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apple (n.) ooyl: This apple seems to be good - Ta'n ooyl shoh jeeaghyn dy ve mie. JJK idiom; (adj.) ooyllagh

Inexact matches:

Adam's apple (n.) cront ny scoarnee, ooyl ny scoarnee

apple berry (n.) berrish ooyllagh

apple brandy (n.) brandee ooyllagh

apple core (n.) cree ooyllagh

apple jam (n.) soo ooyllagh

apple orchard (n.) garey ooyl

apple pie (n.) pye ooyllagh

apple pudding (n.) puiddin ooyllagh

apple sauce (n.) aunlyn ooyllagh

apple scab (n.) cron ooyllagh

apple tart (n.) berreen ooyllagh

apple tree (n.) billey ooyl

apple turnover (n.) filltane ooyll

cooking apple (n.) ooyl ghlass, ooyl sharroo

crab apple (n.) gartag, ooyl feie

custard apple (n.) ooyl custart

dessert apple (n.) ooyl villish

eating apple (n.) ooyl villish; ooyl millish

thorn apple (n.) ooyl y Jouyll

apple of the eye (n.) clagh ny sooilley; ooyl ny sooilley

apple of the throat (n.) cront y scoarnee; ooyl y scoarnee

crab apple tree (n.) billey ooyl feie

ooyl villish (f.) dessert apple, eating apple

aunlyn ooyllagh apple sauce

berreen ooyllagh (f.) apple tart

berrish ooyllagh (f.) apple berry

billey ooyl apple tree

brandee ooyllagh apple brandy

cree ooyllagh apple core

cron ooyllagh apple scab

filltane ooyll apple turnover

garey ooyl apple orchard

gartag (f.) crab apple

ooyl custart custard apple

ooyl feie crab apple

ooyl sharroo cooking apple

puiddin ooyllagh apple pudding

pye ooyllagh (f.) apple pie

soo ooyllagh apple jam

apple-bearing ooyllagh

apple-cheeked ruy-eddinagh

apple-green ooyl ghlass

apple-rot (n.) loauys ooyllagh

apple-sucker (n.) sooder ooyllagh

oak-apple (n.) cro darree

cro darree acorn, oak-apple

cront ny scoarnee Adam's apple

loauys ooyllagh (f.) apple-rot

ooyl ghlass (f.) apple-green; cooking apple

ooyl millish (fruit) eater, eating apple

ooyl ny scoarnee Adam's apple

ooyl y Jouyll (f.) thorn apple

ruy-eddinagh apple-cheeked

sooder ooyllagh apple-sucker

billey ooyl feie crab apple tree, wilding

clagh ny sooilley (f.) apple of the eye, iris

cront y scoarnee apple of the throat

ooyl y scoarnee apple of the throat

pear (n.) peear: Give me an apple and a pear - Cur dou ooyl as peear. JJK idiom; peeyr

ooyl (=Ir. ubhall) (f.) pl. ooyllyn pl. ooylyn apple: ayns shen ny biljyn-orange, lemon, ooyl, peeyr, plum, fig, shillish, streeu gyn ve ergooyl Bible; pommel

ooyllagh apple, apple-bearing: boayl elley heemayd biljyn-ooyllagh croym, aarloo dy vrishey fo nyn mess cho trome PC

ooyl ny sooilley apple of the eye: fril mi mar uyll ny suily : falli mi fuo ska dthy skeanyn. Psalm1610


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