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appee due, mature, mellow, ripe: as dymmyrk ny dossanyn echey messyn-feeyney appee. Bible

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caashey appee ripe cheese

cheet appee mellow: eddyr immyryn breckey-va blah-hieyn liauyrey ayn, ny ooylyn-ghraih ayndoo cheet appee, 'solley va orroo daah ny greiney er oirr ny cruinney fastyr meein y tourey. Coraa

appee roish yn traa precocious

slane appee as mie full and good: haink shiaght jeeassyn seose er yn un chass, slane appee as mie. Bible

mellow bog: He has grown mellow with age - Ta'n eash er n'yannoo eh bog. DF idiom; appee: Mellow wine - Feeyn appee. DF idiom; (adj.) menoyr, menoyragh, mollim; (v.) boggaghey, cheet appee, menoyraghey, mollmaghey

mature (v.) appee

ripe (adj.) appee: Soon ripe soon rotten - Leah appee leah loau. JJK idiom; creen; creeney: Ripe fields - Magheryn creeney. DF idiom

ripe cheese (n.) caashey appee

forward2 (of plants) lheah, mogh-appee

overripe (adj.) ro-appee

under-ripe glass-appee

glass-appee under-ripe

jeean-appee sexually precocious

mogh-appee (of plants) forward; precocious

neu-appee crude; immature; unripe; untimely; unseasonableness

ro-appee overripe

crude aw; garroo; neu-appee; oor

full and good slane appee as mie

immature (adj.) aeg, anappee, neuappee; neu-appee

precocious (adj.) appee roish yn traa; mogh-appee; shenn-creeney

sexually precocious (adj.) cheh; er cannoo; jeean-appee

unseasonableness (n.) anemshyr, anhraaoilid, neubaghoilid; neu-appee

unripe (adj.) anappee, anhraaoil, neuappee, neuchreen; glass, neuvea; neu-appee

chied vess (yn) first fruits: myr yn chied vess appee toshiaght yn tourey Bible

due appee; cair: Obedience is due to the law - Ta biallys cair da'n leigh. JJK idiom; jeeragh; kiart; kyndagh rish; ry-heet; yn-eeck; cooie

rotten (adj.) breinn, graney, guirragh, kercheenagh, lheahree, molkit; loau: Soon ripe soon rotten - Leah appee leah loau. JJK idiom

dossanyn clusters: dymmyrk ny dossanyn echey messyn-feeyney appee Bible; bunches: ta ny smeyr-feeyney oc gall, ta ny dossanyn oc sharroo. Bible

fig (=Ir. figin, L. ficus) See figgys, pl. figgyn fig: myr ta'n duillag tuittym veih'n villey-feeyney, as yn fig appee veih'n villey-figgagh Bible

jeeassyn ears: haink shiaght jeeassyn dy arroo seose er yn un stalk, slane appee as mie Bible

oirr ny cruinney horizon: va blah hieyn liauyrey ayn, ny ooylyn-ghraih ayndoo cheet appee, 'solley va orroo daah ny greiney er oirr ny cruinney fastyr meein y tourey. Coraa

smeir berries; blackberries; grapes: hee oo ny biljyn-feeyney lane dy smeir hrome appee PC

-toshee (suf.) lead, first: Vasy derrey vaskad figgyn feer vie, eer casley rish figgyn appee yn vess toshee Bible

forward1 lheah, mogh-appee, shenn-chreeney; er toshiaght: The seat is too far forward - Ta'n soieag rour er toshiaght. DF idiom; ry-heet; toshee; er oaie: Carry it forward - Cur er oaie eh. DF idiom

soon (adv.) dy gerrid: She'll be coming soon - Bee ee cheet dy-gerrid. JJK idiom; dy leah: I hope I shall soon see you again - Ta mee treishteil dy vaikym shiu dy-leah reesht. JJK idiom; leah: Soon ripe soon rotten - Leah appee leah loau. JJK idiom

untimely (adj., adv.) anemshyragh, antraaoil, dy anappee, dy meehraaoil, mee-emshyragh, meehraaoil, neuimbaghoil, roish yn imbagh, roish yn traa; neu-appee; roish y traa


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