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anmey (gen.) of a soul: nish hig nyn angaish anmey. Bible; spiritual

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bochill anmey pastor

bochilley anmey cleric, pastor

coayl anmey damnation, perdition: shegin dhyt oo hene y reayll voue, er nonney ve deyrit gys coayl anmey son dy bra CS

coyrle anmey (f.) spiritual advice

kiarail anmey (f.) cure

sherriuid anmey (of mind) agony: bee yn chooid elley jeh my vea ayns kiunid, lurg yn sherriuid anmey shoh. Bible; bitterness of soul

sheshaghyn anmey soul mates

Noid ny h-Anmey (f.) Belial, Devil, Evil One, Satan: t'ad livreit veih pooar Noid ny hanmey CS

pastor bochill anmey; bochilley anmey

bitterness of soul (n.) sherriuid anmey: And she was in bitterness of soul - As vee ayns sherriuid anmey Bible

agony2 (n.) (of mind) sherriuid anmey

of a soul (gen.) anmey

perdition (n.) coayl anmey

spiritual advice (n.) coyrle anmey

Belial (n.) Noid ny h-Anmey

cleric (n.) agglishagh, bochilley anmey, cleragh

soul mates (npl.) sheshaghyn anmey, caarjyn-anmey

caarjyn-anmey soul mates

bitterness1 (n.) sharrooid; sherriuid; sherruid: Bitterness of soul - Sherruid anmey. DF idiom; sproght

Devil (n.) (The); (Yn) Drogh 'Er, Jouyll; Noid ny h-Anmey

Evil One (n.) Drogh Spyrryd, Noid ny h-Anmey

damnation (n.) coayl, coayl anmey, deyrey, miolaghey, toyrt-mow; faagail mooie; mollaght mynney: Damnation on thee! - Mollaght mynney ort! DF idiom

Satan (n.) (Yn) Jouyll; Kaysheel, Noid ny h-Anmey, Satan; (Yn) Shenn Ghuilley; Drogh-yeih

spiritual (adj.) (ny) hanmey; anmey: Spiritual life - Bea ny hanmey. DF idiom; spyrrydoil: Our spiritual state - Nyn stayd spyrrydoil. DF idiom

baase dy bragh farraghtyn everlasting death: veih Noid nyn anmey, as veih'n baase dy bragh farraghtyn PB

danjeyr danger, peril: t'eh ayns dangeyr coayl-anmey dy bragh farraghtyn Bible

irree yn laa dawn, daybreak, rise of the day: Foddym goaill stiagh nish yn aggle anmey veagh er ve er sidooryn fuirraghtyn rish cabbil nyn noidyn lhigey huc ayns keeiragh kayeeagh ec irree yn laa. Dhoor

kayeeagh foggy, hazy, misty, nebulous: Foddym goaill stiagh nish yn aggle anmey veagh er ve er sidooryn fuirraghtyn rish cabbil nyn noidyn lhigey huc ayns keeiragh kayeeagh ec irree yn laa. Dhoor

slanee healing: Slanee ooilley doghanyn nyn anmey, as jean graih creeoil gys casherickys y chroo aynin dy vodmayd tannaghtyn dty harvaantyn, ny gialdynyn ayd y gheddyn CS

cure castey: That will cure the pain - Nee shen castey y pian. DF idiom; chirmaghey; couyr; cur couyr da: They cannot cure it - Cha nod ad cur couyr da. DF idiom; kiarail anmey; lheihys: The doctors will never cure him - Cha jean ny fir-lhee dy-bragh lheihys eh. JJK idiom; lhiasaghey; sailley; lheeys: Cure for sickness - Lheeys noi chingys. DF idiom

baih (=Ir. ) drown: Baih ny quaillianyn DF; flood, merge, saturate, submerge: ayns ymmodee sayntyn olk as ommijagh, ta baih deiney ayns toyrt-mow as coayl-anmey Bible; elide; elision, inundation, submersion


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