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atchim pl. atchimyn apprehension, awe, dread, fear, fright, scare, terror: Toiggal er-y-fa shen atchim y Chiarn Bible

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fillym atchim horror film

fo atchim awe-stricken, terror-stricken: Nish tra hie yn skeeal jeh shoh magh, haink y pobble cooidjagh, as v'ad fo atchim erskyn-towse, er-yn-oyr dy row dy chooilley ghooinney clashtyn ad loayrt ayns glare e ghooie hene. Bible; afraid, awestricken, terified; astonished: Ta pillaryn yn aer er-creau, as fo atchim ee e oghsan. Bible

gyn atchim unappalled

lane atchim funky

cur atchim er awe, frighten

awe (n.) aggle, atchim, oyn; (v.) cur atchim er

dread aggle; atchim: Oh abhorrence and dread! - O ghrayn as atchim! DF idiom; owan; scoagh; (v.) goaill aggle: I dread it - Ta mee goaill aggle roish. DF idiom

funky (adj.) lane atchim

horror film (n.) fillym atchim

terified fo atchim

terror (n.) atchim, scoagh

unappalled (adj.) gyn atchim

awe-stricken fo aggle, fo atchim

terror-stricken (adj.) fo aggle; fo atchim

awestricken (adj.) atchimit, fo aggle, fo atchim

greain (f.) shock: O greain as atchim! PC

apprehension (n.) atchim, drogh-ourys, twoaieaght; (v.) cur enney er, toiggal; glackey, goaill, tayrtyn

frighten (v.) cur aggle er, cur atchim er, cur raaue da, scoaghey; (to); (dy) agglaghey

aynym in me: Ren my chree pandoogh, hug aggle atchim aynym Bible

consumption consumption: ver-yms lhiam erriu atchim, consumption, as crayn-losht Bible

crayn-losht burning ague: ver-yms lhiam erriu atchim, consumption, as crayn-losht Bible

roym's before me: cha jean dty atchim roym's aggle y chur aynyd Bible

abhorrence (n.) feoh; grayn: Oh abhorrence and dread! - O ghrayn as atchim! DF idiom

afraid (adj.) aggle er: I'm afraid his mother will be very uneasy - Ta aggle orrym dy bee e voir feer neuaashagh. JJK idiom; agglit; fo atchim

fright (n.) aggle: Give her a fright - Cur aggle urree. DF idiom; atchim, owan

scare aggle: It gave me a scare - Hug eh aggle orrym. DF idiom; atchim; agglaghey

bentyn rish affect, concern, relate, relative, tamper, touch, vis-à-vis: cha vel atchim bentyn rish Bible; touching; (of sea) wash

boayl ard high place: tra vees aggle orroo dy hooyl er boayl ard, as atchim rhymboosy raad Bible

brishey jeh break loose, break off, discontinue: nee'n Chiarn, eer Chiarn ny flaunyssee, brishey jeh yn banglane lesh atchim Bible; discontinuance

dorraghys doo pitch darkness: Son doghan inneen my phobble ta mee doghanit; ta mee 'sy dorraghys doo; ta atchim er my ghreimmey. Bible

foast ayn persist: T'ee-ish t'er n'ymmyrkey shiaght dy chloan raad y vaaish; t'ee er phaartail; ta'n ghrian er n'gholl sheese urree choud as va'n laa foast ayn; v'ee coodit lesh nearey as atchim Bible

jeeds off thee: Ta my eill er-creau son aggle jeeds: as ta mee fo atchim dty vriwnyssyn. Bible

lesh yindys admiringly, surprisedly; with wonder: vad lhieent lesh yindys as atchim ec shen ny ver daghyrt da. Bible

lhieeney stiagh flow in, pervade, pour in: Eisht ver oo my-ner, as nee shiu lhieeney stiagh myr thooilley, as nee dty chree roie harrish lesh atchim as boggey Bible

markiaght (=Ir. marcacht) (f.) 1 drive, equitation, horsemanship, horse riding, lift, ride; 2 riding a (v.): t'eh imlee, as markiaght er assyl Bible; 3 rider a: tan Chiarn dy ghra, bwoaill-ym dy chooilley chabbyl lesh atchim as yn markiaght lesh keoïd Bible

mynney 1 chop, mincing, swear a: bwoaillee oo ymmodee pobble ayns peeshyn mynney Bible; 2 imprecation, oath: son atchim, as son mollaght-mynney Bible; 3 swear-word, swearword

rey (f.) era; failure; no more: Tan voalley rey, as ny masoonee hrog eh Bible; any more: bee oo son atchim, as bee oo rey er son dy bragh. Bible

fear aggle: I fear we shall have to pay for it afterwards - Ta aggle orrym dy nhegin dooin eeck er e son ny s'anmee. JJK idiom; (n.) atchim, sgoagh; (v.) goaill aggle roish: Tall though you are, I don't fear you - Ga s'liauyr t'ou, cha nel mee goaill aggle royd. JJK idiom

round about them (emph.) mygeayrt-y-moosyn: The angel of the Lord tarrieth round about them that fear him - Ta ainle y Chiarn freayll arrey mygeayrt-y-moosyn ta goaill aggle roish Bible; mygeayrt-y-moo: the terror of God was upon the cities that were round about them - va atchim Yee er ny ard valjyn, va mygeayrt-y-moo Bible

ard-vollaght (f.) blasphemy, execration, malediction: bee ad dy feer stroit liorish y chliwe, as y ghortey; yiow ad ooilley baase, beg as mooar, lesh y chliwe as y ghortey: as bee ad son ard-vollaght, as son atchim, as son mollaght-mynney, as son oltooan. Bible


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