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alley (n.) alley; close: Blind alley - Close kyagh. DF idiom

alley alley, alleyway: Nish tra va Satan ronsagh lesh e hooill trooid magh y garey, alley, bayr as cooill, honnick eh'n dooinney as [e] heshey dooie ayns stayd dy vaynrys, 'naght myr v'eh hene roie PC

Inexact matches:

ball alley (n.) cooyrt vluckan

blind alley (n.) close kyagh

bowling alley (n.) cooyrt, cooyrt voulleraght, thie boulleraght

skittle alley (n.) cooyrt skittlyn

alleyway (n.) alley

close kyagh blind alley

cooyrt skittlyn (f.) skittle alley

cooyrt vluckan (f.) ball alley

cooyrt voulleraght (f.) bowling alley

thie boulleraght bowling alley

close close, compound, coop, courtyard, farmyard, precinct, yard; (housing name) court; alley

occupation (n.) aght baghee, aght-beaghee, keird; cummaltys: Army of occupation - Armee cummaltys. DF idiom; staartey: Blind alley occupation - Staartey nagh vel bishagh ayn. DF idiom

cooill (=Ir.cuil) (f.) corner, hiding place, niche, nook: Nish tra va Satan ronsagh lesh e hooill trooid magh y garey, alley, bayr as cooill Bible

cooyrt (f.) pl. cooyrtyn court, farmyard, forecourt, yard: Eisht haink Jeremiah veih Tophet, raad va'n Chiarn er choyrt eh dy yannoo phadeyrys, as hass eh ayns cooyrt thie yn Chiarn Bible; bowling alley

co-yalloo public image; image: ayndu ta jih yn tyyl shoanoni ern' alley ny hagnyghyn acksyn nagh vell krediu, nagh jenagh soilshe yn tuiskel dy gloyr ghrist (shen ta ko-iallu iih) soilsheyn dausyn. PB1610


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