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am ta: I am much obliged to him for remembering me - Ta mee lane kianlt booise da son cooinaghtyn mee. JJK idiom; (interrog.) vel; nagh vel: Am I not at home? - Nagh vel mee ec y thie? JJK idiom

am (=Ir.) time

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am not1 cha nel: I am not satisfied - Cha nel mee jeant magh. JJK idiom; cha vel

am not2 (interrog.) nagh vel: Don't I sing badly? - Nagh vel mee kiaulleeagh feer olk? JJK idiom

I am (emph.) mish: I am God Almighty - Mish y Jee ooilley niartal Bible

I am able foddym: I am able to go - Foddym goll. DF idiom

I am certified ta jeru aym

I am sorry1 S'olk lhiam, S'doogh lhiam; S'treih lhiam: I am sorry that you have been so unfortunate - S'treih lhiam dy vel shiu er ve cha drogh haghyrtagh. JJK idiom

I am sorry2 (intj) S'doogh lhiam; S'treih lhiam

I am with thee ta mish lhiat; ta mish mayrt: I am with thee according to thy heart - ta mish mayrt cordail rish dty aigney Bible; ta mee mayrt: Fear not: for I am with thee - Ny bee aggle ort, son ta mee mayrt Bible

ec yn am in the nick of time

husbandman (n.) jiulean, labree thallooin; eirinnagh: I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman - Mish y billey-feeyney firrinagh, as my Ayr yn eirinnagh Bible; eirrinagh; eirrinnagh: I am no prophet, I am an husbandman - Cha nee phadeyr mee, she eirrinagh mee Bible; tannys

asking fenaght; feyshtey: I am asking a question - Ta mee feyshtey. DF idiom; keishtey: I am asking a question - Ta mee keishtey. DF idiom

fearful (adj.) goaill aggle: I am fearful - Ta mee goaill aggle. DF idiom; faitagh: I am fearful - Ta mee faitagh. DF idiom; owanagh

nagh vel am not; are not, aren't; isn't, is not: Ta shin daa vraar jeig, mec da un ayr, ta fer nagh vel er mayrn, as tan er saa, sy traa tayn, marish nyn ayr Bible; am

bad tasting am-

am- bad tasting

ta jeru aym I am certified

below2 (in motion) sheese: I am going below - Ta mee goll sheese. DF idiom

in the nick of time ayns caa; ec yn am

stifled (adj.) plooghit; plooght: I am stifled - Ta mee plooghit. DF idiom

S'olk lhiam I am sorry: S'olk lhiam gra shoh. DF

S'treih lhiam (intj) I am sorry: Yiow eh baase, s'treih lhiam gra. DF

ta (=Ir. ) am, are, is: Ta mee shen ny ta mee Bible

accustomed cliaghtit: I am accustomed to get up early - Ta mee cliaghtit dy irree dy-moghey. JJK idiom; cliaghtit rish; oayllagh rish

alright (adj., adv.) ooilley kiart; kiart dy liooar: I am coping alright - Ta mee reirey kiart dy liooar. DF idiom

anew (adv.) ass-y-noa: I am doing it anew - Ta mee jannoo eh ass y noa. DF idiom; reesht

as long as choud cheddin; chouds: As long as the young man was ill - Choud's va'n dooinney aeg doogh. DF idiom; choud as: As long as I am alive - Choud as veeym bio. DF idiom

assumption1 (n.) froaishid; barel: I am working on this assumption - Ta mee gobbragh as yn barel shoh aym. DF idiom

aware (adj.) er-twoaie; twoaieagh, twoaiagh; (v.) oayllagh rish: I am fully aware of the danger - Ta mee slane oayllagh rish yn danjeyr. DF idiom

bad luck (n.) donnys: Bad luck to them! - Donnys orroo! DF idiom; drogh oor: Bad luck to them! - Drogh-oor orroo! DF idiom; drogh-aigh: I am beset with bad luck - Ta drogh aigh shooyl marym. DF idiom

