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angry1 (adj.) corree, fargagh, fargyssagh, fergagh, jymmoogh, jymmoosagh

angry2 (sky) speyr voorjeenagh

angry3 (very) sproghtit

Inexact matches:

angry look (n.) sturd

becoming angry goaill cheagh

ferociously angry (adj.) gallvergagh

flaming angry sproghit

very angry (adj.) jiarg-chorree; feer chorree: Their mother is very angry with them - Ta'n voir oc feer chorree roo. JJK idiom

fargyssagh angry

goaill cheagh becoming angry

speyr voorjeenagh (f.) (sky) angry

gallvergagh ferociously angry; sarcastic, spiteful

sproghit crazy, flaming angry, infuriated, vexed

sturd pride, haughtiness; angry look, menacing look

with them lhieu, lhieau, lioroo; maroo, mâroo; (emph.) maroosyn, mâroosyn; roo: Their mother is very angry with them - Ta'n voir oc feer chorree roo. JJK idiom

corree (=Ir. corraí) (f.) anger, indignation, ire, wrath, wroth: T'ad er my ghreinnaghey gys corree Bible; angry, annoyed, cross, irate, uptight; indignant; emotion

fargagh angry, enraged, furious, indignant, passion, quick-tempered, raging, vexed, wrathful: Ta dooinney fargagh bioghey anvea Bible; froward

fergagh angry, ferocious, furious, glowering, hothead, hot-tempered, indignant, irate, passion, raging: Ta ny ynnydee Varraie fergagh nagh row fys currit orroo. Carn

jymmoogh angry, displeased, offended, wroth: Yn gheay ren sheidey, taarnagh ren buirroogh, liorish va fys oc dy row Jee jymmoogh PC

jymmoosagh angry, chagrined, displeased, furious, grievous, indignant, irate, raging, vengeful: t'ou uss jymmoosagh; son ta shin er n'yannoo peccah Bible

sproghtit (very) angry: Ta eeasteyryn jeh ny shiaght skeeraghyn craidit, sproghtit er e hon fud ny bleeantyn foddey Coraa

is t': He is exceedingly angry - T'eh corree ass towse. JJK idiom; ta: Gold is yellow - Ta airh buigh. JJK idiom; (interrog.) vel: Is dinner ready? - Vel jinnair aarloo? JJK idiom; (emph.) she: He is an Englishman - She Sostnagh eh. JJK idiom; (interrog.) nee: Is that your pen? - Nee shen y penn ayd? JJK idiom

jiarg-chorree (=Ir. dearg-corraithe) (f.) extreme anger, furious, outrage, raging, very angry: dirree Jonathan veih'n voayrd ayns jiarg chorree Bible; indignant; grieved: As ayns jiarg-chorree roo son dy row ad gynsaghey yn pobble, as preacheil trooid Yeesey yn irree-seose-reesht veih ny merriu. Bible; in a rage


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