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annym (f.) pl. anmeenyn psyche, soul, spirit: soie-jee nyn gree as nyn annym dy hirrey yn Chiarn nyn Yee Bible [L. anima]

Inexact matches:

gyn annym (mood) flat; inanimate, soulless, spiritless

agglaghey yn annym ass petrify

corp as annym body and soul: Va ny cummaltee boght, tayrn veih ooir as faarkey cooid veg dy reayll dy cheilley corp as annym. Coraa

cur annym ayns galvanize

soul (n.) annym: He had a noble soul - Va annym ooasle echey. JJK idiom

psyche (n.) aigney, annym, spyrryd

soulless (adj.) cree-vrishagh; gyn annym

spiritless (adj.) gyn annym; neuvioyr

confessor (n.) annym-charrey, ayr feyshtyney

galvanize (v.) cur annym ayns, galvaanaghey

spiritual adviser (n.) annym-charrey

annym-charrey confessor, spiritual adviser

jiooldey deny, disclaim, dismiss, disown, dissent, eliminate, exclude, negate, negative, refuse, reject, repudiate, spurn, traverse; loathe: Ta'n annym lane jiooldey rish yn eer kere-volley Bible; thrust out: Myr shoh ren Solomon jiooldey rish Abiathar nagh beagh eh saggyrt y Chiarn Bible; cast off: Neems Judah myrgeddin y scughey ass my hilley myr ta mee er scughey Israel, as jiooldey voym yn ard-valley shoh Jerusalem Bible; abhor: Myr shen dy vel e vea jiooldey rish arran, as e annym rish bee blaystal Bible; dismissal, negation, renouncement, rejection, repudiation

body and soul (adv.) corp as annym

inanimate (adj.) anvio: Inanimate objects - Reddyn anvio. DF idiom; gyn annym, marroo, neuannymagh

petrify (v.) agglaghey yn annym ass; claghaghey; jannoo clagh jeh

charbaait diminished, separated; weaned: ta my annym myr lhiannoo charbaait. Bible

dy imneagh concernedly, diligently: freill dty annym dy imneagh Bible

fockley-magh promulgation; utter, proclaim: ta'n dooinney pooaral fockley-magh olkys e annym Bible

gerjoil comfortable, glad, joyful: bee my annym gerjoil ayns my Yee Bible

giarit cut: bee'n annym shen giarit magh veih Israel Bible

goaill soylley enjoy: lhig da'n annym eu goaill soylley ayns riurid. Bible; entertainment

oorit moulded; refreshed: bee'n annym oc oorit myr garey ushtit Bible

spooillee shall spoil: spooillee eh yn annym ocsyn ren adsyn y spooilley Bible

tooillit fatigued, wearied: Son ta mee er ooraghey yn annym tooillit Bible; faint

ushtit steeped, watered: bee'n annym oc oorit myr garey ushtit Bible

yeearree2 (dy); (to) seek: Shen ta my annym dy yeearree Bible

flat3 (mood) gyn annym; marroo; neuvioyr: I was feeling a bit flat - Va mee red beg neuvioyr. DF idiom

noble falgey; feniaghtagh; ooasle: He had a noble soul - Va annym ooasle echey. JJK idiom

wishing a curse on gwee mollaght er: by wishing a curse to his soul - liorish gwee mollaght er e annym Bible

bee'm I will be: Bee'm gennal, as nee'm boggey 'ghoaill ayns dty vyghin: son t'ou er choyrt tastey da my heaghyn, as er chooinaghtyn er my annym ayns treihys. Bible

bundeil (f.) (pl -yn) bale, bundle, pack, package: bee annym my hiarn kianlt ayns y bundeil dy vea Bible; truss

chaglym cooidjagh agglomerate, aggregate, assemble, convoke, gather together: T'ad chaglym cooidjagh noi annym y dooinney cairagh: as deyrey gys baase yn uill neu-chyndagh. Bible

coonrey barter, change, cheapness, commute, contract, exchange: cre nee dooinney y choyrt ayns coonrey son e annym? Bible

Cre'n (interrog.) Which, What: Cre'n vondeish t'ec dooinney dy gosnagh eh yn seihll ooilley as e annym hene y choayl? CS

daa-chassagh biped, two-footed, two-legged: honnick eh yn aght dewil as mee-onneragh v'ad dellal rish fer jeh ny braaraghyn echey, cretoor daa-chassagh fegooish fedjagyn va annym echey CnyO

erskyn earroo infinite, innumerable, uncountable: cha bee cooinaghtyn jee'm mastey whilleen pobble: son cre ta'n annym aym's mastey lheid yn earroo erskyn earroo dy chretooryn? Apoc

follym (=Ir. folamh) disengaged, expressionless, flat, formal, free, hollow, inane, platitudinous, run down, shallow, unoccupied, vacant, vacuous, void: Son t'eh jannoo magh yn annym follym Bible; empty, empty-handed: Ny gow follym gys dty voir-'sy-leigh Bible; (as mind) barren; (as cartridge) blank; (in town) waste; jejune