beset (v.) chionney stiagh er, soiaghey mysh, chionney; cochruinnit lesh: I am beset with bad luck - Ta mee cochruinnit lesh drogh aigh. DF idiom

bothered boirit: I am not bothered - Cha nel mee boirit. DF idiom; fo boirey

breeding1 brey as troggal; ellyn; geddyn sluight: I am breeding from them - Ta mee geddyn sluight j'eu. DF idiom; gientyn; sheelraghey; troggal; (n.) fuill

broke brisht; vrish: The dog broke loose - Vrish y moddey e chiangle. DF idiom; rooisht argid: I am broke - Ta mee rooisht argid. DF idiom

capable (adj.) abyl, cummyssagh; jargal: I am not capable of it - Cha yargin eh. DF idiom

changing caghlaaee; (v.) caghlaa: I am changing my mind - Ta mee caghlaa yn aigney aym. DF idiom

charmed feer wooiagh: I am charmed to see you - Ta mee feer wooiagh dy akin oo. DF idiom; lane taitnys; taitnyssagh; fo druaight

Christ (n.) Creest: I am your fellow servant in Jesus Christ - Ta mish dty heshey harvaant ayns Yeesey Creest. DF idiom

claiming aggyrtagh; gaggyrt: I am claiming exemption from that tax - Ta mee gaggyrt seyrsnys veih'n cheesh shen. DF idiom; gaggyrts

cleaning (v.) glenney: I am cleaning my my hands - Ta mee glenney my laueyn. DF idiom; (gen.) glennee

cooking (adj.) aarlee, coagyree; (n.) coagyraght: I am cooking - Ta mee jannoo coagyraght. DF idiom

culture (v.) aase, lhiasaghey; (n.) cultoor: I am a believer in national culture - Ta mish er cheu cultoor ashoonagh. DF idiom

descendant (n.) cloan; fuilleeaght; sluight: I am a direct descendant of that man - Ta mee jeh'n sluight jeeragh jeh'n dooinney shen. DF idiom; (adj., n.) sluightagh

digging cleiy: I am digging out the potatoes - Ta mee cleiy ny praaseyn. DF idiom; reuyree

direct enmys; gurneil; jeeragh: I am a direct descendant of that man - Ta mee jeh'n sluight jeeragh jeh'n dooinney shen. DF idiom; leeideil, stiurey, jeeraghey

elastic (adj.) so-chaghlaa: I am very elastic - Ta mee so-chaghlaa. DF idiom; so-lhoobey; so-sheeyney

employ failley: I am in his employ - Ta mee faillit echey. DF idiom; jannoo ymmyd jeh; shirveish

exemption (n.) seyrey; seyrsnys: I am claiming exemption from that tax - Ta mee gaggyrt seyrsnys veih'n cheesh shen. DF idiom

eyesight (n.) shilley: I am losing my eyesight - Ta my hilley fajeil. DF idiom

fix beaynaghey; chennar; cront: I am in a right fix - Ta mee ayns cront agglagh. DF idiom; cur seose; festal; karraghey; kiartaghey; soiaghey

from them voue, vouesyn; j'eu: I am breeding from them - Ta mee geddyn sluight j'eu. DF idiom; roo: I broke away from them - Scarr mee roo. DF idiom

frozen lhejit: I am frozen - Ta mee lhejit. DF idiom; riojit: The river has frozen up - Ta'n awin riojit. DF idiom

fully (adv.) dy slane; slane: I am fully alive to the danger - Ta lane fys aym er y danjeyr. DF idiom; lane: Fully laden ship - Lhong lane lughtit. DF idiom

getting better shareaghey; cheet my laue: I am getting better - Ta mee cheet my laue DF idiom

glad boggoil: I am glad that you are of our opinion - Ta mee boggoil dy vel shiuish smooinaghtyn myr ta shinyn. JJK idiom; gerjoil; gennal

godmother (n.) mimmey: I am his godmother - Ta mee my vimmey da. DF idiom; moir vashtee

helpless (adj.) anheiltagh, er troggloo, gyn cooney; ymmyrchagh: O deliver me, for I am helpless and poor - O livrey mee, son ta mee ymmyrchagh as gyn cooney Bible

history (n.) shennaghys: I am not finished with history - Cha nel mee er chur jerrey er shennaghys. JJK idiom; skeeal; skeealaght; skeealeydys

