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along1 er louyn; er-lhongst; rish: Along the seashore - Rish oirr ny marrey. DF idiom

along2 (withal) myrghaagh

along3 (length) er lhiurid

Inexact matches:

bowl along (v.) rowlaghey roish

carry along ymmyrkey lesh

come along (v.) cheet roish

creep along (v.) snaue roish

dash along (v.) ratchal roish

drag along (v.) sleaydey lesh; tayrn lesh

draw along (v.) sleaydey; tayrn

drive along (v.) cloh; lorgaghey

get along (v.) goll er oaie; goll er y hoshiaght

hurry along kirtagh; siyraghey

jog along (to); (dy) halkal roish; (dy) vroddal roish

lumber along (v.) (to); (dy) stravaagey; (dy) vroddey roish

move along (v.) gleash er; jingey roish

moving along (v.) goll er oaie

Pass along (impv) Gleash erriu

Run along (impv) Immee royd

run along (v.) sheeyney rish

scrape along (v.) screebey roish

speeding along (v.) kirtagh roish

spin along (v.) kirtaghey

sweep along roie roish; skeabey roish

walk along (v.) shooyl roish

fire along the length (v.) lhiggey tessyn

gleash er move along

Gleash erriu (impv) Pass along

goll er oaie forwardness, get along, go forward, move forward, moving along: Ta'n clag goll er oaie un vinnid gagh laa. DF

halkal roish (dy); (to) jog along

kirtagh roish speeding along

myrghaagh (withal) along

rowlaghey roish bowl along

screebey roish scrape along

sleaydey lesh drag along

vroddal roish (dy); (to) jog along

vroddey roish (dy); (to) lumber along

ymmyrkey lesh carry along

kirtaghey hasten, hustle, spin along

tayrn lesh drag along, entail

er-lhongst along: roie eh er-lhongst gys Zin Bible

er louyn along; by hand; on a rope

jingey roish move along, press forward, shove forward

kirtagh hasten, hastening, hurry along, speed, speeding

lhiggey tessyn enfilade, fire along the length

lorgaghey drive, drive along, urge on, urging

ratchal roish dash along, snatch ahead

roie roish rattle on, sweep along

sheeyney rish run along, verges; in contiguity

skeabey roish sweep along, sweep on

snaue roish creep along, creep on

stravaagey (dy); (to) lumber along: T'ee stravaagey mygeayrt. DF

er lhiurid (length) along; long, in length: daeed cubit er lhiurid Bible

lope (v.) lheim: To lope along - Dy gholl er oaie lesh lheim. DF idiom

march carr caggee; cosheeaght: To march along - Dy chosheeaght er oaie. DF idiom; troagyraght; march; (v.) co-hooyl; marchal: the Egyptians marched after them - va ny Egyptianee marchal er nyn eiyrts Bible

promenade cosheeaght, shooyl; shooylaghan: To walk along the promenade - Dy hooyl y shooylaghan. DF idiom

road3 (n.) (country) bayr: Road that runs along the river - Bayr ta sheeynt rish yn awin. DF idiom

cheet roish come along, come before: Huitt eh magh eisht, oie feayr geuree dy row, va Harry cheet roish dy-valley jeeaghyn er e hoshiaght rish shibbyr cheh, er-yn-oyr v'eh feayr as accryssagh. Coraa; forestall; outflank; prelude

cloh chase, drive along, pursuit; (as dog) work: Va'n moddey shen cloh yn ollagh. DF; chasing

goll er y hoshiaght 1 get along; 2 proceed a: hie eh seose er y cheu jiass gys Kadesh-barnea; goll er y hoshiaght gys Hezron Bible; 3 prosper a: As va niart obbyr echey goll er y hoshiaght ayns ard-valjyn Yudah Bible

Immee royd (impv) Away, Begone, Depart, Go ahead, Run along: Immee royd ass dty heer hene, as veih dty chynney Bible; Get thee to

rish 1 along, beside, by a: shen y raad nee shiu campal rish oirr ny marrey. Bible; 2 during: Rish y lhing echeysyn vees Judah er ny hauail Bible; 3 for; 4 to, to him: As dooyrt Aaron rish Moses Bible; 5 for him

shooyl roish walk along, walk away, walk off: V'eh shooyl roish dy baccagh. DF

siyraghey accelerate, acceleration, bustling about, expedite, expedition, hasten, hastening, hurry, hurry along, hurry up, hustle

sleaydey drag, draggle, draw along, dredge, dredging, sledge, sleigh, trail: As haink eh dy valley yn laa er-giyn sleaydey cosh lurg cosh lesh neeal grouw as cha crosh as tessyn as daa vaidjey, lesh e ghaa ghroym er e ghreeym GB

tayrn (=Ir. tarraing) 1 carry, carrying, cart, describe, designing, draft, drag, draw along, drawing, get out, haul, haulage, heave, hitch, pluck, pull, pulling, quartering, suction, tow, towing, trace, tracing, trawl, tugging, yank; 2 draw a: Cre'n-fa t'ou tayrn back dty laue Bible; 3 attract: t'eh tayrn trimshey er hene Bible; 4 induce, lure: dy chooilley nhee ta tayrn sleih gys peccah Bible; 5 traction; 6 (of tea) brew; 7 (as barrel) tap; 8 pl. tayrnyn tug; 9 catching


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