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baanrit demented, disordered, distracted, disturbed, mad, maniac, mentally disordered: vadsyn myr deiney baanrit Bible; insane

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ben baanrit (f.) (female) psychopath

dooinney baanrit bedlamite

dy baanrit frantically

fer baanrit madman, maniac, psychopath, zealot: cren-fa haink y fer baanrit shoh hoods? Bible

jannoo baanrit derange

slane baanrit plumb crazy

thie baanrit asylum, bedlam, lunatic asylum, madhouse: V'eh currit fo currym y thie baanrit. DF

fer baanrit er lioaryn bibliomaniac

fer crauee baanrit religious fanatic

maniac baanrit; keoie; (n.) fer baanrit

bedlam (n.) thie baanrit

demented (adj.) baanrit

frantically (adv.) dy baanrit

lunatic asylum (n.) thie baanrit

mentally disordered baanrit

plumb crazy (adj.) slane baanrit

psychopath1 (n.) fer baanrit

psychopath2 (n.) (female) ben baanrit

bedlamite (n.) ben vaanrit, dooinney baanrit

disturbed anaashagh; anveaghit; baanrit; boirit

madhouse (n.) thie baanrit, thie keoie

asylum1 thie baanrit; thie coadee; thie mooar

bibliomaniac (n.) fer baanrit er lioaryn, graihder lioaragh

derange (v.) cur fud y cheilley, jannoo baanrit

distracted baanrit; crankit; currit fud y cheilley

religious fanatic (n.) crauee baanrey, fer crauee baanrit

madman (n.) buill vollaght; fer ass e cheeayll; fer baanrit; fer keoie

zealot (n.) fer baanrit, fer jeean, fer-yeean, fer-vaanrit, fer-er-finnue ayns cooishyn chredjue

disordered baanrit; bun ry baare; bun ry skyn; ching; doghanagh; doghanit; fud y cheilley; neureajagh

insane (adj.) ass e cheeayll: He is insane - T'eh ass e cheeayl. DF idiom; er-rouyl; baanrey, baanrit; keoie

mad (adj.) ass e cheeayll; baanrit; er keagh; er rouyl, er-rouyl; keoi; keoiagh; meecheeayllagh; (pref.) sou-

religious (n.) ben reaylt, fer reaylt; (adj.) crauee: Religious fanatic - Fer crauee baanrit. DF idiom

greïnyn instruments; furniture; engines; weapons: Myr dooinney baanrit, ta dy cheau mygeayrt ceabyn aile, side, as greïnyn baaish Bible

lhiggit magh exposed: Er y chooid sloo, veagh reiltys Sheshaght-Obbree prowal geddyn rey rish ny deiney keoi er y skian jesh va lhiggit magh ass ny thieyn baanrit ec y Thooder. Carn

sonaasagh ambitious, furious, haughty: As dy sonaasagh as mish agh blein as feed dy eash dooyrt mee, Ogh, dooinney baanrit gyn skeilley t'ayn ta abyl loayrt feer vie. GB

like1 casley; lhied, lhied's; myr: Like a man possessed - Myr dooinney baanrit. DF idiom; ayns cummey; gollrish: The roads are like glass - Ta ny raaidjyn gollrish gless. JJK idiom; (v.) baill; saittin lesh; s'laik lesh: It's the season I like the best - Te yn imbagh share s'laik lhiam. JJK idiom

feer feagh pianissimo, very quiet: Va'n chooish er ny freayll feer feagh, as va yn ven voght er ny coyrt ersooyl ayns y thie-baanrit. Dhoor

imshee damnable, damned, devilish, diabolical, elf, imp: tra honnick ad dy row ny shenn Vanninee mongey as myn-ghearey er y cheilley, huitt ad orroo gollrish fir-imshee va'n thie lhionney jeeaghyn gollrish thie-baanrit. Coraa; hellish


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