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ansherbee anyhow, anyrate, anyway, however: Foddym gialdyn un red ansherbee - bee Gaeltaght er y Cholloo reesht 'sy vlein ry-heet. Carn

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anyhow (adv.) aght erbee, ansherbee

anyrate (adv.) ansherbee; (ny) yei

anyway (adv.) aght erbee, ansherbee

h-ellanee (ny); (the) islanders: Ansherbee, va boggey er ny h-ellanee dy akin shin! GK

design caslys; cummey; grease; kiaddey; kiarail; shalee: That's my design anyway - Ta shen yn shalee aym ansherbee. DF idiom; tayrn caslys jeh

Good luck to you (intj) Oorey vie ort; Noorey vie ort; Aigh vie ort: Good luck to you with it anyway - Aigh vie ort lesh ansherbee Bunnydys

however (adv.) ansherbee, my ta; (ny) yei; ga ta; kied echey: However rich you may be, don't despise the poor - Kied echey berchagh as foddee shiu ve ny soie beg jeh ny boghtyn. JJK idiom

awree chiu thick soup: Ansherbee cre oddys mayd feddyn magh voish yn awree chiu shen? Dhoor

bwid See buid penes: Ansherbee hie eh roish gys y chashtal as tra v'eh ny hoie ec y voayrd vooar mârish deiney-ooasle as y lheid as adsyn er nyn goamragh gollrish bwid ghonnagh GB; (adj.) phallic

crank (=Ir. cnag) knock, rap, tap: Ansherbee, v'eh er chee goll tra haink crank er yn dorrys. GB

floddey buoying: dooyrt eh dy ragh eh harrish voayrd as dy vaikagh eh ansherbee she thalloo chirrym v'ayn na nee red va floddey. GB; buoyancy

Gaeltaght (=Ir. Gaeltacht) (f.) Gaelic speaking area: Foddym gialdyn un red ansherbee - bee Gaeltaght er y Cholloo reesht 'sy vlein ry-heet. Carn

mârin with us: Ansherbee, un oie hie mish yn oie shoh mârish daa ghuilley elley as va eayst ghial ayn, as va inneen aeg mârin neesht. GB

Shallidee (Ny); (The) Provisionals: Ta Mason credjal dy vel yn SAS jannoo dy mie noi ny Shallidee - shen ny t'eh gra, ansherbee. Carn

tayrn ersooyl drag away, draw away: Dooyrt fer-ynsee dooin, 'Ec yn eash shoh, bee paart jeh ny paitchyn va troggit myr Gaelgeyryn tayrn ersooyl voish y Ghaelg oc rish blein ny jees ansherbee;shen yn aght lesh jeigeyryn. Dhoor


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