fyssyree (written) communications; knowledge, inquisition: Myr shen vees yn fyssyree dy chreenaght gys dty annym Bible

garey ushtit watered garden: as bee'n annym oc oorit myr garey ushtit; as cha shymlee ad ersooyl arragh lesh trimshey. Bible

geddyn acquire, beget, get, obtain; getting: Eh ta geddyn creenaght, shynney lesh e annym hene Bible; acquisition, procurement; receive

gra harrish rehearse, repeat: Agh cooinee er tra ta dooinney mee-rioosagh ny mee-chrauee gra harrish yn ayrn shoh jeh e Chrea, t'eh dy firrinagh goaill rish dy vel eh jerkal rish dy ve er ny stroie annym as corp. CS

guee mollaght er curse: Chamoo ta mee er lhiggey da my veeal jannoo peccah, liorish gwee mollaght er e annym Bible

haualtys (dy) of safety: bee my annym gerjoil ayns my Yee: son t'eh er my choamrey lesh ny garmadyn dy haualtys Bible

jannoo magh accomplish, content, deduce, define, determine, divine, make out, purvey, purveyance, satisfy, seek out, supply, think out: Son teh jannoo magh yn annym follym Bible; (as position) work out

keintyn classes: 2Ta three keintyn dy leih, as feoh ec my annym orroo: Dooinney boght as eh moyrnagh, dooinney berchagh ta ny vreagerey, as shenn vaarderagh, ta coayl e chooinaghtyn Apoc

miolaghey entice, induce, lure, tempt: myr dty annym hene, miolaghey oo dy follit Bible; (n.) temptation, damnation

pooaraghyn powers: Lhig da dy chooilley annym ve biallagh da ny pooaraghyn syrjey Bible

riurid (f.) corpulence, large in circumference, overweight, stoutness, thickness: lhig da'n annym eu goaill soylley ayns riurid. Bible; fatness; fat

sonney affluent, bounteous, fortunate, happy, lucky: bee annym y vooinjer tarroogh jeant sonney Bible

stroideryn destroyers: tan annym echey tayrn er-gerrey gys yn oaie, as e vioys da ny stroideryn Bible

tayrn veih infer; draw from: Va ny cummaltee boght, tayrn veih ooir as faarkey cooid veg dy reayll dy cheilley corp as annym. Coraa

ymmyrkey seose carry up: T'ad er nyn ymmyrkey seose 'syn aer, as sheese reesht gys y diunid: ta'n annym oc lhe•e ersooyl er coontey nyn seaghyn. Bible

dainty (n.) bee naightee; (adj.) dendeays, dendeaysagh, naightee; blaystal: So that his life abhorreth bread, and his soul dainty meat - Myr shen dy vel e vea jiooldey rish arran, as e annym rish bee blaystal Bible; mettey; millish: and all things which were dainty and goodly are departed from thee - as dy chooilley nhee va millish as mie, er nimmeeaght voïd Bible

diligently (adv.) dy aggindagh: diligently to seek thy face - dy aggindagh dy yeeaghyn er dty hon Bible; dy beasagh: if ye diligently hearken unto me - my nee shiu dy beasagh geaishtagh rhyms Bible; dy jeadagh; dy jeidagh: Go and search diligently for the young child - Immee-jee, as shir-jee magh dy jeidjagh son y lhiannoo Bible; dy imneagh: and keep thy soul diligently - as freill dty annym dy imneagh, Bible; dy kiaralagh: And Moses diligently sought the goat of the sin offering - As ren Moses briaght dy kiaralagh mychione goayr yn oural-peccah Bible; dy kiarailagh: And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children - As ynsee oo ad dy kiarailagh da dty chloan Bible; dy tastagh: If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord thy God - My nee oo geaishtagh dy tastagh rish coraa yn Chiarn dty Yee Bible

pursuit (n.) cloh, keird, shalee, shelg; eiyrt: We are in pursuit of them - Ta shin er nyn eiyrt. DF idiom; eiyrtys: They are in pursuit of my soul - T'ad jannoo eiyrtys er my annym. DF idiom; lorgey: In pursuit of happiness - Lorgey maynrys. DF idiom

spirit annym; annymoilid; bun as bree: The spirit of this law - Bun as bree yn slattys shoh. DF idiom; creeoilid; inchyn; liggar; rught; scaan: Raise a spirit - Scaan y voostey. DF idiom; spyrryd: The spirit that breathes through his work - Yn spyrryd ta ry-akin 'syn obbyr echey. DF idiom

gialdynys (=Ir. gealtanas) 1 engagement, grant, hopefulness, sponsorship; 2 bond a: My nee dooinney jannoo breearrey gys y Chiarn, ny goaill loo, dy chiangley e annym lesh gialdynys Bible; 3 promise a: dy voddagh adsyn ter nyn eam geddyn yn gialdynys jeh eiraght dy bragh farraghtyn Bible; 4 promising a: dy hyndaa veih e ghrogh raad, liorish gialdynys Bible

ny vud eu among you: Cha jean-annym erbee jiuish gee fuill, chamoo nee joarree erbee, ta goaill aaght ny vud eu, gee fuill. Bible


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