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arrys regret, repentance: Chamoo ghow ad arrys jeh'n dunverys oc Bible; contrition; submission

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beoyn arrys-thie economic trend

goaill arrys repent: ta mee goaill arrys ayns joan as leoie. Bible

goaill arrys er son rue

contrition (n.) arrys

regret arrys

repent (v.) goaill arrys: Repent; or else I will come unto thee quickly - Gow arrys; er-nonney hig-ym hood dy tappee Bible E2M

economic trend (n.) beoyn arrys-thie

repentance (n.) arrys: And that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name among all nations - As arrys as leih peccaghyn dy ve er nyn breacheil ayns yn ennym echey, mastey dy chooilley ashoon Bible; caghlaa-aigney: he was rejected: for he found no place of repentance - v'eh er ny yiooldey: son cha row saase son caghlaa-aigney 'sy chooish Bible

rue (v.) goaill arrys er son; (n.) rue gharagh, rue

submission (n.) biallys; fomys; skeeal; ammys, arrym, arrys, imlid

shickyragh affirmative: T'eh er shickyragh nyn bardoon er nyn arrys CS

on the earth er y thalloo: And it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth - As ghow yn Chiarn arrys dy row eh er chroo dooinney er y thalloo Bible

almoraght (f.) ignorance, nescience: Dy gooidsave lhiat dy choyrt dooin arrys firrinagh, dy leih dooin ooilley nyn beccaghyn, almoraght, as mee-hushtey PB1765

chredjal (dy); (to) believe: As ga dy vaik shiu shoh, cha ghow shiu arrys ny lurg shen, dy chredjal ayn. Bible

er aght erbee noways, nowise: Son nagh vod oo er aght erbee goll gys niau mannagh vreill oo ad, ny arrys leah y ghoaill. CS

er-gerrey at hand: Gow-jee arrys: son ta reeriaght Yee er gerrey Bible; near: As hayrn Abraham er gerrey Bible

feer-vennick very often: Feer vennick dyn gerragh ad, as dyn dayrn gys arrys. CS

foddey er-dy-henney lang syne, long ago, long since: veagh ad er ghoaill arrys foddey er-dy-henney ayns aanrit-sack as leoie Bible

gheddyn baase (dy); (to) die, pass away: t'ad ayns gaue dy gheddyn baase ayns nyn beccaghyn fegooish arrys. CS

jeeaghyn da show, showing: As shegin dhyt jeeaghyn da dt'obbraghyn tra t'ou er yannoo red erbee ass y raad, dy gow arrys as nagh jean oo shen ny smoo. CS

keimeragh amble, ambling: Faagail yn thie oast, gyn arrys er cho erbee Keimeragh noon as noal rish tammylt liauyr. GB; step

leih da pardon: Cur-jee twoaie diu hene: My nee dty vraar aggair dhyt, cur oghsan da; as my ghoys eh arrys, leih da. Bible

neuwooiagh averse, discontented, disinclined, recalcitrant, reluctant, unpleased, unwilling: Cha vel y Chiarn moal mychione e ghialdynys, (myr ta paart dy gheiney coontey meillid) agh jeh surranse-foddey dooinyn, neuwooiagh dy jinnagh unnane erbee cherraghtyn, agh dy darragh-ooilley gys arrys. Bible

bare lhiam I did prefer, I had rather, I would prefer: Bare lhiam y fer toshee harrish y fer s'jerree. DF S'bare lhiam myghin na oural: son cha daink mish dy eamagh er y vooinjer chairagh, agh er peccee gys arrys. Bible


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