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aile (=Ir. aingeal) pl. aileyn fire: losht shin Ziklag lesh aile Bible [O.Ir. aingel]

Inexact matches:

aile arrey watch fire

aile gas gas fire

aile lheimmagh roar fire

aile niurin hell fire: Uss ommydan, dy bee eh ayns gaue aile niurin Bible

aile oanluckee pyre: ren ad aile oanluckee mooar y yannoo er e hon Bible

aile raauee beacon, signal beacon

aile sullyr cheerful fire

arm aile firearm

arreyder aile fireguard

baatey aile fire float

block aile fire log

bluckan aile fireball

breek aile (f.) firebrick

brigaid aile (f.) fire brigade

brishey aile firebreak

brod aile poker: Dy vooghey'n aile lesh brod aile. DF

ching aile (scald) burn

clag aile fire alarm

clagh aile (f.) firestone, flint

clean aile brazier, grate, hearth

cliaghtey aile fire drill

coodagh aile fire screen

cray aile (f.) fire clay

cruick aile (f.) fire bucket

fer aile fireman

foaddeyder aile firelighter

fuygh aile firewood

gardey aile fireguard

goaill aile burn

greeish aile (f.) fire escape

greie aile fire engine

kiap aile fire log

kishan aile fire basket

lagg aile firebox

lossaghyn aile flames of fire: Hug eh daue claghyn-sniaghtee ayns ynnyd fliaghey: as lossaghyn aile ayns y cheer oc. Bible

mooghey aile fire-fighting, firefighting

moogheyder aile fire-extinguisher, fireman

ooashley aile fire-worship

pabyr aile touch-paper, touchpaper

pioban aile fire hose

roortys aile fire drill

scaa aile fireguard, fire screen

shirveishyn aile (f.) fire services

sluggeyder aile fire-eater

smarrey clean-aile grate polish

stashoon aile fire-quarters, fire station

tilgeyr aile flamethrower

towl aile touch hole

cur aile da bake as bricks, burn, fire

eddyr daa aile Boaldyn in a dilemma

gollrish aile Greagagh wildfire

jeen noi aile fireproof

kiarailys noi aile fire precautions

lus vooar yn aile (f.) greater salad-burnet

lus yn aile (f.) pyrethrum, salad burnet

myr aile er y clieau wildfire

tendreilyn dy aile flames of fire: Ta coraa yn Chiarn scoltey ny tendreilyn dy aile; ta coraa yn Chiarn craa yn assagh: yn Chiarn, dy feer, ta craa faasagh Chades. Bible

fireguard (n.) arreyder aile, gardey aile, scaa aile

burn1 (v.) cur aile da, foaddey, goaill aile, lossey; lostey: Leave the poker in and the fire will soon burn up - Faag y brod ayn as nee'n aile dy-leah lostey. JJK idiom; (n.) strooan

fire1 (n.) aile: Fire is a good companion in this weather - Ta aile ny chumraag mie ayns lheid yn earish shoh. JJK idiom; chenney, tienney; (v.) lhiggey, lhieggey, lostey; cur aile da

fire drill (n.) cliaghtey aile, roortys aile

fire log (n.) block aile, kiap aile

fireman (n.) fer aile, moogheyder aile

fire screen (n.) coodagh aile, curtan dolostey, scaa aile

flames of fire (npl.) lossaghyn aile, lossaghyn ailey, tendreilyn dy aile

wildfire (n.) gollrish aile Greagagh, myr aile er y clieau

in a dilemma eddyr daa aile Boaldyn: He was in a dilemma - V'eh eddyr daa aile Boayldyn DF idiom

bunney arroo sheaf of corn: goll-rish chiollagh dy aile masteyn fuygh, as myr brasnag aile ayns bunney arroo Bible

conney combustible, firewood; gorse: ceab-aileagh dy chur conney-aittin er aile, ny dy oaddey aile JK; fuel; money

