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angaish agony: Nee seaghyn as angaish aggle y chur er Bible

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agony1 (n.) angaaish, angaish

anmey (gen.) of a soul: nish hig nyn angaish anmey. Bible; spiritual

angaaish See angaish agony, anguish, torment: Cha row fockle erbee dy leshtal oc; by gummey lhieu yn angaaish va currit er my voir. JG

assylyn asses: ver ad lhieu nyn merchys er geayltyn assylyn aegey gys cheer dy heaghyn as angaish Bible

droynyn humps, bunches: ver ad lhieu nyn merchys er geayltyn assylyn aegey gys cheer dy heaghyn as angaish, as nyn dashtaghyn er droynyn camelyn Bible

grinney (f.) gateway, portcullis: Pian as angaish v'eck ee hene y leaydey lhee seose gys y yiat, nagh row agh gerrit voee; yn grinney lajer hayrn ee seose lesh aash PC

guint dy trome seriously wounded, sore smitten: Ta mee moal, as guint dy trome: ta mee er yllaghey son eer angaish my chree. Bible

roit neeu starved: hig eh gy-kione, tra vees ad roit neeu lesh accyrys, dy bee ad ayns lheid yn angaish dy jean ad gwee mollaght er nyn ree as nyn Yee, as jeeaghyn seose. Bible

sjeeaney (ny) more earnestly: As veh ayns angaish vooar, as ghow eh padjer ny sjeeaney Bible


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