I (pron) mee: Am I not at home? - Nagh vel mee ec y thie? JJK idiom; (emph.) mish: I'm not as learned as he - Cha nel mish cha ynsit as eshyn. JJK idiom

imposing (adj.) moylleydagh; (v.) cur er: I hope I am not imposing on you - Ta treisht orrym nagh vel mee cur ort. DF idiom

inch (n.) oarlagh: I am higher than him by an inch - Ta oarlagh aym er. DF idiom

laden laadit: I am heavily laden - Ta mee trome laadit. DF idiom; lughtit: Fully laden ship - Lhong lane lughtit. DF idiom

lame (n., adj.) staagagh: I am lame - Ta mee staagagh. DF idiom; (v.) jannoo baccagh, martarey; croobagh: The man who is lame - Yn dooinney ta croobagh. DF idiom; (npl.) (the) croobee

leaning courchleayney; lieh-lhie: I am leaning back - Ta mee lieh lhie er ash. DF idiom; listal; paartnagh; scoidey: The wall is leaning - Ta scoidey er y voalley. DF idiom

lifelong (adj.) beayn: I am your lifelong friend - Mish dty veayn charrey. DF idiom; seihill

losing cailljagh; coayl: I am losing my sight - Ta mee coayl yn shilley aym. DF idiom

mercies (npl.) myghinyn: I am not worthy of the least of all the mercies - Cha vel mish feeu jehn ayrn sloo jeh ooilley ny myghinyn Bible

national (n., adj.) ashoonagh: I am a believer in national culture - Ta mish er cheu cultoor ashoonagh. DF idiom

not (adv.) cha: I am not at home - Cha nel mee ec y thie. JJK idiom; nagh: Was I not ready to do it? - Nagh row mee aarloo dy yannoo eh? JJK idiom; ny

on myself (emph.) orrym-pene: I am taking it on myself to to it - Ta mee goaill orrym pene dy yannoo eh. DF idiom

owls (npl.) hulladyn: I am a brother to dragons, and a companion to owls. - Ta mee my vraar da dragonyn, as sheshey da hulladyn Bible

paying jeeillagh; geeck: I am paying my way - Ta mee geeck yn ayrn aym. DF idiom

perpetually (adv.) sheer-: I am perpetually hearing this - Ta mee sheer chlashtyn shoh. DF idiom; dy kinjagh: mine eyes and mine heart shall be there perpetually - as bee my hooillyn as my chree ayn dy kinjagh Bible

pipe1 (n.) cuishley, feddan, pioban; piob: I am lighting my pipe - Ta mee jiargaghey my phiob. DF idiom; (v.) cloie er feddan

positive crooagh; jarrooagh: Positive sign - Cowrey jarrooagh. DF idiom; jarroochlou; shickyr: I am positive - Ta mee shickyr. DF idiom

praying (v.) goaill padjer: I am the woman that stood by thee here, praying unto the Lord - she mish y ven hass liorts ayns shoh, goaill padjer gys y Chiarn Bible; guee er; prayal

proceeding immeeaght: I am proceeding on my way - Ta mee gimmeeaght roym. DF idiom; gell

puzzling (adj.) boiragh; keishtagh; (v.) boirey: I am puzzling over it - Ta mee boirey er. DF idiom

ravenous (adj.) accrys mooar er: I am ravenous - Ta accrys mooar orrym. DF idiom

remaining er mayrn: I am still remaining - Ta mee foast er mayrn. DF idiom; faagit: I have four remaining - Ta kiare faagit aym. DF idiom

right away (adv.) kiart nish; chelleeragh: I am going there right away - Ta mee goll dys shen chelleeragh. DF idiom

