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banc (=Ir. banc) bank: Ayns Lunnin, ta theay Hostyn fakin y kialgeyrys as dellal cam ta goll er sy reiltys as ayns sheshaghtyn "ooasle" goll rish Banc Hostyn. Carn

Inexact matches:

banc ashoonagh national bank

banc barrantys trust bank

banc chemmalagh fringe bank

banc dooraght discount bank

banc eeassee loan bank

banc tashtee savings bank

banc traghtee commercial bank

banc ym-reaghee clearing bank

billey banc bank bill

chaghter banc bank messenger

cleragh banc bank clerk

coontys banc bank account, bank statement

folaue banc banknote

guilley banc bank messenger

lioaran banc (f.) bank book

passlioar banc (f.) pass book

tashtey banc bank deposit

tashteyder banc bank depositor

banc er y chemmal fringe bank

Laa Seyr Banc Boaldyn May Bank Holiday

Laa Seyr Banc Luanistyn August Bank Holiday

Laa Seyr Banc yn Arree Spring Bank Holiday

Laa Seyr Banc y Touree Summer Bank Holiday

bank messenger (n.) chaghter banc; guilley banc

fringe bank (n.) banc chemmalagh, banc er y chemmal

bank account (n.) coontys banc

bank clerk (n.) cleragh banc

bank deposit (n.) tashtey banc

bank depositor (n.) tashteyder banc

banknote (n.) folaue banc, noatey

clearing bank (n.) banc ym-reaghee

commercial bank (n.) banc traghtee

discount bank (n.) banc dooraght

loan bank (n.) banc eeassee

national bank (n.) banc ashoonagh

pass book (n.) passlioar banc

savings bank (n.) banc tashtee

trust bank (n.) banc barrantys

bank bill (n.) billey, billey banc

bank loans (npl.) eeasaghtyn-banc

char-a-banc (n.) barroose

banc-vrisht bankrupt

eeasaghtyn-banc (f.) bank loans

August Bank Holiday (n.) Laa Seyr Banc Luanistyn

bank book (n.) lioar vanc, lioaran banc

bank statement (n.) coontys banc, duillag vanc

May Bank Holiday (n.) Laa Seyr Banc Boaldyn

Spring Bank Holiday (n.) Laa Seyr Banc yn Arree

Summer Bank Holiday (n.) Laa Seyr Banc y Touree

bank1 (n.) broogh: The river's bank - Broogh ny hawin. DF idiom; banc: We had a communication from the bank - Hooar shin screeuyn voish y vanc. DF idiom; thie-argid, thie argid; boghlane, brooghane, claddagh; (v.) carnane y yannoo, dellal rish y vanc; cleayney, leaystey

bankrupt (adj.) banc-vrisht, brishtagh; (v.) brishey; (n.) fer brisht; brisht: In effect you are saying that he is bankrupt - Dy insh yn irriney ta shiu gra dy ve eh brisht. DF idiom

barroose bus, char-a-banc, omnibus: Smooinnee orrym, shiuish ta my chaarjyn, er barroose rish kiare ooryn as gyn caa erbee son tudjeen er-lhimmey jeh kerroo oor ec Balley Aah Luain. Carn


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