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bang bleayst; bwoalley; crankal; feeam; frap; polt; bleaystey: It went bang! - Ren eh bleaystey! DF idiom; vleayst: It went bang - Vleayst eh. DF idiom

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vleayst bang

bang-tail (n.) famman cuttagh

slap-bang (adv.) kione er oai

kione er oai slap-bang

feeam (f.) bang, report; sound: Feeam y chur da ny r'yn ayd. DF

frap bang, crack, pop, report, smack: Huitt eh frap er y laare. DF

bleayst (=Ir. blaosc) (f.) pl. bleaystyn body, crust, gill cover, hull, husk, pod, shell, shield; bang, peal; (impv) burst

bleaystey blast, blow out, detonate, detonation, explode, explosion, unshell: As eisht doaltattym ren eh brishey as bleaystey lesh grees as jeeanid feer vooar GB; bang

crankal bang, knock, tap: Tra nagh ren Mnr as Bnr Jones cheet neose dy gheddyn anjeeal haink mee neese as ren mee crankal er y dorrys. SF; rap

famman cuttagh bang-tail; (of tail) bob: Hug eh famman cuttagh da'n chabbyl. DF

polt 1 bang, clap, concussion, detonation, explosion, flap, rap, report, shot, snap, stroke, thump a: ta gaue ayn dy bee polt mooar ec Sellafield as dy bee geay niar ayn. Carn; 2 (explosion) blast; 3 (sound) crack

bwoalley (=Ir. bualadh) assault, bang, bash, batter, beat, beat up, belabour, buffet, clap, club, flap, hammer, hit, knock, mint, punch, scramble, shock, slam, slap, smite, strike, thrash, thresh, toll, wallop: honnick eh Egyptian bwoalley Hebrewnagh; fer jeh e vraaraghyn Bible; chime, ring; play; rhythm; pulsate, throb; rise of penis; (n.) percussion; striking; ringing [O.Ir. bĂșailid]


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