rubbish (n.) boanlagh, smooirlagh; mollid; trouise; trustyr: I am clearing out rubbish - Ta mee ceau magh trustyr. DF idiom; orch

rule linnaghey; ordreil; ordreilagh; reill: I am going to explain to you the rule, which is the most difficult of all - Soilsheeym dhyt yn reill s'doillee jeh ooilley. JJK idiom; reilley; reiltys, reilltys; reillys; reilt; (n.) rule

salad (n.) glassan: Salad may have its admirers but I am not one of them - Foddee dy vel sleih ayn s'laik lhieu glassan, agh cha laik lhiam eh. JJK idiom; sallaid: Mixed salad - Sallaid meshtit. DF idiom

secretary (n.) fer-screeuee; screeudeyr: I am putting you through to the secretary - Ta mee dy dty chur hug yn screeudeyr. DF idiom; scrudeyr: Acting as secretary - Jannoo obbyr y scrudeyr. DF idiom

shall not say cha n'yiarrys; cha jir: And the inhabitant shall not say, I am sick - As cha jir y cummaltagh, Ta mee ching Bible

sheaves (npl.) bunneeyn: I am pressed under you, as a cart is pressed that is full of sheaves - lhie-yms trome erriu myr cart laadit lesh bunneeyn Bible

smelling soaraghey; soaral: I am smelling a smell - Ta mee soaral soar. DF idiom; soarey; stroinaghey

smoking as jaagh cheet jeh; cur jaagh: The chimney is smoking - Ta'n chimlee cur jaagh. DF idiom; jaaghagh; jaaghey; thombaacey; toghtaney: I am smoking again - Ta mee toghtaney reesht. DF idiom

still1 choud's shoh; foastagh, kinjagh; feagh, kiune, neuvio; (ny) yei shen as ooilley; goni; (v.) cur fea er; foast: I am still to the fore - Ta mee er mayrn foast. DF idiom

thirst (n.) droogh, paa; paays: I am thirsty - Ta paays orrym. DF idiom; taart

throat (n.) scoarnagh: I am weary of crying; my throat is dry - Ta mee skee lesh geamagh ta my scoarnagh chirrym Bible; scornagh: Their throat is an open sepulchre - Tan scornagh oc oaie foshlit Bible; troat

time am, em; earish, emshyr, emshir, lhing, tammylt; traa: Time is short: Eternity is long - S'giare traa: S'foddey beaynid. JJK idiom; keayrt: I'll stay longer next time - Tanneeym ny sodjey yn keayrt sniessey. JJK idiom; (v.) towse

tricks (npl.) clickyn; cluicyn: I am up to his tricks - Ta mee corrym rish ny cluicyn echey. DF idiom; clukeyn

true1 dy feer, dy firrinagh, dy jeeragh; feer; firrinagh: I am glad that the news is true - Ta mee boggoil dy vel y naight firrinagh. JJK idiom; jeeragh; kiartaghey; rieugh; spheer; s'feer shen

trying doillee eabbey; prowal fidraghtyn; geabbey: I am trying! - Ta mee geabbey! DF idiom; cur eab er: He was trying to do it - V'eh cur eab er. DF idiom

undressed aw; eaddagh currit jeh; garroo; gyn aarlaghey; neuchoamrit: I am undressed - Ta mee neuchoamrit. DF idiom; neulhiastit

ungrateful (adj.) meewooisagh, meewooisal, neuvooisal; neuwooisal: It is not true that I am ungrateful - Cha nel eh firrinagh dy vel mee neu-wooisal. JJK idiom

utmost jerrinagh; (pref.) s'; smoo: It is of the utmost importance - Jeh'n scansh smoo t'eh. DF idiom; sodjey; s'odjey: I am doing my utmost - Ta mee jannoo my chooid s'odjey. DF idiom

willing aggindagh; aignagh; arryltagh: She would be willing to do that - Veagh ee arryltagh dy yannoo shen. DF idiom; booiagh; bwooiagh; joinagh: I am most willing - Ta mee ro yoinagh. DF idiom; (more); (ny) s'aggindee

