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arm1 (n.) arm; roih: by the greatness of thine arm they shall be as still as a stone - liorish niart dty roih cha gleashee ad ny smoo na clagh Bible; (v.) armal; eillaghey

arm2 (n.) (of balance) lieh-whing

arm3 (n.) (of the sea) logh

arm4 (n.) (military) laue chaggee

arm5 (n.) (of signal) laue

arm arm: Hug y slattys shoh er Arm Pobblaghtagh ny hErin y ve ny heshaght anleighalagh Carn; armament, weapon

Inexact matches:

arm in arm (adv.) uillin er uillin

arm badge (n.) cowrey muinneel

crank arm (n.) baccan croymmane

sail arm (n.) cleeah hiauill

trolley arm (n.) roih-trolleetrolley bus

upper arm (n.) roih heose

arm aile firearm

Cur-jee arm (impv) Shoulder arms

gyn arm unarmed

strength of arm (n.) roiaght

uillin er uillin arm in arm

armament (n.) arm

firearm (n.) arm aile; lheamey

baccan croymmane crank arm

cleeah hiauill (f.) sail arm

cowrey muinneel arm badge

eillaghey arm

laue chaggee (f.) (military) arm

lieh-whing (of balance) arm

roiaght (f.) strength of arm

roih heose upper arm

roih-trolleetrolley bus trolley arm

arsenal (n.) arm-hasht

pencil-arm (n.) cass pensyl

sword-arm (n.) laue yesh

tone-arm tonn-ghaaig

unarmed gyn arm; neuarmit; neueillit

yard-arm (n.) luirr shiauill

armal arm, armour, commission, equip

arm-hasht (f.) arsenal

cass pensyl (f.) pencil-arm

luirr shiauill yard-arm; yardarm

tonn-ghaaig (f.) tone-arm

Shoulder arms (impv) Cur-jee arm; Rish geaylin

weapon (n.) arm, wapin, wappin; greie caggee

roih (f.) (pl -aghyn) arm, forearm: T'eh er hoilshaghey niart lesh e roih Bible

bomb bleaystan: The bomb tore off his arm - Ren y bleaystan raipey yn roih echey jeh. DF idiom; (n.) shliggan; (v.) bleaystaney, shligganaghey, skeayley bleastanyn

I will cut off giare-ym jeh: I will cut off thine arm - giare-ym jeh dty roih Bible

stretch lheanaghey magh, sheeyn; reamsey; sheeyney: Stretch of the arm - Sheeyney ny laue. DF idiom

anleighalagh disloyal, illegal, illicit, unlawful: Hug y slattys shoh er Arm Pobblaghtagh ny hErin y ve ny heshaght anleighalagh Carn

laue (=Ir. lámh, Sc.G. làmh) (f.) 1 hand, handful a: ta ooilley e nooghyn ayns dty laue Bible; b pl. laueyn; 2 (of signal) arm; 3 (of oar) grasp; 4 foreleg [O.Ir. lám]

laue yesh (f.) right hand, sword-arm: cur dty laue yesh er y chione echeysyn Bible

logh (f.) See lough lake, loch, lough, mere: Lhig dooin goll harrish gys y cheu elley jeh'n logh Bible; (of the sea) arm [O.Ir. loch]

pobblaghtagh pl. Pobblaghtee republican: Hug y slattys shoh er Arm Pobblaghtagh ny hErin y ve ny heshaght anleighalagh as hug eh kied da ny poleenyn sleih fo ourys chummal as 'eyshtey rish shiaght laa. Carn

dividing rheynn: rightly dividing the word of truth - rheynn dy kiart yn goo dy ynrickys Bible; scarree; scarrey: by the right hand of Moses with his glorious arm, dividing the water before them - liorish laue yesh Voses lesh e roih gloyroil, scarrey ny ushtaghyn rhymboo Bible

greatness (n.) ardys, mooarid; modiyght; mooadys: For the greatness of thy mercy reacheth unto the heavens; mooads: according unto the greatness of thy mercy - cordail rish mooads dty vyghin Bible; pooar: his greatness, his mighty hand, and his stretched out arm - e phooar, e laue niartal, as e roih sheeynt magh Bible


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