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alone (adj., adv.) ynrican, ynrycan; gyn sheshey; (ny) lomarcan: Who knows? He alone - Quoi ec ta fys? Eshyn ny lomarcan. JJK idiom

Inexact matches:

sauce alone (n.) garleid cheylley

Leave me alone (intj) Lhig lhiam, Lhig fea dou, Faag void mee, Ny cur eie orrym

Faag void mee (intj) Leave me alone

garleid cheylley (f.) garlic mustard, sauce alone

ynrycan alone, only: Cur-my-ner, shoh ynrycan ta mee er gheddyn Bible; only one

steal geid: Not alone did he steal my money - Cha nee ynrican ren eh yn argid aym y gheid. DF idiom; myngyraght

gyn sheshey nonpareil; alone, without mate, Bible: As hooar Mahlon as Chilion nyn neesht baase, as va'n ven faagit gyn sheshey as gyn cloan. Bible

Lhig fea dou (intj) Leave me alone: scuirr eisht voym, as lhig fea dou dy voddym tammylt dy gherjagh y gheddin Bible

Lhig lhiam (intj) Spare me: Ta mee skee jeh ; cha baillym ve foddey bio: lhig lhiam ; son ta my laghyn fardalys.; Leave me alone

lomarcan alone, lonely, singleton, singly, solitary, solitary person, unaccompanied: Kys te dy vel oo dty lomarcan? Bible; lone

Ny cur eie orrym (intj) Leave me alone: Ny cur eie orrym as cha derym eie ort. DF

ynrican 1 absolute, particular, unique; 2 only, sole, single a: Gow nish dty vac, eer dty ynrican vac Isaac, eh shynney lhiat Bible; b: v'ee e ynrican lhiannoo Bible; 3 alone; 4 singular

housetop (n.) mullagh thie: that sitteth alone upon the housetop - ta soie ny-lomarcan er mullagh thie Bible; mullagh y thie: Let him which is on the housetop not come down - Eshyn ter mullagh y thie, ny lhig da cheet neose Bible


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