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ashoonee 1 nationals; 2 nations a: Neen Chiarn eisht geiyrt magh reue ooilley ny ashoonee shoh, as ver eh diuish son eiraght ashoonyn ny smoo, as ny sniartal na shiu hene. Bible; 3 Gentiles, heathens a: Lioroo shoh va ellanyn ny ashoonee er nyn rheynn lurg nyn cheeraghyn Bible; 4 people a: derrey nee Shiloh cheet: as huggeysyn, vees ny ashoonee er nyn jaglym stiagh. Bible

Inexact matches:

ashoonee yoarree foreign nationals

foreign nationals (npl.) ashoonee yoarree

Gentiles (npl.) ashoonee: that the Gentiles by my mouth should hear the word of the gospel - dy row ny Ashoonee veih my veeals dy clashtyn goo yn tushtal Bible

heathens (npl.) ashoonee

nationals (npl.) ashoonee; seyraanee

nations (npl.) ashoonee; ashoonyn: Tongues of the nations - Chengaghyn ny h-ashoonyn. DF idiom

ainjyssagh acquaintance, intimate: As bee yn sluight oc ainjyssagh mastey ny ashoonee Bible

cha elgyssagh so irascible: Cre'n-fa va ny Ashoonee cha elgyssagh Bible

chaglit gathered: Nish myrgeddin ta ymmodee ashoonee chaglit dt'oï Bible

dellid blindness, cecity, sightlessness: bwoaill-ym ooilley cabbil ny ashoonee lesh dellid. Bible

loayree shall speak: as loayree eh shee rish ny ashoonee Bible

wagaantee wanderers: bee ad wagaantee mastey ny ashoonee Bible; vagabonds

foreseeing (v.) fakin ro-laue: And the scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the heathen through faith - As y scriptyr fakin ro-laue dy jinnagh Jee seyrey ny Ashoonee trooid credjue Bible; roie-akinagh

I will take goym: I will take a third of it - Gowym trass jeh. DF idiom; (emph.) goyms: For I will take you from among the heathen - Son goyms shiu veih mastey ny ashoonee Bible

seduced breigit; chleaynee: and Manasseh seduced them to do more evil than did the nations - as chleaynee Manasseh ad dy ve ny smessey na ny ashoonee Bible

ashoon (=Ir. náisiún) pl. ashoonee, ashoonyn nation, people, state: veih mac yn inney-veyl trog-yms seose ashoon mooar Bible

Cheyll See keyll (Yn ); (The) Grove: Ta'n lion er jeet seose veih e cheyll, as ta stroider ny ashoonee er e raad ; t'eh er n'gholl magh veih e oayll dy yannoo dty heer ny hraartys Bible

chooid smessey (yn) brunt: Shen-y-fa ver-ym lhiam y chooid smessey jeh ny ashoonee, as gowee ad ny thieyn oc daue hene Bible

co-ayrnee partakers: ta ny Ashoonee er ny ve jeant co-ayrnee jeh ny nheeghyn spyrrydoil ocsyn Bible

dagh cheu all-round; every side: Cur-my-ner, neem's goaill cloan Israel veih mastey ny ashoonee, raad t'ad er n'gholl, as chaglym ad er dagh cheu, as ver-ym lhiam ad gys y thalloo oc hene. Bible

ellanyn 1 isles, islands a: Lioroo shoh va ellanyn ny ashoonee er nyn rheynn lurg nyn cheeraghyn Bible

Ewnyn Jews: son ta shin roïe er phrowal dy vel chammah Ewnyn as Ashoonee, ooilley fo peccah Bible

fer-toyrt y leigh lawgiver: Cha jean y lorg-reill failleil veih Judah, ny fer-toyrt y leigh veih e luight, derrey nee Shiloh cheet: as huggeysyn, vees ny ashoonee er nyn jaglym stiagh. Bible

mygeayrt-y-miu round about you: bee fys ec ny ashoonee, ta faagit mygeayrt-y-miu Bible; about you

palchey vooar great abundance: bee berchys ooilley ny ashoonee mygeayrt er ny haglym cooidjagh, airh as argid, as coamrey ayns palchey vooar. Bible

sheeyn-yms I will stretch: sheeyn-yms magh my laue ort's, as livrey-ym uss son spooilley da ny ashoonee Bible

sodjey na shen (ny) further, moreover: as ny sodjey na shen, t'eh er chur lesh Ashoonee stiagh ayns y chiamble, as er vee-ooashlaghey yn ynnyd casherick shoh. Bible

Jews (npl.) (Ny) Hewnyn: Where is he that is born King of the Jews? - Cre vel ree ny Hewnyn ter jeet er y theihll? Bible; Ewnyn: for we have before proved both Jews and Gentiles, that they are all under sin - son ta shin roïe er phrowal dy vel chammah Ewnyn as Ashoonee, ooilley fo peccah Bible

people (n.) ashoon; feallagh; feallee; kynney; mooinjer; pobble; sleih: I'm sure few people can have slept - Ta mee shickyr nagh vod monney sleih er chadley. JJK idiom; ashoonee; (v.) cur cummaltee ayn, cur sleih ayn; persoonyn: This bed has been slept in by many notable people - Ta ymmodee persoonyn ardghooagh chadley 'sy lhiabbee shoh. JJK idiom

wanderers (npl.) shaghrynee: none shall gather up him that wandereth - cha jean fer erbee goaill seose ny shaghrynee Bible; joarreeyn: that I will send unto him wanderers - dy der-yms ersyn joarreeyn Bible; wagaantee: and they shall be wanderers among the nations - as bee ad wagaantee mastey ny ashoonee Bible


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