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ainle (=Ir. aingeal) pl. ainleyn angel: honnick ee daa ainle nyn soie ayns coamraghyn sollys Bible

Inexact matches:

drogh ainle evil angel: as hug eh magh drogh ainleyn nyvud Bible

ainle yn dorraghys prince of darkness

Ainle yn Recortys Recording Angel

Balley'n Ard Ainle Archangel

Chaghter yn Ainle Annunciation

clag yn ainle angelus bell, ave bell

Failt yn Ainle (f.) Angelus, Hail Mary

lus yn ainle (f.) angelica

Angelus (n.) Failt yn Ainle

Annunciation1 (n.) Chaghter yn Ainle

Archangel (n.) Balley'n Ard Ainle

archangel (n.) ard-ainle: with the voice of the archangel - lesh coraa yn ard-ainle; ard-losserey firryn; chengey veen

evil angel (n.) drogh ainle

ard-ainle archangel: Son hig y Chiarn neose veih niau lesh eam ard, lesh coraa yn ard-ainle

angelus bell (n.) clag yn ainle

ave bell (n.) clag yn ainle

Recording Angel (n.) Ainle yn Recortys

angelica (n.) lus ny hainelag, lus yn ainle

prince of darkness (n.) ainle yn dorraghys

Hail Mary (intj) Dy Bannee Dhyt y Voirrey; (n.) Failt yn Ainle

dreamal dream: loayr ainle Yee rhym ayns dreamal Bible

voee from her: As jimmee yn ainle voee. Bible

angel (n.) ainle; giallican: I would now be in Heaven an angel - Veign nish ayns Niau my yiallican. DF idiom

heavenly host (n.) sheshaght-flaunys: And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, - As ayns y tullogh va marish yn ainle ymmodee jeh'n cheshaght flaunyssagh cur moylley da Jee, as gra. Bible

recording (v.) jannoo recortys; (n.) recortys: The Recording Angel - Ainle yn Recortys. DF idiom; (adj.) recortyssagh; recortyssee

second time (n.) nah cheayrt: And the angel of the Lord called unto Abraham out of heaven the second time - As deïe ainle y Chiarn da Abraham veih niau, yn nah cheayrt Bible

by-yilley brightest: kiongoyrt rish Jee, geeck ammys injil da, veih'n chooid sloo corrym rish yn ainle by-yilley PC

cliwe loamrit drawn sword: honnick eh ainle y Chiarn ny hassoo eddyr niau as y thalloo, lesh cliwe loamrit ny laue sheeynt magh harrish Jerusalem: Bible

heeyney magh (dy); (to) eke out: Dy heeyney magh yn anvroie lesh ushtey. DF; stretch out: As tra va'n ainle er heeyney magh e laue er Jerusalem dy stroie eh Bible

hickyree 1 confirmed a: hickyree ad [ad ayns nyn gredjue] Bible; 2 protested a: As hickyree ainle y Chiarn da Joshua Bible

lhiggey rish disclose, discover: Chroym eh gys ainle jeu va mygeayrt-y-mysh as ren eh 'roon myr shoh y lhiggey rish: "O vraar gloyroil, kys oddys uss v'ec fea fo errey'n leigh dewil chie er cur dooin jea? PC

livrey assign, deliver, liberate, rescue, yield up: Yn ainle ren mish y livrey veih dy chooilley olk Bible

mygeayrt-y-moosyn about them: Ta ainle y Chiarn freayll arrey mygeayrt-y-moosyn ta goaill aggle roish: as dy livrey ad Bible; round about them

nah cheayrt second time: As haink ainle y Chiarn reesht y nah cheayrt, as venn eh rish, as dooyrt eh, Irree as ee; er-yn-oyr dy vel y jurnah erskyn dty niart. Bible

niartaghey (=Ir. neartú) affirm, brace, cement, confirm, consolidate, extend, fortify, intensify, invigorate, nerve, reinforce, stiffen, strengthen: ren cloan Israel ad-hene y niartaghey Bible; affirmation, confirmation, consolidation, fortification, reinforcement; strengthening: As haink huggey ainle veih niau, dy niartaghey eh,; edify; succour

obbraghyn mooarey great acts: Eisht ghow ad rish obbraghyn mooarey as yindyssagh Yee, as kys va ainle y Chiarn er yeeaghyn eh-hene daue. Apoc

rowlal back roll back: va ainle y Chiarn er jeet neose veih niau, as er jeet as er rowlal back yn chlagh jeh beeal yn oaie Bible

scollagyn 1 school children; 2 lads a: Yn ainle ren mish y livrey veih dy chooilley olk, dy bannee eh ny scollagyn Bible; 3 children a: Ghow ad ny deiney aegey dy vlieh, as huitt ny scollagyn fon fuygh. Bible

shliawin (=Ir. sleamhuioghadh) insidious, lubricated, skiddy, sleek, slippery, sly, smooth, smooth-faced, soapy: Bee'n raad oc dorraghey as shliawin as nee ainle y Chiarn ad y imman Bible; greasy

Slieau Mooar (Yn) Snaefell; Big Mountain: As heid yn nah ainle, as va myr dy beagh slieau mooar lostey lesh aile tilgit 'syn aarkey Bible

by me liorym: Rachel died by me in the land of Canaan - hooar Rachel baase liorym, ayns cheer Chanaan; lioryms: And the Lord hath done to him, as he spake by me - As tan Chiarn er nyannoo er y hon-syn myr loayr eh lioryms Bible; liorym's: For there stood by me this night the angel of God - Son hass lioryms noght ainle Yee Bible

round about them (emph.) mygeayrt-y-moosyn: The angel of the Lord tarrieth round about them that fear him - Ta ainle y Chiarn freayll arrey mygeayrt-y-moosyn ta goaill aggle roish Bible; mygeayrt-y-moo: the terror of God was upon the cities that were round about them - va atchim Yee er ny ard valjyn, va mygeayrt-y-moo Bible

standing er chosh, shassagh; (ny) hassoo: and he saw the angel of the Lord standing in the way - as honnick eh ainle y Chiarn ny hassoo ayns y raad Bible; shassoo: when the king saw Esther the queen standing in the court - tra honnick y ree Esther yn ven-rein shassoo ayns y chooyrt Bible

lossey seose blaze up: Son shen myr ve, tra hrog y lossey seose 'syn aer veih'n altar, dy jagh ainle y Chiarn seose ayns y lossey: as tra honnick Manoah as e ven shoh, huitt ad er nyn eddin gys y thalloo. Bible


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