Ayrey Corkey

of a bank (gen.) brooie

Penny River Bank (n.) Ping ny Brooie

Road of the Gravel Bank (n.) Bayr ny h'Ayrey

Sandy Bank Farm (n.) Orrisdale

savings bank book (n.) lioar hashtvanc

Speckled Gravel Bank (n.) Ayrey Breck

Spring Bank Holiday (n.) Laa Seyr Banc yn Arree

Summer Bank Holiday (n.) Laa Seyr Banc y Touree

Swan Fold Bank (n.) Backenaldwath

Top of the Steep Bank (n.) Mullagh y Reurey

Top River Bank (n.) Claddagh Heose

Well of the Bank (n.) Chibbyr y Vrooie

coontys banc bank account, bank statement

lagg moaney peat bank, turf bank

Banks Circus (n.) Kiarkyl Bank

Ayre (f.) Ayre, Gravel Bank

Ayrey Gravelly Bank

Backenaldwath Swan Fold Bank

banc ashoonagh national bank

banc barrantys trust bank

banc chemmalagh fringe bank

banc dooraght discount bank

banc eeassee loan bank

banc tashtee savings bank

banc traghtee commercial bank

banc ym-reaghee clearing bank

billey banc bank bill

Broogh Bank, Brink

Broogh Aittin Gorse Bank

brooghane bank

Broogh Bane White Bank

broogh bodjallagh (f.) cloud bank

broogh boiddee (f.) cod bank

Broogh Coull Hazel Bank

broogh eeastee (f.) fishing bank

Broogh Grianagh Sunny Bank

Broogh Jiass South Bank

broogh laaghey (f.) mud bank

Broogh Laurys Laurel Bank

Broogh Lhean Broad Bank

Broogh Marrey Sea Bank

Broogh Ping Penny Bank

Broogh Sheear West Bank

Broogh Shiar East Bank

broogh shillee (f.) gravel bank

broogh varrey (f.) sea bank

Broogh Vreeshey Bridget's Bank

Broogh Vrisht Broken Bank

Broogh Yiarg Red Bank

carnane caartey spoil bank

carnane y yannoo bank

chaghter banc bank messenger

claddagh pl. claddeeyn bank, beach, land by a river, littoral, polder, river bank: Ta claghyn, shillee as genniagh ayn, Yn famlagh fliugh, cha nel eh goan, As er ny niee liorish yn tonn, Skeabys claddagh Loch Linne. Dhoor; marsh

cleragh banc bank clerk

cormid coontys bank balance

duillag vanc (f.) bank statement

eeasaghtyn-banc (f.) bank loans

feaillaghyn bancagh bank holidays

feailley vancagh bank holiday

guilley banc bank messenger

lioaran banc (f.) bank book

lioar vanc (f.) bank book

Magher Brooee Bank Field

mullagh slogh (mine shaft) bank

poyll moaney peat bank

Rourey Steep Bank

seyraaidyn-bank bank facilities

stoyr folley blood bank

tashtey banc bank deposit

tashtey-bee food bank

tashteyder banc bank depositor

thie argid bank

thie-argid bank

thummid kay (of fog) bank

Ayrey Breck Speckled Gravel Bank

Ayrey Corkey Oats' Gravel Bank

Balley ny Hawin Laurel Bank

broogh awiney (f.) (n.) river bank, riverside

Broogh ny Drineyn Thorn Bank

Broogh ny Kennipey Hemp Bank

Broogh ny Laaghey Muddy Bank

Broogh ny Neaynin Daisy Bank

Broogh Shirrees Bank of Bellowing

Broogh y Vanc Bank Hill

Claddagh Heose Top River Bank

cormid y vanc bank rate

Cronkan y Vanc Bank Hill

Cronk ny Keeilley Laurel Bank

Cronk y Vanc Bank Hill

lioar hashtvanc (f.) savings bank book

Magher y Broogh Bank Field

Rourey Mooar Big Steep Bank

Thie ny Brooee Bank House

Thie ny Brooie Bank House

thummid sniaghtee (of snow) bank; large snowball


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