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altar (n.) altar, boayrd casherick, clagh oural; (adj.) altaragh

altar pl. altaryn altar: shen va'n chied altar hrog eh gys y Chiarn. Bible

Inexact matches:

altar boy (n.) guilley altar, guilley altaragh

altar bread (n.) oalan

altar chime (n.) cluig erin

altar chimes (npl.) cluig erin

altar cloth (n.) eaddagh altar

altar cross (n.) crosh altar, crosh altaragh

altar curtain (n.) curtan altar, curtan altaragh

altar cushion (n.) clooieshag altar

altar desk (n.) boayrd altaragh

altar recess (n.) cuilleig altaragh

altar screen (n.) scaa altaragh

altar stone (n.) clagh oural

Devil's Altar (n.) Altar y Jouyl

high altar (n.) ard-altyr

side altar (n.) cheu-altar

brat altar (f.) vestment

clooieshag altar (f.) altar cushion

crosh altar (f.) altar cross

curtan altar altar curtain

eaddagh altar altar cloth

guilley altar altar boy

consecrated altar bread (n.) oalan chasherick, oalan vannee

Altar y Jouyl Devil's Altar

incense (v.) brasnaghey; brasney; fargaghey; thooishey; (n.) incense: he burnt incense upon the altar - losht eh incense er yn altar Bible; oural-millish: And thou shalt make an altar to burn incense upon - As nee oo altar dy lostey oural-millish er Bible; soar millish; thooish

clagh oural (f.) altar, altar stone

cluig erin altar chime, altar chimes

Under the Hill (n.) Fo Cronk: and builded an altar under the hill - as hrog eh altar fon chronk Bible

on the east part er y cheu har: and cast it beside the altar on the east part - as tilgey ad rish yn altar er y cheu har B ible

shall pour deayrtee: and shall pour out all the blood at the bottom of the altar of the burnt offering - as deayrtee eh ooilley yn uill rish grunt altar yn oural losht Bible

sprinkle breckey; craa; skeaylley; spreih: Aaron's sons shall sprinkle the blood thereof round about upon the altar - nee mec Aaron yn uill echey y spreih mygeayrt er yn altar Bible

trench (v.) clashal; (n.) clash; jeeg, jeeig: and he made a trench about the altar - as ren eh jeeig mysh yn altar Bible; lhen; trensh

vestment (n.) brat altar

altaragh altar

ard-altyr high altar

boayrd altaragh altar desk

boayrd casherick altar

cheu-altar side altar

crosh altaragh (f.) altar cross

cuilleig altaragh (f.) altar recess

curtan altaragh altar curtain

guilley altaragh altar boy

scaa altaragh altar screen

altar-rail (n.) skelf altaragh

skelf altaragh (f.) altar-rail

oalan chasherick (f.) consecrated altar bread, Eucharist

oalan vannee (f.) consecrated altar bread, Eucharist

board table: : yn altar airh, as yn board airh Bible

chebbit offered, proffered: va'n nah ghow chebbit er yn altar va troggit. Bible

grate grate: Myr shen bee grate yn altar kiare cubityn Bible

kione-har eastward: hass ad ec kione har yn altar Bible

oalan (f.) altar bread, host, wafer: Oalan gyn casherickey. DF [L. oblatio]

airhey (=Ir. airidh) gild, gilt, gilt-edged, golden: hug eh yn altar airhey ayns y chabbane-agglish Bible

breastyn breasts: As hug ad yn eeh er ny breastyn, as ren eh lostey yn eeh er yn altar. Bible

buird planking, boards: ren eh yn altar lesh buird Bible; tables: Va kiare buird er y cheu shoh Bible

casherickey 1 bless, consecrate, dedicate, solemnise, solemnize a: Shiaght laghyn nee ad casherickey yn altar Bible; 2 (as woman) church

chebbal er present: Nish, shoh nee oo chebbal er yn altar, daa eayn jeh'n chied vlein, dagh laa dy kinjagh. Bible

cheu har east side, eastward: tilgey ad rish yn altar er y cheu har Bible

cheu yesh (f.) off side, right side, starboard: hass eh er cheu yesh altar yn oural-millish Bible

clow tongs: Eisht ren fer jeh ny seraphim jetlagh hym, as smarage yiarg ny laue, v'eh er ghoaill lesh y chlow jeh'n altar ; As venn eh rish my veeal eh Bible

goaill jeh bring off, draw off, take off: nee eh goaill jeh fuill y dow, as jeh fuill y ghoayr, as shen y choyrt er eairkyn yn altar ooilley mygeayrt. Bible; expropriation; mime

gorrym jiarg purple: As gowee ad ersooyl yn leoie veihn altar, as skeaylee ad harrish eaddagh gorrym-jiarg. Bible

jeh'n uill (of animal) well-bred; of the blood: As ghow Moses yn derrey lieh jeh'n uill, as hug eh eh ayns siyn; as spreih eh lieh jeh'n uill er yn altar. Bible

kelk (=Ir. cailc) 1 mark; 2 chalk a: t'eh jannoo ooilley claghyn yn altar myr claghyn kelk t'er ny vroo dy myn v; 3 pipeclay

kiare-chorneilagh four-cornered: As bee yn altar daa chubit jeig er lhiurid, as ghaa-yeig er lheead, square as kiare-chorneilagh Bible

lane doayrn handful: hug eh lesh yn oural-arran, as ghow eh lane doayrn jeh, as shen y lostey er yn altar Bible

laver laver: ooilaghey yn altar as ooilley ny siyn, chammah yn laver as e chass, dy chasherickey ad Bible

lesh niau heavenwards: As hass Solomon kiongoyrt rish altar y Chiarn, ayns fenish ooilley chaglym Israel, as skeayl eh magh e laueyn lesh niau Bible

lheimyragh 1 bounce, frisk, hop, jumping, leap, long jump, pounce, spring, vault a: As ren ad lheimyragh mygeayrt yn altar v'ad er droggal. Bible; 2 (f.) vaulting

loobyn rings: bee ny looghyn currit ayns ny loobyn, as bee ny looghyn er dagh lhiattee yn altar dy hroggal eh Bible; loops

looys shall swear: As quoi-erbee looys liorish yn altar, nagh vel eh veg Bible

pooiyt pots: bee ny pooiyt ayns thie yn Chiarn myr ny siyn casherick roish yn altar Bible

saagh-oonlee wash basin: As yn altar dy oural-losht, lesh ooilley e yeshaghtyn as yn saagh-oonlee lesh y stoyl echey, Bible

soar millish sweet smell: agh cha bee ad er nyn lostey er yn altar, son soar millish. Bible; incense; sweet savour:

yiarg See jiarg red: Eisht ren fer jeh ny seraphim jetlagh hym, as smarage yiarg ny laue, veh er ghoaill lesh y chlow jehn altar Bible

cassey change, curl, distort, flick, flounce, involvement, meander, meandering, screw, spin, squirm, swing, swirl, tangle, turn, twist, warp, whip-round, wind, wrench; whirl: tee kinjagh cassey mygeayrt as chyndaa reesht rere e combaaseyn Bible; wring: ver y saggyrt lesh eh gys yn altar, as nee eh cassey yn kione jeh Bible; pervert: gioot dolley sooillyn y vooinjer creeney, as cassey cooishyn y sleih cairagh Bible; twisting

lossey seose blaze up: Son shen myr ve, tra hrog y lossey seose 'syn aer veih'n altar, dy jagh ainle y Chiarn seose ayns y lossey: as tra honnick Manoah as e ven shoh, huitt ad er nyn eddin gys y thalloo. Bible


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