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ard-saggyrt (=Ir. ardshaggart; lat. arduus sacerdos) chief priest, hierarch, high priest, pontiff: Gow seose gys Hilkiah yn ard-saggyrt Bible

Inexact matches:

chief priest (n.) ard-saggyrt

hierarch (n.) ard-saggyrt

high priest (n.) ard-saggyrt

pontiff (n.) ard-saggyrt

deysht asked, enquired, examined: deysht yn ard-saggyrt ad Bible

ard-phleadeyr orator: hie Ananias yn ard-saggyrt sheese marish y chanstyr, as ard-phleadeyr dy row enmyssit Tertullus, dy chur stiagh nyn blaiynt gys y chiannoort noi Paul. Bible

arreyderyn giattey keepers of the door: As ghow captan y ghard Seraiah yn ard-saggyrt, Zephaniah yn nah haggyrt, as three arreyderyn ny giattyn Bible

arreyderyn ny giattyn keepers of the door: As ghow captan y ghard Seraiah yn ard-saggyrt, as Zephaniah yn nah haggyrt, as three arreyderyn ny giattyn Bible

baggyrtyn threatenings, threats: As Saul foast fockley-magh baggyrtyn as baase noi credjuee yn Chiarn, jimmee eh gys yn ard-saggyrt, Bible

fer-mooinjerey servant: woaill eh fer-mooinjerey yn ard ard-saggyrt, as ghiare eh e chleaysh jeh Bible

quaiyl (f.) pl. quaiylyn pl. quaiyllyn assembly, court, guild, legislature, meeting, parliament, session, tribunal: Myr tan ard-saggyrt hene gymmyrkey feanish lhiam, as slane quaiyl y chanstyr Bible Haink shin nyn quaiyl er y cheiy. GK

shassoo liorish stand by: As doardee Ananias yn ard-saggyrt ad syn va nyn shassoo liorish, dy woalley eh er y veeal. Bible

teiht elected, élite, select: Son ta dy chooilley ard-saggyrt teiht veih mastey deiney, er ny oardaghey son [vondeish] deiney ayns reddyn bentyn rish Jee, dy vod eh chammah giootyn as ourallyn y hebbal son peccaghyn: Bible

whuaiyl (yn); (the) council: Agh haink yn ard-saggyrt as adsyn va mârish, as symnee ad yn whuaiyl cooidjagh Bible


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