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ardjaghey1 (=Ir. ardú) change up, increase, lift, mount up, overbid, pitch, prefer, promote, ramp, steepen, uplift; (as fever) worsen; inflation, preferment, promotion, upheaval; put up: Yn railley y ardjaghey. DF; raise: Armyn y ardjaghey. DF; climb: Ta ny hetlanyn shoh mie dy ardjaghey. DF

ardjaghey2 (dy); (to) rise in price

Inexact matches:

ardjaghey er outbid

ardjaghey gys level up

ardjaghey keim brevet

jannoo geyre-ardjaghey zoom

ardjaghey dy tappee shoot up

armyn y ardjaghey trail arms

zoom (n.) geyre-ardjaghey; sevreain; (v.) sevreainey; jannoo geyre-ardjaghey

brevet (n., v.) ardjaghey keim

change up (v.) ardjaghey

inflation (n.) ardjaghey; bolgey; bolgey-argid

overbid ardjaghey

preferment (n.) ardjaghey

steepen (v.) ardjaghey, s'eaynee

worsen2 (v.) (as fever) ardjaghey

prefer (v.) ardjaghey, jannoo soiagh jeh

ramp ardane; ardjaghey, ro-ardjaghey; ughtagh

rise in price (to); (dy) dy ardjaghey

trail arms armyn y ardjaghey

geyre-ardjaghey zoom

ro-ardjaghey ramp

level up ardjaghey gys; jannoo rea

promotion (n.) ardjaghey, cur er toshiaght, keim s'ardjey, moylley

upheaval (n.) anvea, ardjaghey, boiraneys, musthaa, pundaig

climb1 ardjaghey; croghey; drappal: Stiff climb - Drappal geyre. DF idiom; irree

outbid (v.) ardjaghey er: I outbid him - Dardjee mee er. DF idiom

promote (v.) ardjaghey, cur er e hoshiaght, cur er oai, cur er oaie, keimee

put up (v.) ardjaghey, cur aaght da, cur seose, festal, fuillaghtyn, troggal

shoot up (v.) ardjaghey dy tappee, lheimmey seose, lheimyragh seose, lhiggey

uplift ardjaghey; ardjee; crogh; croghey; deamey thallooin; trog; troggal

railley rail: Yn railley y ardjaghey. DF; rave; rail track, railway

increase1 aavooadaghey, ardjaghey, bishaghey, cur seose, sheeyney; brash; mooadys; mooadaghey: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow - as eshyn ta mooadaghey tushtey, teh mooadaghey deinys DF idiom

lift ardjaghey, buinn, geid, troggal; ardjee: The tide will lift the boat - Ardjee yn tidey y baatey. DF idiom; (impv) irree, trog; (n.) cummaght ardjee, markiaght, troggeyder; ardjeyder: The lift is stuck - Cha nel yn ardjeyder gobbragh. DF idiom

pitch ardjaghey, keim; ardjey; croghey jeh aah; cur pick er, cur seose; faaie, pick; pickey; soiaghey; thummey; tilgey; ynnyd, boayl

planes (npl.) planeyn; etlanyn: These 'planes are good climbers - Ta ny hetlanyn shoh mie dy ardjaghey. DF idiom

mount up (v.) ardjaghey; troggal seose: Though Babylon should mount up to heaven - Ga dy jinnagh Babylon troggal seose ee hene gys niau Bible; getlagh seose: Doth the eagle mount up at thy command - Vel yn urley getlagh seose er dty hareys Bible


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