worldly2 (more); (ny) seihlltee: I am more worldly than she is - Ta mee ny seihlltee na ish. DF idiom

cha nel See cha vel am not, are not, is not, isn't: Cha nel shin lowit creck y pabyr ain. Carn

foddym I may, I might, I am able, I can: foddym ooilley my chraueyn y choontey Bible

mish (=Ir. mise) (emph.) I, I am: Mish y Chiarn dty Yee; myself: As mish cheet stiagh. DF; yours affectionately

ta mee mayrt I am with thee: Ny bee aggle ort, son ta mee mayrt Bible

ta mish lhiat I am with thee: As hoilshee'n Chiarn eh-hene da 'syn oie cheddin, as dooyrt eh, Mish Jee Abraham dty ayrey: ny gow aggle, son ta mish lhiat, as nee'm oo y vannaghey Bible

ta mish mayrt I am with thee: As cur-my-ner, ta mish mayrt, as neem's oo y reayll, ayns dy chooilley ynnyd raad t'ou goll Bible

vel (interrog.) am, are: Vel mish ayns ynnyd Yee, ter vreaylley void mess y vreïn? Bible; are: Vel oo cheet dy sheeoil? Bible; Is: Vel eh dy mie mayrt? Bible

across (prep.) har: Across there in England - Har aynshen ayns Sostyn. DF idiom; cheu hoal; hoon; tessen, tessyn: I am going across the road - Ta mee goll tessyn y raad. DF idiom; wass; harrish: He has a scar across his face - Ta cron harrish yn eddin echey DF idiom; noal: He came from across - Haink eh noal. DF idiom; noon: Go across to England - Immee noon gys Sostyn. DF idiom; hoal: The house across the way - Yn thie hoal DF idiom

authority (n.) lught-reill; torrity, currym; eaghtyrys: I am under his authority - Ta mee fo'n eaghtyrys echey. DF idiom; pooar: He went beyond his authority - Hie eh erskyn y pooar echey. DF idiom; ard-ynseyder: He is an authority on Manx - She ard-ynseyder ny Gaelgey eh. DF idiom; ard-reill

believing credjuagh; credjal: I am miles from believing it - She foddey voym eh credjal eh. DF idiom; credjue: And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive - As cre-erbee nee shiu geearree ayns padjer, lesh credjue, yiow shiu eh. Bible

bit red beg: I am a bit tired - Ta mee red beg skee. DF idiom; beealagh; beealragh, beealraghyn: Champing the bit - Crimmey ny beealraghyn streeaney. DF idiom; greim; greme; meer; peesh; sparrag; thiolleyder; beeal-veer; beggan: You are a bit too previous - T'ou beggan roish y traa. DF idiom

carnal (adj.) callinagh: but I am carnal, sold under sin - agh ta mish callinagh creckit fo peccah Bible; foalley: are ye not carnal, and walk as men? - nagh vel shiu foalley, as gimmeeaght myr deiney? Bible; seihltagh: is it a great thing if we shall reap your carnal things? - nee madyr mooar eh my nee mayd buinn ny nheeghyn seihltagh eu? Bible

certain1 (adj.) ennagh: A certain Mr Quilliam - Mnr Quilliam ennagh. DF idiom; shickyr: I am virtually certain of it - Ta mee bunnys shickyr jeh. DF idiom; reygyryn, reyggyryn; cooid; er lheh: On a certain day - Laa dy row. DF idiom

double daa cheayrt: Double as long as this - Daa cheayrt cha liauyr as shoh. DF idiom; dooblaghey: Double up paper - Pabyr y ghooblaghey. DF idiom; doopley; dooble: At the double - Dooble-happee. DF idiom; doobley; dooblit: Double lock - Glass dooblit. DF idiom; (to); (dy) gholl mygeayrt; filley; kink; lappal; mooadaghey daa cheayrt; daa wheesh, ghaa wheesh: I am double your age - Ta mee daa wheesh yn eash ayd. DF idiom; lhannoon; scaan