brazier clean aile; prasheyder

burn2 (n.) (scald) ching aile

cheerful fire (n.) aile sullyr

fire alarm (n.) clag aile

firearm (n.) arm aile; lheamey

fire basket (n.) kishan aile

firebox (n.) lagg aile

firebreak (n.) brishey aile

firebrick (n.) breek aile

fire brigade (n.) brigaid aile

fire bucket (n.) cruick aile

fire clay (n.) cray aile

fire-eater (n.) sluggeyder aile

fire engine (n.) greie aile

fire escape (n.) greeish aile

fire-extinguisher (n.) moogheyder aile

firefighting (n.) mooghey aile

fire-fighting mooghey aile

fire float (n.) baatey aile

fire hose (n.) pioban aile

firelighter (n.) foaddeyder aile

fire-quarters (n.) stashoon aile

fire services (npl.) shirveishyn aile

fire station (n.) stashoon aile

firestone (n.) clagh aile

fire-worship (n.) ooashley aile

flamethrower (n.) tilgeyr aile

gas fire (n.) aile gas

hell fire aile niurin: Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire - Uss ommydan, dy bee eh ayns gaue aile niurin Bible

poker (n.) brod: Leave the poker in and the fire will soon burn up - Faag y brod ayn as nee'n aile dy-leah lostey. JJK idiom; brod aile; broddeyder; greeseyder; pokyr

pyre (n.) aile oanluckee

pyrethrum (n.) lus yn aile

roar fire (n.) aile lheimmagh

signal beacon (n.) aile raauee

touch hole (n.) towl aile

touchpaper (n.) pabyr aile

touch-paper (n.) pabyr aile

watch fire (n.) aile arrey

bun as baare both the ends: Cur-my-ner te tilgit 'syn aile dy lostey; ta'n aile dy stroie eh bun as baare, as ta'n mean echey losht. Bible

er-aile ablaze, afire, on fire: V'ad rowley queeyl er-aile sheese lurgagh lesh awin. Dhoor

lheim mygeayrt jump about: T'eh cur magh yn ennal ass e veeal myr strooanyn aile, as myr smarageyn aile lheim mygeayrt. Bible

lorgyn staves: ver ad er aile, as loshtee ad ny greinyn-caggee, chammah ny scapeyn, as ny buckleryn, ny bowghyn as ny sideyn, as ny lorgyn-laue, as ny shleiyghyn, bee ad son aile daue dy lostey, shiaght bleeaney. Bible

soilshey cainle candlelight: nyn dappey voue fooar ad ad hene ayns aile va lostey dewil, agh gyn ceau soilshey cainle, son aile dy vrimstone, ga t'eh lostey dewil PC

ablaze (adv.) er-aile, lossey, lostey

afire (adj.) er-aile; lossey

fireball (n.) bluckan aile, bluckan chenney

fire precautions (npl.) kiarailys noi aile

fireproof (adj.) do-lostey; (v.) jeen noi aile

fire rake (n.) corlaig-aile

grate polish (n.) smarrey clean-aile

hearth (n.) chiollagh, chollagh; clean aile

salad burnet (n.) lus yn aile

aile-ghahagh flash

corlaig-aile (f.) fire rake

bake as bricks (v.) cur aile da

beacon (n.) aile raauee, chenjean, cowrey, lossan varrey

firewood (n.) brasnag, bwonyn, conney, fuygh aile, speiltyn

flint (n.) clagh aile, clagh ghrillinagh, flint

greater salad-burnet (n.) lus vooar yn aile

smarageagh glowing, red-hot: honnick ad aile smarageagh Bible

grate (n.) clean aile, grate, cleeah; (v.) cur cleeah er, jeestyrnee, screebey

barree tows; of tows: myr snaie-barree ec yn aile Bible

braih (f.) malt: Ta aigney ec Ta aile meeley jannoo braih millish. DF

brimstone brimstone: ayns logh dy aile lostey lesh brimstone Bible

brishys shall break: son brishys aile magh ass Heshbon Bible

bunney (f.) pl. bunneeyn sheaf: myr brasnag aile ayns bunney arroo Bible; truss

caair (f.) chair: Hayrn mee caair stiagh rish yn aile. DF

casherick holy, sacred, sanctimonious: Tad er hoiaghey dtynnydyn casherick er aile Bible; hallowed

