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baa maa; maalagh; maaley

baa 1 cows, kine a: cur-jee ny baa fo'n chart Bible; 2 buss, playful kiss, smack; 3 (gen.) of a cow: mill, as eeym, as kirree, as caashey baa Bible

Inexact matches:

bochilley baa cowherd

bolgagh baa cowpox

chengey baa (f.) common speedwell

crackan baa cow hide

crub baa cow heel

dooinney baa cowman

eairk baa cow-horn

fer baa cow-keeper

guilley baa buckaroo, cattleman, cowboy

kiaullane baa cowbell

Liargee Baa Cow's Slope

parsul baa cow parsley

shellooder baa cattleman

Creg ny Baa Back Road (n.) Raad Cooyl Chreg ny Baa

bainney ny baa doo Guinness, porter, stout

ben ny baa (f.) milkmaid

Bwoaillee Noa ny Baa Cows' New Fold

Creg ny Baa Cow's Rock

gorley ny baa rinderpest, disease of cattle

Lough ny Baa Lake of the Cow

Raad Cooyl Chreg ny Baa Creg ny Baa Back Road

taishbynys guillyn baa rodeo

cattleman guilley baa; shellooder baa

meigh tender: Baa oo, baa oo vabban veg oo, Cha nel oo foast agh meigh GB

buckaroo (n.) guilley baa

buss (n., v.) baa; paag

common speedwell (n.) chengey baa

cowbell (n.) kiaullane baa

cowboy (n.) guilley baa

cow heel (n.) crub baa

cow hide (n.) crackan baa

cow-horn (n.) eairk baa

cow-keeper (n.) fer baa

cowman (n.) dooinney baa, sthorkyr

cow parsley (n.) parsul baa

Cow's Slope (n.) Liargee Baa

of a cow (gen.) baa

rinderpest (n.) gorley ny baa

maalagh baa, bleating

maaley baa, bleat, bleating

baa-lamb (n.) eayneen

cowpox (n.) breck ollee, bolgagh baa

cowslip (n.) meill-baa; oenyn

Cow's Rock (n.) Creg ny Baa

playful kiss (n.) baa, smittag, smoogh

eayneen baa-lamb, lambkin, yearling

meill-baa (f.) cowslip

cowherd (n.) bochilley baa, bochilley ollee, guilley ollee

Cows' New Fold (n.) Bwoaillee Noa ny Baa

disease of cattle (n.) gorley ny baa

Guinness (n.) bainney ny baa doo, lhune doo

kine (n.) booaghyn, maase, ollagh, baa; sharree

Lake of the Cow (n.) Lough ny Baa

rodeo (n.) chymsagh vaa, taishbynys guillyn baa

Creg ny Bayr Creg ny Baa

maa baa, bleat, fat, luxuriant; (as slug) greasy

milkmaid (n.) ben ny baa, ben vlieauney, caillin y vainney, inneen vlieaun

caashey (=Ir. cáis) cheese, cheesy: mill, as eeym, as kirree, as caashey baa Bible

cows (npl.) baa; ollagh: The butcher kills sheep, pigs, lambs, calves, oxen, cows - Ta'n buitchoor marroo kirree, mucyn, eayin, lheiyee, dew, ollagh. JJK idiom

porter bainney ny baa doo, lhune doo; dorrysser, dorryseyr: Leave it with the porter - Faag ec yn dorryser eh. DF idiom; portar, portyr, porter; portarey; ymmyrkagh; erreyder, fer laadee, guilley scudlee; gard

stout (n.) bainney ny baa doo, lhune doo; (adj.) chiu, lajer, loor, poinnee, stuitt, tramylt, trean; stuittey; roauyr: Was he very stout? - Row eh feer roauyr? JJK idiom

bainney keyrragh ewe's milk, sheep milk: Eeym ny baa, as bainney keyrragh, lesh meeaylys eayin Bible

keyrragh (gen.) of a sheep, ovine, sheepish: Eeym ny baa, as bainney keyrragh Bible; of sheep

smack1 baa; bassag: Smack in the face - Bassag 'syn eddin. DF idiom; frap: He fell smack on the floor - Huitt eh frap er y laare. DF idiom; scoadey; (v.) cur bassag da; frappal: Smack went the whip - Ren y kipp frappal. DF idiom

cuir See cuirr 1 quench a: ta ny assyllyn feïe cuir nyn baa Bible; 2 invite: ny cuir dty chaarjyn, ny dty vraaraghyn Bible; 3 cast: Cuir-jee magh yn lieen er y cheu-yesh jeh'n lhong Bible; 4 sow: Brish-jee seose yn thalloo banejagh eu, as ny cuir-jee mastey drineyn Bible


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