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back1 cooyllagh, dreeym, ergooyl, back; (v.) cur niart da; er-ash: We shall soon be back again - Beemayd dy-leah er-ash. JJK idiom; cooyl: I met your brother at the back of the church - Haink mee ny whail dty vraar cooyl y cheeill. JJK idiom

back2 (v.) (as overdraught) jannoo raanteenys

back3 (v.) (bet) gialdyn er

back4 (n.) (of cart) dorrys, jerrey

back5 (v.) (vehicle) imman ergooyl

back back: As haink ad back veih yn oaie Bible

Inexact matches:

back to back (prep.) dreeym-ry-ghreeym; thoyn-ry-hoyn

answer back (v.) freggyrt er ash

ask back (v.) cur aachiurrey da

back answer (n.) aareggyrt; (v.) ansoor er-ash, perkinnagh

back bacon bagoon-drommey

back bar (n.) slouree

back board (n.) boayrd lout

back boiler (n.) coirrey chiollee

back breaking feer trome

back chain (n.) geuley drommey

Back Curragh (n.) Cooyl Churragh

back door (n.) dorrys doont, dorrys ny cuillagh

back elevation (n.) jalloo cooyl

back garden (n.) garey-cooyl

back gate (n.) giat cooyl

back herring (n.) skeddan y vac

back iron (n.) yiarn cooyl

back kitchen (n.) kishteen cooyl

back number (n.) shenn earroo

back pay (n.) faill cooyl

back pedal (v.) cass ny trieaneyn er-ash

back pressure (n.) aahrimmid; aavroo

back rest (n.) boayrd drommey

back room (n.) cuillee

back scratching screebey drommey

back seat (n.) soieag chooyl; soieag yerree

back sheet (n.) cooyl-ghuillag

back stitch whaaley cooyl; whaaley ergooyl

back strap (n.) yeeal ghrommey

back street (n.) cooyl-raad; straid chooyl

back tooth (n.) cooyl-eeackle; cooylag

back vowel (n.) breeockle cooyl

back wheel (n.) queeyl yerree

beat back (n.) bwoaill er ash: They beat back the enemy - Woaill ad er ash y noid. DF idiom; castey

bend back (v.) lhoobey er ash

book back (n.) cooryn lioaragh

buy back (v.) kionnaghey er ash

call back (v.) eamagh er ash

carry back (v.) cur lesh er ash, ymmyrk er ash; cur lesh back: Carry back the ark of God into the city - Cur lhiat back arg Yee stiaghsyn ard-valley Bible

