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apples (npl.) ooyllyn; ooylyn: Apples and pears were very late this year - Va ooylyn as peearyn feer anmagh mleeaney. JJK idiom

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baked apples (npl.) ooyllyn rostit

stewed apples (n.) ooyllyn broit

Road of the Apples (n.) Bayr ny Ooylyn

ooyllyn broit stewed apples

ooyllyn rostit baked apples

Bayr ny Ooylyn Road of the Apples

basket (n.) bascad, bascaid, baskad; bastag: There are extremely few apples in the basket - Ta feer veggan dy hooylyn 'sy vastag. JJK idiom; basket

extremely (adv.) feer: There are extremely few apples in the basket - Ta feer veggan dy hooylyn 'sy vastag. JJK idiom

putting1 (v.) cur: Putting the best apples on top - Cur ny ooyllyn share er yn eaghtyr. DF idiom

storage (n.) tastey: Take goods out of storage - Cooid y ghoaill ass tastey. DF idiom; stoyr: The apples are in cold storage - Ta ny hooyllyn ayns stoyr feayr. DF idiom

ooyllyn apples: As reesht jeh'n villey banglane vrish ee lhee, palchey jeh ooyllyn lheid as dee 'hene roie PC

ooylyn apples: Fockle ta loayrit dy cooie, te gollrish ooylyn airhey ayns baskadyn argid Bible


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