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anvea (f.) commotion, contention, fuss, perplexity, strife, turbulence, unease, unrest, upheaval, uproar, upset: va anvea mastey ooilley'n pobble, Bible; emotion; disquiet

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gyn anvea unemotional

unrest (n.) anvea: Labour unrest - Anvea lught obbree. DF idiom; boirey, neuaash

emotion (n.) irree, boiraneys, corree; anvea: Voice vibrating with emotion - Coraa er-creau lesh anvea. DF idiom

disquiet anaashagh; anvea: that he may give rest to the land, and disquiet the inhabitants of Babylon - son fea y choyrt dan cheer, agh anvea da Bible; imnea; neuaash

perplexity (n.) anvea

unease (n.) anvea, imnea, neuaash

unemotional (adj.) feaychooishagh; gyn anvea

variance (n.) meechoardailys, noidys, streeu; anvea: Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies - Ammys da jallooyn, obbeeys, dwoaie, anvea, goanlys, jymmoose, streeu, irree-magh, shaghrynys veihn chredjue Bible

turbulence (n.) anvea, freayn, meereiltys; mee-reiltys

upset anvea: I am upset - Ta anvea orrym. DF idiom; ceau bun ry-skyn; ceau harrish; cled; cleddal; lhieg; lhieggal; lhieggey: It upset - Ren eh lhieggey. DF idiom; imnea: Don't be so upset - Ny bee lhied yn imnea ort. DF idiom; pundaig

upheaval (n.) anvea, ardjaghey, boiraneys, musthaa, pundaig

uproar (n.) anvea, boiraneys, musthaa, rouan; irree magh; irree-magh

bioghey animate, enliven, enlivenment, revive: Ta dooinney fargagh bioghey anvea Bible

s'coan scarce: S'coan ta jerrey er anvea yn phobble Bible

shaghyn avoid, eschew, forbear: Agh shaghyn questionyn ommijagh mychione sheelogheyn, as anvea Bible

commotion (n.) trusley, anvea; irree-magh: the noise of the bruit is come, and a great commotion out of the north country - ta sheean y naight er jeet, as irree-magh dewil ass y cheer my-hwoaie Bible

contention (n.) anvea, arganys, streeu, streeuailtys; barel: That is my contention - Ta shen my varel. DF idiom

fuss1 (n.) anvea, musthaa; (v.) babbaney, feiyal, foostyrey; goaill er; jannoo mooar jeh: The dog made a fuss of him - Ren y moddey mooar jeh. DF idiom

strife (n.) anvea, boirey, musthaa, ymmyr; (v.) streeu: They are at strife - T'ad streeu rish y cheilley. DF idiom; irree-magh

beealeraght (f.) babble, chatter, chit-chat, prattling, talk, talkativeness: quoi ec ta anvea ? quoi ec ta beealeraght ? Bible

cooyl-chassid (f.) backbite, slander, traducement: er-aggle dy bee ny vud eu anvea, troo, jymmoose, streeu, cooyl-chassid, tutleraght, mooaralys, irree-magh Bible

er e cheeayll sane; on his mind: Jymmoose as troo, seaghyn as anvea, aggle y vaaish, as corree, as streeu, as ayns traa ny fea er e lhiabbee, ta e chadley-oie cur shaghrynys er e cheeayll. Apoc

fargagh angry, enraged, furious, indignant, passion, quick-tempered, raging, vexed, wrathful: Ta dooinney fargagh bioghey anvea Bible; froward

gyn treisht forlorn: dy roostey jeh dagh fea ny h-eebyrtee 's dy reayll ad ayns anvea, torchagh as pian, gyn gerjagh laa ny oie, as gyn treishteil livrey y gheddyn choiee. PC

lane thie houseful, house full: Ny share ta greme chirrym (dy arran) as fea lesh, na lane thie dy yien mie, lesh anvea. Bible

murder murder: cha beagh wheesh d' anvea, streeu, caggey, murder, noidys, looghyn oaie, baase nearagh mennick as lheid y jummal sleih. PC

nearagh ashamed, disgraceful, dishonourable, disreputable, ignominious, self-conscious, shameful: cha beagh wheesh d' anvea, streeu, caggey, murder, noidys, looghyn oaie, baase nearagh mennick as lheid y jummal sleih. PC

ouryssyn surmisings: T'eh moyrnagh, er beggan tushtey, agh branladee mysh questionyn as arganeyn streeuagh, voue ta cheet troo, anvea, oltooan, drogh-ouryssyn Bible

reagh (=Ir. réidheachadh) amorous, frisky, lecherous, lewd, lusty, randy; joyous, merry, mirthful: Uss ta lane dy anvea, ardvalley boiragh, ardvalley reagh Bible; blithe, frolicsome, playful, sportive; decided, organised: Reagh Fiona McArdle yn clane turrys. Carn; dissolute; gay

shaghrynys credjue heresy; sect: Ta shin er gheddyn yn dooinney shoh fer erskyn towse boiragh, as doostey anvea mastey ooilley ny Hewnyn er feaï-ny-cruinney, as ny ard-leeideilagh ayns shaghrynys credjue ny Nazarenee Bible

tutleraght (f.) gossiping, natter, nattering, slander, talebearing, talkativeness, tittle-tattle: er-aggle dy bee ny vud eu anvea, troo, jymmoose, streeu, cooyl-chassid, tutleraght, mooaralys, irree-magh Bible

greesaghey (=Ir. gríosú) abet, accelerate, agitate, drive, egg on, excite, foment, foster, incentive, incite, instigate, press, prod, provoke, stir, urging; stir up: Ta smooinaghtyn er olk ayns nyn greeaghyn: as dy kinjagh greesaghey seose anvea. Bible; (enthusiasm) fire; kindle: ooilley shiuish ta greesaghey aile Bible; excitation, excitement, fomentation, provocation; abetting

leeidit conducted, led: hee oo e h-aigney mooar, foast imlee, meein, graihagh, cur geill da'n phooar va er erskyn, gyn loght as kinjagh kiune, imneagh jeh 'curr'm, as leeidit lesh resoon, ooasle, ard-chreeagh, dwoaiagh er anvea ayns goo as jannoo; s'maynrey va nyn mea! PC


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