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ayraghyn fathers, parents: As nee oo goll gys dty ayraghyn ayns shee Bible

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ayraghyn roin forefathers

ayraghyn as moiraghyn parents: cour nyn lheid ta coyrt nyn ayraghyn as moiraghyn dy baase, cour dunveryn Bible; fathers and mothers

Laa ny Ayraghyn Fathers Day

parents (npl.) ayr as moir; paarantyn; ayraghyn; ayraghyn as moiraghyn

fathers (npl.) ayraghyn: Fathers of the church - Ayraghyn ny h-Agglish. DF idiom

Fathers Day (n.) Laa ny Ayraghyn

forefathers (npl.) ayraghyn roin; shennayryn, shenn-ayryn: They are turned back to the iniquities of their forefathers - Tad er hyndaa reesht gys drogh- yannoo nyn shennayryn Bible; shennayraghyn: which he commanded our forefathers to teach their children - shen ren eh sarey nyn shenn ayraghyn dy ynsaghey da nyn gloan Bible

founding fathers (npl.) bun-ayraghyn

bun-ayraghyn founding fathers

fathers and mothers (npl.) ayraghyn as moiraghyn

aynyms in me: Cre'n aggair ta nyn ayraghyn er gheddyn aynyms Bible

berraghtyn er overhaul, overtake, pass: nagh ren ad berraghtyn er nyn ayraghyn? Bible

oanluckit buried, interred: cha bee dty chorp oanluckit ayns oaie dty ayraghyn. Bible

orrinyn on us: ren ny Egyptianee tranlaase orrinyn, as er nyn ayraghyn Bible

ayr (=O.Ir. athir, Ir., Sc.G. athair) (n.) pl. ayraghyn 1 father, father figure, generator a: bee uss ayr ymmodee ashoonyn Bible; 2 padre; 3 mover, creeper a See aernieu [L. pater]

berrishyn-feeyney grapes: Ta ny ayraghyn er n'ee berrishyn-feeyney soor, as ta feeacklyn y chloan er-jeid. Bible

boggyssee boasters: Son bee ooilley er nyn son oc hene, sayntoilee, boggyssee, mooaralee, oltooanee, mee-viallagh gys ayraghyn as moiraghyn, neu-wooisal, mee-chrauee Bible

brasnee affronting, aggravating, baiting, insulting, irritating, jarring, urge: kyndagh rish peccaghyn brasnee e vec Bible; provoke: As shiuish ayraghyn, ny brasnee-jee nyn gloan gys corree: agh trog-jee ad ayns ynsagh as aggle y Chiarn. Bible

caghlaaghyn dy aghtyn different ways, divers manners, various ways; sundry times: Jee, ren ec ymmodee earishyn, as ayns caghlaaghyn dy aghtyn, loayrt ayns y traa t'er n'gholl shaghey rish ny ayraghyn liorish ny phadeyryn Bible

coyrlaghey advocate, exhort, persuade, recommend, urge: hug y Chiarn Jee nyn ayraghyn huc e haghteryn coyrlaghey ad dy kinjagh as dy kiaralagh; Bible; exhortation

d'ee ate: D'ee ny ayraghyn ain manna ayns yn aasagh; myr te scruit, Hug eh daue arran veih niau dy ee. Bible

deiney mooinjerey kinsfolks: bee shiu er nyn mrah chammah liorish ayraghyn as moiraghyn, as braaragh yn as deiney mooinjerey Bible

drogh-chorrym (f.) bad justice, foul play, ill-treatment, oppression: Ghell eh shoh dy foalsey rish y chynney ain, as hug eh drogh-chorrym da nyn ayraghyn, myr shen dy row ad eginit nyn ~,loan veggey y hilgey magh, dy ve stroit. Bible

dussan dozen: Dussan jeu shoh, va ayraghyn as moiraghyn oc nagh row un 'ockle dy Vretnish oc. Carn

dy olk wickedly: Ta shin er n'yannoo peccah marish nyn ayraghyn: ta shin er chur rish aggair, as e ghellal dy olk. Bible

earishyn foddey beayn times past: Ta mish er choyrt da Jacob my harvaant, ynnyd-vaghee nyn ayraghyn, as ayns shen nee adsyn baghey, eer ad-hene, as nyn gloan, as cloan nyn glienney gys earishyn foddey beayn Bible

er yn aigney echey on his mind: Ta Jee ny ayraghyn ain er dty reih, dy voddagh fys y ve ayd er yn aigney echey Bible

fer (=Ir. fear) pl. fir bloke, chap, fellow, gentleman, individual, male, man, one: dagh fer y dooinney syrjey jeh kynney e ayraghyn Bible [O.Ir. fer]

fir ching heads, headmen: Ad shoh va deiney ooaslesy cheshaght, princeyn ayns tribe nyn ayraghyn, fir ching thousaneyn ayns Israel. Bible

