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as an attachment myr lhiantag

in an awful tear ayns musthaa agglagh

make an exception (v.) jean lhimmey

of an ear of corn (gen.) jeish

of an enemy (gen.) noidey: I have wounded thee with the wound of an enemy - ta mee er dty lhottey lesh lhott noidey Bible

of an eye (gen.) sooilley: For his wrath endureth but the twinkling of an eye - Son cha vel e chorree farraghtyn agh meekey sooilley Bible

of an instant (gen.) tullee

of an old woman (gen.) caillee

quarter of an hour (n.) kerroo oor

take an angle (v.) (to) uillin y howse

tangent of an angle (n.) tanjent ullin

twinkling of an eye (n.) meekey ny sooilley

undergo an operation (v.) goll fo skynn yn 'er lhee

wait for an opportunity fieau er caa

in the twinkling of an eye ayns glayst ny sooill

an-lheiltee unhealthy: adsyn va seaghnit lesh drogh-spyrrydyn, sleih ass nyn geeayl, as an-lheiltee Bible

erotic (adj.) an-ghraagh

eroticism (n.) an-ghraaghys

unhealthy1 (adj.) aslayntagh; (npl.) an-lheiltee

an- (pref.) un-

an-ghraagh erotic

an-ghraaghys eroticism

an-ghunnallys cowardice

un- (pref.) an-, do-, mee-, neu-

cowardice (n.) aggleydaght, cloartys, cowartys, faitys; an-ghunnallys, metteeys

deayrt 1 pour a: deayrt magh yn an-vroie Bible; 2 shed

credal grunt, grunting: ny cre'n ayrn ta echeysyn ta credal, marish an-chreestee ? Bible

detestable (adj.) dwoaieagh; dwoaiagh: because thou hast defiled my sanctuary with all thy detestable things - er-yn-oyr dy vel oo er an-chasherickey my hiamble lesh ooilley dty chliaghtaghyn dwoaiagh Bible; feohdoil: carcases of their detestable and abominable things - callinyn nyn reddyn feohdoil as eajee. Bible

taunt ceau flout er, ceau floutyn, ceau floutyn er; conaasagh; conaasid; connysid; flout: to be a reproach and a proverb, a taunt and a curse - dy ve son oltooan, as an-ghoo as flout, as mollaght Bible; flouteragh; grinderaght

walk1 (n.) cosheeaght, immeeaght, walk; (v.) shooyl, shooyll: We can walk there - Fodmayd shooyl dys shen. JJK idiom; walkal: It's only half-an-hour's walk - Cha nel eh agh walkal lieh-oor. JJK idiom; (impv) immee, shooill, shooyl-jee

aarlagh preparation, preparatory: Ta boayrd y Chiarn an-chasherick, as ta'n aarlagh echey, eer yn arran ter, dy ve beg soit jeh. Bible

druaightagh charmer, charming, druid, druidic, druidical, magician, occult: Shelg Muickey Druaightagh Aonghus-an-Bhrogha heeagh shin Garraidh o Fhormaoil Gorry veih Formaoil. Coraa

feill vee-lowit abominable flesh: Ta tannaghtyn fud ny oaiaghyn, as taaghey lhiaghtyn ny merriu; ta gee feill vee-lowit; as ta an-vroie cretooryn dwoaiagh ayns ny siyn oc Bible

flout pl. floutyn affront, aspersion, gibe, invective, rebuff, rebuttal, reproach, scorn, slander, snub, stigma, taunt, vituperation: dy ve son oltooan, as an-ghoo as flout, as mollaght Bible; scoff

saaseyn cluicagh wicked devices: Ta aghtyn yn er-sondagh myrgeddin an-chiart: t'eh smooinaghtyn er saaseyn cluicagh dy stroie yn boght lesh goan breagagh Bible


This is a mirror of Phil Kelly's Manx vocabulary (Fockleyreen). It contains over 130,000 entries. This mirror was created 2 December 2014.

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