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ashlish (f.) apocalypse, dream, illusion, make-believe, revelation, vision: honnick Nebuchadnezzar ashlish ayns e ghreamallyn Bible; spectre

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ashlish laa (f.) daydream

Ashlish Noo Ean (f.) Revelation of St. John

liorish ashlish noo by divine revelation

lus ny h-ashlish (f.) crane's bill, dove's foot, geranium

apocalypse (n.) (n.) ashlish, neuvreidaghey, taishbynys

dream ashlish: I had a dream - Honnick mee ashlish. DF idiom; brann; dreamal; slamm: I'm in a dream - Ta slamm orrym. DF idiom; branlaadee

vision (n.) ashlins; ashlish: He appeared in a vision - Haink eh rish ayns ashlish. DF idiom; reayrtys: Beyond our vision - Ass yn reayrtys ain. DF idiom; shilley: Turn on the vision - Cur bree da'n chilley. DF idiom

geranium (n.) lus ny h-ashlish

spectre (n.) arraght, scaan; ashlish; boggane

by divine revelation liorish ashlish noo

make-believe ashlish, lhiggey; lhiggey er hene

revelation (n.) ashlish, soilshaghey magh, taishbyney, shilley

Revelation of St. John (n.) Ashlish Noo Ean

crane's bill (n.) lus ny freenaghyn mooarey, lus ny h-ashlish

daydream ashlins laa; ashlish laa; dreamal laa; dreamal 'sy laa

dove's foot (n.) lus ny freenaghyn mooarey, lus ny h-ashlish

illusion (n.) ashlish; conrieught: Optical illusion - Conrieught-hooilley. DF idiom

feiyjagh grievous: Ta ashlish feiyjagh er ny hoilshaghey dou Bible

hoiggal2 (dy); (to) understand: cur er y dooinney shoh dy hoiggal yn ashlish Bible

awoke (v.) ghooisht: I awoke from a dream - Ghooisht mee ass ashlish. JJK idiom

in a trance my neealloo: and in a trance I saw a vision - as myr va mee my-neealloo, honnick mee ayns ashlish Bible

dooshtey wake, watch: Erreish da dooshtey va foddeeagh mooar echey lurg y doodee shoh v'eh er vakin 'syn ashlish. GB

faishnaghyn divinations: t'ad fockley magh diu ashlish foalsey, as faishnaghyn breagagh, as red gyn veg, as molteyrys yn chree oc hene. Bible

foalsey (=Ir. falsa) affected, bogus, counterfeit, dud, dummy, ersatz, fallacious, false, feigned, forged, hypocritical, perfidious, pinchbeck, sham, spurious, suppositious, tinsel, two-faced, unlawful, perverse, unfaithful, untrue, wicked: t'ad fockley magh diu ashlish foalsey Bible; (of victory) hollow; (as note) wrong; wily; deceitfully

foddeeagh homesick; longing: Erreish da dooshtey va foddeeagh mooar echey lurg y doodee shoh v'eh er vakin 'syn ashlish. GB; nostalgic

ghaa2 (ny) divers: cre ta'n raa-cadjin shen t'eu ayns cheer Israel, gra, Ta ny laghyn foddey ry-heet, as ta ashlish ny ghaa failleil? Bible

hoig (v.) understood: hoig eh yn chooish, as va tushtey echey jeh'n ashlish Bible; perceived

lhag-haghyrt (bad) accident; misadventure, mischance, mishap; ill fortune; mischief: Hig lhag-haghyrt er lhag-haghyrt, as naightyn trome er naightyn trome ; eisht nee ad shirrey son ashlish yn adeyr Bible

'syn oie at night, at night time: hed eh shaghey myr ashlish 'syn oie. Bible

traa ry-heet after-days, to be: Son ta'n ashlish foast son traa ry-heet, agh ee y jerrey nee eh loayrt, as cha nee ayns fardail Bible

stumble (v.) snapperal: and thy foot shall not stumble - as dty chass cha jean snapperal Bible; skyrraghtyn: when thou runnest, thou shalt not stumble - tra tou roie, cha jean oo skyrraghtyn Bible; leaystey: they err in vision, they stumble in judgment - tad mollit ayns ashlish, tad leaystey ayns briwnys Bible

leaystey 1 bank, boggle, brandish, dangle, fluctuate, heel, hesitate, loll, oscillate, rock, roll, see-saw, sway, swerve, swing, swing back, vacillate, waddle a: Caid ta shiu leaystey eddyr daa chredjue? Bible; 2 balancing, fluctuating, hesitating, lolling, reeling, rocking, swinging, swaying, vacillating, waddling, wavering; 3 (of hand) wave; 4 (of fixture) waver; 5 fluctuation, hesitation, oscillation, vacillation; 6 decline: cha jean oo leaystey veihn vriwnys oc, gys y laue yesh ny gys y laue chiare Bible; 7 reel, stagger: teh cur orroo dy leaystey myr dooinney meshtal. Bible; 8 tossed: fardalys leaystey noon as noal mâroosyn ta geiyrt er toyrt-mow Bible; 9 stumble: tad mollit ayns ashlish, tad leaystey ayns briwnys Bible; 10 jumping: sheean freaney ny queeylyn, as lheimyraght ny cabbil, as leaystey ny fainee. Bible; 11 unstable


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