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assee (=Ir. easbhaigh) harm, hinder, hurt, injury, mischief, trespass: Deiyr eh ad gyn assee da hene Bible

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cooilleeney leagh-assee (legal) damages

fegooish assee unharmed: Gow mayd er y raad-mooar: as my neem's as my vaase giu jeh dty ushtey, eisht eeck-ym er y hon: hem trooid rish my chosh, fegooish assee erbee sodjey. Bible

gyn assee undamaged: Deiyr eh ad gyn assee da hene, eer ayns raad gyn oayll. Bible

jannoo assee trespassing; touch: Shoh myr tan Chiarn dy ghra noi ooilley my ghrogh naboonyn, ta jannoo assee er yn eiraght hug mee da my phobble Israel Bible

lane assee harmful

assee y chur gys neunhee undo the harm

assee y chur gys veg undo the harm

gyn assee liorish ushtey unaffected by water

jannoo assee da harm, mar: Cha voddym feaysley eh er my hon hene, fegooish jannoo assee da meiraght hene Bible

lheihys yn assee (dy); (to) undo the harm

harm (n.) assee: Some rain will do no harm - Cha jean fliaghey assee erbee. JJK idiom; skielley: He who hatches harm catches harm - Eshyn ghuirrys skielley hayrys skielley. JJK idiom; (v.) jannoo assee da; jannoo skielley; jannoo skielley da: I mean him no harm - Cha nel mee geearree assee y yannoo da. DF idiom

undo the harm (v.) assee y chur gys neunhee; assee y chur gys veg; (to); (dy) lheihys yn assee

undamaged (adj.) gyn assee

allelopathy (n.) co-assee

damages2 (n.) (legal) cooilleeney leagh-assee

unharmed (adj.) fegooish assee, neughortit, slane

co-assee allelopathy

harmful (adj.) jeeyllagh; lane assee; lane skielley

mar (v.) milley; mhilley; jannoo assee da

trespassing (v.) jannoo aggair, jannoo assee, jannoo loght; (n.) ard-loghtynys

unaffected by water gyn assee liorish ushtey

mischief (n.) assee, condraght, donnys, mitchooraght, mitchoorys, olk, olkys, skielley; lhag-haghyrt

touch1 (v.) bentyn da, bentyn rish; benn; (to); (dy) ventyn; jannoo assee; vennys; (n.) cheulinney

liorinyn by us: nagh beagh assee eu liorinyn ayns nhee erbee. Bible

merg (f.) woe: Smerg dooys kyndagh rish yn assee t'aym! Bible

smessey (=Ir. is measa) worst: ta'n assee wheesh shen smessey Bible; worse

hinder cumrail: I shall not hinder you from carrying out your project - Cha jeanym cumrail oo veih g'ymmyrkey magh dty yeearree. JJK idiom; feiyal; jannoo lhiettrimys er; lhiettal; lhiettrimagh; assee

hurt assee, gort, skielley; creaut; gortagh: Have I hurt you? - Vel mee er ghortagh oo? JJK idiom; gortaghey, lhottey; gortey; gortit, lheamysit; lhottit; jannoo skielley

injury (n.) aggair, assee, gortey, jeeyl, lhott, olk, uail, anlyi; skielley: Insult added to injury - Faghid er skielley. JJK idiom

cur lesh stiagh import; introduce: V'eh inshit da'n Chiare as Feed dy noddagh assee ve jeant da ambee eddyrashoonagh Vannin mannagh jinnagh yn Ellan cur lesh stiagh slattys cour cooidjaght-chynney. BS

fassan (=Ir. faisean) fashion: Ta fys mie aym dy vel y fassan shoh jeh cloie gammanyn sy chamyr-scoill er nyannoo assee ny keayrtyn Carn

gaccan (=Ir. ochón) complaining, grousing, moaning, grumbling: nagh bee assee erbee: ny veg y chappeeys ny oyr gaccan ayns nyn straidyn Bible; groaning: Ta mee deinagh lesh gaccan Bible; grouse

Kerroo Argidys Finance Sector: Christopher Huhne, oltey jeh'n Arwhaiyl Oarpagh, t'eh gra dy noddagh sarey Oarpagh jannoo assee mooar da kerroo argidys yn Ellan. BS

kynney-ghunverys genocide: ta shin toiggal dy vel y chellooish er nyannoo foddey ny smoo assee da ny myn-chultooryn na'n kynney-ghunverys, foddee. Carn

meereggyragh disparate, ill-matched, incongruous; irresponsible: Ta lhee-baagh ayns Mannin, Ray Cox, cur raaue mychione yn assee oddagh orçh ta ceaut ersooyl dy meereggyragh jannoo da bigginyn as beiyn-gowaltys. BS

mynchreck retail: Ec y traa t'ayn, ta'n chapp-taishbynys ayns Straid Varriaght as va'n ving-phlannal er ghra dy beagh tooilley assee jeant da jeadys-mynchreck y valley dy beagh y chapp-taishbynys caillt. BS

myn-chultoor minority culture: ta shin toiggal dy vel y chellooish er nyannoo foddey ny smoo assee da ny myn-chultooryn na'n kynney-ghunverys, foddee. Carn

pumpal pump, pumping: Ta'n gas goll er pumpal feer lajer dy jarroo - cho lajer as dy vel eh jannoo assee da ny slattyn-conney, ta craa mygeayrt sy strooan niartal. Carn

roayrt ec y vullagh high tide: Ta baggyrt ayn dy bee tooilley assee jeant ayns paart dy laghyn, tra vees y roayrt ec y vullagh. BS

sess-chymmyltaght environmental assessment: T'eh gra dy row sess-çhymmyltaght jeant, dy 'eddyn magh beagh y tarchuirreyder jannoo assee erbee. BS

sloo1 (=Ir. is ) (comp./sup.) least, minimal, shortest, smallest, less, lesser, littler, shorter, smaller: cha ren shin yn assee sloo da dty vochillyn Bible; fewer

taghyrys befall: cha bee fys ayd cre veih te troggal: as taghyrys assee dhyt Bible

tempreilagh moderating, tempering: Ayns y drogh haghyrt ec Chernobyl, va'n chooid smoo jeh'n assee jeant ec yn aile sy tempreilagh. Carn

veyge voyage: ta mee cur tastey dy bee yn veyge shoh lesh mooarane coayl as assee Bible

trespass ard-loghtynys; assee; loght: What is my trespass? - Cre ta my loght? Bible; trespass: For all manner of trespass - Son dy chooilley vonney dy hrespass Bible; (v.) jannoo aggair da: If any man trespass against his neighbour - My ta dooinney erbee jannoo aggair da e naboo Bible; jannoo loght


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