cast back (v.) ceau er ash, tilg er ash

chair back (n.) dreeym caair

choke back (v.) castey

cut back (v.) giarrey

double back (v.) cassey er ash, filley er ash

draw back (v.) goll back, goll er ash, tayrn er ash

drive back (v.) imman er ash

fall back (v.) tuittym sheear er ash

fling back (v.) ceau er ash; tilgey er ash

flow back (v.) roie er ash

fly back (v.) etlagh er ash; lheim er ash

force back (v.) imman er ash

full back lane-chooyllee

gain back (v.) cosney er ash

get back (v.) geddyn er ash, goaill cooilleeney, goaill lhiasagh, goll ergooyl

give back (v.) cur er ash

go back (v.) brishey; goll er ash, goll sheear; (to); (dy) hraie

gulp back (v.) mooghey

half back (n.) lieh-chooyllee

hang back (v.) feiyal, tannaghtyn er ash, tannaghtyn ergooyl

hit back builley er builley

hold back (v.) cummal er ash, mooghey, tannaghtyn er ash

hurry back kirtagh er ash

keep back (v.) freayll er ash, tannaghtyn er ash

kick back (v.) breb er ash; bwoaill er ash

lead back (v.) leeid er ash

leaning back (v.) lhie er ash

lie back (v.) sheeyney er ash

look back (v.) jeeagh ny yei er, jeeaghyn er ash

move back (v.) gleash er ash; gleash ergooyl

paid back (v.) cooilleeinit

pull back (v.) bac, tayrn er ash

push back (v.) seiy er ash

put back (v.) meayllaghey; coyrt cooyll

refer back (v.) cur shaghey

ride back (v.) cheet er ash markiagh

roll back rowlal back

screw back aachassey

send back (v.) cur er ash

set back (v.) soie er ash

shove back (v.) seiy ergooyl

spring back (v.) lheimmey ergooyl; lheimyraght er ash

Stand back (impv) Shass magh

stand back (v.) shassoo er ash; tannaghtyn ergooyl

step back (v.) gow kesmad ergooyl

swing back cooyl leaystagh; leaystey; leaystey er ash

take back (v.) goaill er ash

three-quarter back (n.) tree kerroonagh

throw back1 (v.) ceau er ash; ceau ergooyl

throw back2 (v.) ceau er ash, ceau ergooyl

thrust back seiy ergooyl

trace back (v.) lorgey er ash

turn back1 (v.) filley seose; cur cooyl

turn back2 (v.) (as persons) cassey er ash; chyndaa er ash

whip back (v.) slashal er ash

win back (v.) (money) cosney er ash

write back (v.) screeu er ash

goll back draw back: As dooyrt Isaiah, Yiow yn cowrey shoh veih yn Chiarn, dy jean y Chiarn yn red shoh t'eh er loayrt: Jed yn scadoo er e hoshiaght jeih ayrnyn, ny goll back jeih ayrnyn? Bible

haink back returned

rowlal back roll back: va ainle y Chiarn er jeet neose veih niau, as er jeet as er rowlal back yn chlagh jeh beeal yn oaie Bible

Back Marine Road (n.) Raad-Cooyl ny Marrey

back of beyond (n.) cooyl yn eayst

back of shoulder (n.) shlingan

back of the head (n.) cooyl y ching

back to front (adv.) dreeym er oaie

back to main home page er-ash dys yn ard-duillag thie

back to news manager index er-ash dys ayndagh y reireyder-naight

band over a horse's back (n.) dromag

broad of the back (n.) slat y ghrommey

Creg ny Baa Back Road (n.) Raad Cooyl Chreg ny Baa

small of the back (n.) keylid ny drommey

there and back ayn as ass

cur lesh back carry back

ceau er ash cast back, fling back, throw back

tannaghtyn er ash hang back, hold back, keep back

bwoaill er ash beat back, kick back

dreeym-ry-ghreeym back to back

imman er ash drive back, force back

seiy ergooyl shove back, thrust back

tannaghtyn ergooyl hang back, stand back

thoyn-ry-hoyn back to back

cassey er ash double back, double over; (as persons) turn back

pillar (n.) buttoor, goull; colloo; pillar: But his wife looked back from behind him, and she became a pillar of salt - Agh yeeagh ben Lot back, as vee chyndaït gys pillar dy hollan Bible; pillyr

aachassey inflect, screw back

aahrimmid back pressure

aavroo back pressure

ansoor er-ash back answer

bagoon-drommey back bacon

boayrd drommey back rest

boayrd lout back board

castey appease, assuage, beat back, censor, check, choke back, contain, counter, cure, defeat, end, hitch, inhibit, preclude, staunch, stave off, suppress; (as loan) freeze; cast out: teh castey drogh spyrrydyn Bible; throwing stones; cut off

ceau ergooyl throw back

coirrey chiollee back boiler

cooilleeinit observed, paid back

cooryn lioaragh book back

cooylag (f.) back tooth; dicky

Cooyl Churragh Back Curragh

cooyl-eeackle (f.) back tooth, grinder

cooyl-ghuillag (f.) back sheet

cooyllagh back, regressive

cooyl leaystagh swing back

cooyl-raad back street

cosney er ash (money) win back; gain back: By haittin lhiam cosney er ash da'n vaatey son dy ymmyrt seose y phurt hene gys Thie Liauyr ny Loghlinee as ny mraane as paitchyn ain fieau orrin aynshid. GK

cur er ash disgorge, give back, reinstate, reinstatement, remand, replacement, restore, send back: Cur er ash dooin bannaghtyn ny marrey. DF

dreeym caair chair back

faill cooyl back pay

garey-cooyl back garden

geuley drommey back chain

giat cooyl back gate

gleash ergooyl move back

goaill lhiasagh get back

goll er ash (genealogy) ascend; draw back, go back, regress, regression, retrospective, return, reversal, reversion, revert: T'eh goll er ash gys y traa shen. DF; retract

jalloo cooyl back elevation

jannoo raanteenys (as overdraught) back

kishteen cooyl back kitchen

lane-chooyllee full back

lieh-chooyllee half back

mooghey (=Ir. múchadh) 1 abolish, abolition, blank off, blot out, blow out, choking, damp, drown, dull, expire, extinction, extinguish, gulp back, hold back, hush up, quench, repeal, shut off, stamp out, stifle, suppress, switch off, turn off a: Ta gioot follit mooghey jymmoose; 2 (prevent) jam

screebey drommey back scratching

shenn earroo back number

soieag chooyl (f.) back seat

soieag yerree (f.) back seat

straid chooyl (f.) back street

tree kerroonagh three-quarter back

whaaley cooyl back stitch

whaaley ergooyl back stitch

yeeal ghrommey (f.) back strap

yiarn cooyl back iron

back-hand (n.) (writing) screeuin lhie er-ash

back-handed lhie er ash; neuyeearagh


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