explain (v.) ceau soilshey er: I cannot explain it - Cha noddym ceau soilshey er. DF idiom; cur baght er; meenaghey; soilshaghey: I am going to explain to you the rule, which is the most difficult of all - Soilsheeym dhyt yn reill s'doillee jeh ooilley. JJK idiom

familiar ainjyssagh rish: He made himself familiar with Manx - Ren eh eh hene ainjyssagh rish y thalloo shoh. DF idiom; caarjoil; mooar; oayllagh rish: I am familiar with it - Ta mee oayllagh rish. DF idiom; cadjin: That is a familiar sight here in the Isle of Mann - Ta shen shilley cadjin ayns shoh ayns Mannin. DF idiom

finished coamrit; cooilleenit; ec kione; jeant; kione er: He had all but finished his work - Va bunnys kione er e obbyr. JJK idiom; jerrey er: I am not finished with history - Cha nel mee er chur jerrey er shennaghys. JJK idiom

getting up gatt; girree: I am getting up - Ta mee girree. DF idiom; gyrjaghey: The wind is getting up - Ta'n gheay gyrjaghey. DF idiom; troggal: The wind is getting up - Ta'n gheay troggal. - Ta'n gheay troggal. DF idiom

just now (adv.) er y chooyl: I am going just now - Ta mee goll er y chooyl. DF idiom; vaidjin; vaidjyn: He was here just now - V'eh ayns shoh vaidjyn. DF idiom; kiart nish: Don't intrude on her just now - Ny brish stiagh urree kiart nish. DF idiom; nish hene: I'll be on the ground just now - Beeym er y thalloo nish hene. DF idiom

me (pron) mee: The man I wrote to hasn't yet answered me - Yn dooinney huggeysyn screeu mee, cha nel eh foast er n'ansoor mee. JJK idiom; mish: Happy am I, for the daughters will call me blessed - Smaynrey ta mee, son nee ny mraane genmys mish bannit Bible

pained criuit; gortit; guint: I am pained at my very heart - ta mee guint, eer ec my chree Bible; pianit; seaghnit: so shall they be sorely pained at the report of Tyre - myr shen bee ad dy mooar seaghnit ec y skeeal mychione Tyre Bible; ayns pian: travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered - er-troailt, as ayns pian dy ve livreit Bible

that (pron) shen: That's a good one - Ta shen fer mie. JJK idiom; shid: I don't like that child; therefore I shall not allow him to play with my son - Cha laik lhiam y lhiannoo shid; shen y fa cha lhigym da cloie rish my vac. JJK idiom; dy: I quite admit that he is cleverer than I am - Ta mee dy-slane goaill-rish dy vel eh ny s'aghtaley na mish. JJK idiom

upset anvea: I am upset - Ta anvea orrym. DF idiom; ceau bun ry-skyn; ceau harrish; cled; cleddal; lhieg; lhieggal; lhieggey: It upset - Ren eh lhieggey. DF idiom; imnea: Don't be so upset - Ny bee lhied yn imnea ort. DF idiom; pundaig

used ymmyd jeant jeh: I've never used them before - Cha ren mee rieau ymmyd y yannoo jeu roie. JJK idiom; ymmydit: Used car - Gleashtan ymmydit. DF idiom; cliaghtit: I am well used to it - Ta mee dy mie cliaghtit rish. DF idiom; chliaghtee

cha vel 1 am not: cha vel mee oayllagh orroo Bible; 2 is not a: Cha vel dooinney ooasle veg mannagh vel eh cummit seose liorish obbraghyn mie. EF; 3 are not: ny cur y doccar er ooilleyn pobble dy gholl gys shen; son cha vel ad mooarane Bible

S'doogh lhiam (intj) I am sorry, Woe is me, Woe: Va mee ro aeg dy hoiggal c'red va goll er, agh shimmey keayrt car ny bleeantyn er-giyn, veagh m'ayr ching 'sy lhiabbee, as s'doogh lhiam gra hooar eh baase ec shiaght bleeaney as da'eed dy eash lesh y doghan-aarey JG


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