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baght (=Ir. beacht) clarity, cognition, contemplation, definition, explanation, illumination, notice, observation, penetration, review, view: ghow ad baght mie jeh Bible

Inexact matches:

baght kianglt obsession

baght Manninagh Manx perspective

baght sooilley visual observation

feeu baght noteworthy

fer-baght sidooragh military observer

goaill baght comprehend; consider: nagh vel eshyn ta ronsagh y chree? goaill baght jeed? Bible; searching: As hyndaa ad veih goaill baght jehn cheer Bible; observing: As haink eh gy-kione, myr va Joab goaill baght jehn ard-valley Bible; perceive: teh myrgeddin goll shaghym, as cha voddym goaill baght jeh Bible

gow baght (impv) N.B., nota bene, note well, take notice: Cha faggys as oddys oo, gow baght jeh dty naboo, as shir coyrle veih'n vooinjey chreeney. Apoc

screeuder baght scholiast

cur baght er clear, comment, define, explain, illuminate, interpret

goaill baght coorsagh monitoring

goaill baght jeh note, notice, survey: Tee goaill baght jeh magher as kionnaghey eh Bible

clarity (n.) baght, glennid

contemplation (n.) baght, sursmooinaght

illumination (n.) baght, jeshagh, soilshaghey

Manx perspective (n.) baght Manninagh

N.B. (impv) G.B.; gow baght

nota bene gow baght

note well (v.) gow baght

noteworthy (adj.) feeu baght

observing goaill baght

scholiast (n.) screeuder baght

take notice (impv) gow baght

visual observation baght sooilley

neeal yn aer face of the sky: O shiuish chrauee-oalsey, ta toiggal eu kys dy ghoaill baght jeh neeal yn aer, as nagh vod shiu baght y ghoaill jeh cowraghyn ny hearishyn? Bible

cognition (n.) baght, enney, fys, tastey

definition (n.) baght, geyrid, keeayllaght, meenaghey

military observer (n.) fer-baght sidooragh

notice cur scansh da, cur tastey da, goaill baght jeh, tastal; cur geill da: She doesn't take much notice - Cha nel ee cur monney geill da. DF idiom; goaill tastey jeh: It slipped my notice - Cha ghow mee tastey jeh. DF idiom; baght; fogrey: Display a notice - Fogrey y chur seose. DF idiom; fogrey scuirr; fys; geill; raaue; tastey

obsession (n.) baght kianglt, lhiantynys aigney

searching (v.) ronsaghey: Canst thou by searching find out God? - Vod uss liorish ronsaghey geddyn magh Jee? Bible; shirrey: Searching for clues - Shirrey leeidyn. DF idiom; goaill baght: And they returned from searching of the land - As hyndaa ad veih goaill baght jehn cheer Bible

baght-smooinaghyn mediation

mediation (n.) baght-smooinaghyn, jannoo sheealtagh, sheealtys, sheealtaght

observation (n.) baght; cooilleeiney; sooillaght; tastey; trow

comment (v.) cohaggloo; cur baght er; loayrt mychione; taggloo mysh

define (v.) cur baght er, cur teorey rish, jannoo magh, meenaghey

illuminate (v.) ceau sollys er, cur baght er, jannoo sollys, jeshaghey lesh daahghyn, soilshaghey

interpret (v.) caghlaa; cur baght er; cur bun er; eddyr-hengaghey; soilshaghey

monitoring (v.) cummal sooill er; goaill baght coorsagh; freayll rick er

note (n.) baghtag, cowrey kiaull, notey, screeuyn; (v.) cowraghey, goaill baght jeh, goaill tastey jeh

penetration (n.) baght, geyrid inchyn, tastid, towl, towlley; goll er fud

review aareayrtys; aareayrtyssey; aavriwnys; baght; barel; earishlioar; jannoo aavriwnys er; scrutaght; tuarym; (book) baghteyrys

survey (n.) creear, reayrtys, towshan, towshan-cheerey; (v.) creearey, goaill towshan jeh, goaill baght jeh, towshaney

clear1 baghtal: That's clear enough - Ta shen baghtal dy liooar. DF idiom; cleeir, gial, glen, hollys, leayr, sollys, sullyr, chiarrey, rea, seyrey, seyr veih gioal, sheeley; neuvodjallit, sheelit; cur baght er, eeck custym, giallaghey; feayshlit

comprehend (v.) goaill baght, goaill stiagh; toiggal: May be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length - Ve abyl dy hoiggal marish ooilley ny nooghyn cre tan lheead, as y lhiurid Bible

explanation (n.) baght, bun; soilsheydys: This explanation appears to me too artificial - Strooys dy vel y soilsheydys shoh ro vooadit. JJK idiom

cha voddin I could not: Hass eh roym, agh cha voddin baght y ghoaill jeh e chummey Bible

feïeys wildness: Myr ta blass y vee-feïeys soilshaghey yn keint, myr shen ta cree tastagh goaill baght jeh raaghyn foalsey. Apoc

neuhastagh indiscreet: V'eh geearree goaill baght jeh'n cheer, agh tra hie eh dy neuhastagh red beg veih ny lhongyn, dy doaltattym haink ny Yernee mygeayrt y mysh as v'eh marrooit marish y chooid smoo jeh'n cheshaght echey. Chron; incautious

consider (v.) smooinaghtyn er: We have it under consideration - Ta shin smooinaghtyn er. DF idiom; sursmooinaghtyn; smooinee; smooinee er; toiggys; ennaghtyn; smooinaghtyn; (to); (dy) hursmooinaghtyn; smooinee dy dowin er; cur tastey da: Consider the lilies of the field - Cur-jee tastey da lileeyn ny magheragh. DF idiom; goaill baght

explain (v.) ceau soilshey er: I cannot explain it - Cha noddym ceau soilshey er. DF idiom; cur baght er; meenaghey; soilshaghey: I am going to explain to you the rule, which is the most difficult of all - Soilsheeym dhyt yn reill s'doillee jeh ooilley. JJK idiom

perceive (v.) ennaghtyn, toiggal; gennaghtyn; leayr: Can't you perceive the ship in the distance - Nagh leayr dhyt y lhong foddey jeh. JJK idiom; goaill baght; cronnaghey: Hast thou perceived the breadth of the earth? Vel oo er chronnaghey lheead y thalloo? Bible

view1 baght; fakin; reayrt: Is there anything finer than this view? - Vel red erbee ny s'aaley ayn na'n reayrt shoh? JJK idiom; reayrtey; reayrtys; shilley: There is a beautiful view from Snaefell on a fine day - Ta shilley aalin veih Sniaul er laa aalin. JJK idiom; tuarym


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