giallit bleached, fulled, whitened; promised: Dy chooilleeney yn vyghin va giallit da ny ayraghyn ain Bible

jalloonagh idolater; idolatrous: Marish nyn saggyrtyn mastey nyn sheshaghtyn jalloonagh, as ny ayraghyn lesh nyn laueyn hene dunverys anmeenyn gyn-cooney Apoc

jannoo mooin piss, pissing, urinate, urinating: Ta paart dy phaitchyn ayns Lunnin ta foast jannoo mooin sy lhiabbee er y fa dy row nyn ayraghyn as moiraghyn goit ayns mean ny hoi ec ny meoiryn-shee. Carn

jeaid on edge: Ta ny ayraghyn er n'ee berrishyn-feeyney soor, as ta feeacklyn y chloan er n'gholl jeaid ? Bible

kynney pl. kynnee, kynnaghyn breed, connection, family, folk, genus, kin, kind, kindred, lineage, people, race, species, stock, tribe: cordail rish thie ayraghyn kynney nyn bobble Bible

laueys alacrity, elbow grease, skilfulness: Foddee sleih smooinaght dy heet er nyn doshiaght liorish y laueys oc hene, liorish cooney deiney-mooinjer, liorish ny daag nyn ayraghyn daue, agh cha jean ad shoh ooilley mie fegooish bannaght Yee CS; (speed) industry

lhiasagh 1 amends, atonement, compensation, manure, recompense, redress, reparation, reprisal, retribution, revisionary a: dy yannoo lhiasagh da nyn ayraghyn Bible; 2 ought: as fys ayd er cre lhiasagh oo y yannoo rish Bible

lhiggin's (emph.) I would allow: Ny lhig eh Jee, dy lhiggin's lhiat eiraght my ayraghyn. Bible

meriuish with you: agh bee Jee mêriuish, as ver eh lesh shiu reesht gys cheer nyn ayraghyn Bible

mooin 1 about us a: hie ad dy chraidey mooin; 2 urine, micturate: Ta paart dy phaitchyn ayns Lunnin ta foast jannoo mooin sy lhiabbee er y fa dy row nyn ayraghyn as moiraghyn goit ayns mean ny hoi ec ny meoiryn-shee. Carn

neuwooisal thankless, ungrateful, unthankful: Son bee ooilley er nyn son oc hene, sayntoilee, boggyssee, mooaralee, oltooanee, mee-viallagh gys ayraghyn as moiraghyn, neuwooisal, mee-chrauee Bible

Ny Do not: Ny lhig eh Jee, dy lhiggins lhiat eiraght my ayraghyn! Bible

rish foddey by far, long since: Kys hie ny ayraghyn ain sheese gys Egypt as ta shin er vaghey ayns Egypt rish foddey dy hraa Bible

shennayraghyn ancestry, forefathers, predecessors: huitt ad ersooyl goll-rish ny shenn-ayraghyn oc Bible

soor 1 leavened a: rish shiaght laa nee oo gee arran gyn soorit lesh Bible; 2 sour: Ta ny ayraghyn er n'ee berrishyn-feeyney soor Bible; 3 verjuice

spollag (pl -yn) chip: Ta'n chloan teiy spollagyn, as ta ny ayraghyn foaddey yn aile Bible; splinter

spollagyn chips: Tan chloan teiy spollagyn, as ta ny ayraghyn foaddey yn aile Bible

taal adze; secretion, flowing: daue shoh ren y Chiarn breearrey nagh jinnagh eh shilley dauesyn jeh'n cheer ren y Chiarn loo da ny ayraghyn oc dy choyrt daue, cheer taal bainney as mill. Bible

taaley draw, flow, flowing: doardee'n Chiarn liorish Moses e harvaant ec y traa hug eh lesh nyn ayraghyn magh ass cheer Egypt, dy choyrt dooinyn cheer ta taaley lesh bainney as mill Apoc; lactate, secrete; lactation, secretion

toshee1 chief, commencing, fore, forward, front, precursory, pre-eminent, prefatory, preliminary, primary, senior, terminal; (gen.) of the beginning: va nyn ayraghyn dooys myr mess toshee yn villey-figgaghsy chied imbagh Bible; pack

ynnyd oanluckee burial place, catacombs: kys oddym agh ve trimshagh; choud as ta'n ard-valley, ynnyd oanluckee my ayraghyn, ny lhie follym-faase, as ny giattyn eck stroit lesh aile? Bible

gialdyn pl. gialdynyn 1 grant, promise, promising, stake: ta credjue gyn veg y vree, as y gialdyn gyn ymmyd erbee. Bible; 2 (v.) sware a: Hug mee lhiam shiu ass Egypt, as er leeideil shiu gys y cheer ren mee gialdyn da ny ayraghyn eu Bible

Yernee (The) Irish: Son y chooid smoo, she Bretnee as Yernee ny shenn-ayraghyn jeh'n sleih ta baghey sy cheer whaagh shoh. Carn


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