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Arbyl (Yn); (The) Niarbyl, Tail

arbyl (book) appendix; end, queue, slick, stern, tail: eshyn vees y chione, as uss yn arbyl Bible; (of whale) fluke; (of note) stem; (of dress) train [O.Ir. erball]

Inexact matches:

arbyl dow oxtail

arbyl goalagh swallowtail

arbyl shynnee foxtail

cooyl arbyl rearward

gyn arbyl tailless

jannoo arbyl queue

myntan arbyl-liauyr long-tailed tit

shiaull arbyl spanker

bun yn arbyl base of the tail; rump: Nee oo goaill myrgeddin jehn rea yn eeh, as bun yn arbyl Bible

caillagh veg yn arbyl (f.) long-tailed titmouse

Thie-Bee as Ynnyd-Keayrtee yn Arbyl Niarbyl Café and Visitor Centre

queue (n.) arbyl; famman: The back of the queue - Jerrey y famman. DF idiom; (v.) jannoo arbyl, jannoo famman

appendix2 (n.) (book) co-screeuyn, arbyl; lhiasaghey

fluke3 (n.) (of whale) arbyl

Niarbyl (n.) (The); (Yn) Arbyl; Purt Masooyl

stem6 (n.) (of note) arbyl, famman

swallowtail (n.) arbyl goalagh

Tail Arbyl

tail (n.) arbyl, farbyl: Base of the tail - Bun yn arbyl. DF idiom; famman: He bobbed the horse's tail - Hug eh famman cuttagh da'n chabbyl. DF idiom; (v.) eiyrt er

train4 (n.) (of dress) arbyl, farbyl

long-tailed tit (n.) myntan arbyl-liauyr

oxtail (n.) arbyl dow, famman dow

rump (n.) bun yn arbyl: Also thou shalt take of the ram the fat and the rump - Nee oo goaill myrgeddin jehn rea yn eeh, as bun yn arbyl Bible; curp; curpin: fat thereof, and the whole rump - yn eeh echey, as yn slane curpin Bible; toinn: Daubing grease on a fat pig's rump - Slaa saill er toinn muc roauyr. JJK idiom; kease

slick abyl; arbyl; jesh-laueagh; shliee

tailless (adj.) gyn arbyl, gyn famman

base of the tail (n.) bun yn arbyl

rearward cheu chooylloo; cooyl arbyl; er-ash

spanker (n.) cabbyl tappee, greddeyder, shiaull arbyl

foxtail (n.) arbyl shynnee, faiyr shynnee, famman shynnee, skeab shynnee, skeaban shynnee

long-tailed titmouse (n.) caillagh veg yn arbyl, eean beg yn amman

Niarbyl Café and Visitor Centre (n.) Thie-Bee as Ynnyd-Keayrtee yn Arbyl

end1 (n.) arbyl, baare, bun, err, erree, jerrey, oirr; (v.) castey, cheet gy kione, cur gy kione, jannoo jerrey; kione: We shall soon be at our journey's end - Beemayd dy-gerrid ec kione nyn yurnaa. JJK idiom; (adj.) jerrinagh, s'jerree

stern arbyl, lieh jerree; groamagh; loghtal; jerrey: She sank by the stern - Hie ee fo lurg e jerrey. DF idiom; jerree: Stern oar - Maidjey jerree. DF idiom

farbyllyn tails: As va farbyllyn orroo myr scorpionee, as va gah ayns nyn arbyl: Bible


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