ceau sniaghtey snow: Veagh eh cha mie ceau sniaghtey er yn aile. DF

censer (pl -yn) censer: nee eshyn goaill lane censer dy smarageyn jiarg aile Bible

chollagh See chiollagh hearth: va aile er y chollagh lostey kiongoyrt rish. Bible

deayrtee shall pour: Er ny mee-chrauee deayrtee eh ribbaghyn, aile as brimstone Bible

doad kindled: va ny ellannee feer dooie rooin son doad ad aile Bible

drillin scintilla, spark: cre'n lossey mooar ta drillin dy aile foaddey! Bible; sparkler

dy fergagh angrily, ferociously: Dy fergagh chur eh yn thie er aile. Coraa

er-e-skyn above her, above him: losht eh thie'n ree er-e-skyn lesh aile Bible

foaddee will kindle: As foaddee eh aile ayns chiambleyn yeeghyn Egypt Bible

foad-yms I will kindle: foad-yms aile ayns ny ard-valjyn echey Bible

hiow warmed: hiow eh eh-hene ec yn aile. Bible

ish (=Ir. isi) her, herself, she: losht ad ish as e ayr lesh aile. Bible

kerraghey dowil vengeance: surranse kerraghey dowil yn aile dy bragh farraghtyn. Bible

Laa Boaldyn May Day: Ta mee eddyr daa aile Laa Boaldyn. DF

loandernee (of jewels) blaze: nee ad loandernee myr lossey aile Bible

poht creel; stewpot: Trog yn poht jeh'n aile. DF

saueit See sauit saved: va shiu myr stoo saueit ass yn aile Bible

sceoll dash: Sceoll eh ushtey er yn aile. DF

scoaldit burned, poached, scalded: Ta lhiannoo scoaldit goaill aggle roish yn aile. JJK

skeilt cleft, splintered, split: honnick ad chengaghyn skeilt, myr aile Bible

sleityn mountains: as ver eh aile fo undinyn ny sleityn Bible

thie cloie playhouse, theatre: Va'n thie cloie er ve er aile. JJK

tholtan pl. tholtanyn derelict, ruin: Ren yn aile jannoo tholtan jeh'n thie. DF

burned losht: Can a man take fire in his bosom, and his clothes not be burned? - Vod dooinney aile y ghoaill ayns e oghrish, as gyn e eaddagh ve losht? Bible; lostit; scoaldit

burnt offering (n.) oural losht: Lebanon is not sufficient to burn, nor the beasts thereof sufficient for a burnt offering - cha vel Lebanon dy liooar son aile, nyn maase ter dy liooar son ourallosht Bible

burn up (v.) foaddey; lostey: and burn up their houses with fire - as lostey ny thieyn oc lesh aile Bible; spongey

child1 (n.) lhiannoo: A burnt child dreads the fire - Ta lhiannoo scoaldit goaill aggle roishyn aile. JJK idiom; paitchey: I was yet a child - Cha row mee agh paitchey. JJK idiom; ponnair

coal (n.) clagh gheayil, peesh gheayil; geayl: If you put too much coal on, you'll put the fire out - My verrys shiu rouyr geayl er, mooghee shiu yn aile. JJK idiom

companion cooidjaghtagh, co-heshey; cumraag: Fire is a good companion in this weather - Ta aile ny chumraag mie ayns lheid yn earish shoh. JJK idiom; greeish chabbaneagh; laue-lioar; sheshey

cut up (v.) buinnit: as thorns cut up shall they be burned in the fire - myr drineyn buinnit bee ad er nyn losteysyn aile Bible; giarrey

frying pan (n.) freeghtane, frynepan; panney: Out of the frying pan into the fire - Ass y phanney ayns yn aile. JJK idiom

gathering1 (n.) cruinnaght: The murmur of the gathering - Cauaig y chaglym. DF idiom; chaglym: Parish gathering - Cruinnaght skeerey. DF idiom; mod; ingyraght; (v.) cruinnaghey: Gathering round the fire - Cruinnaghey mygeayrt yn aile. DF idiom

gentle (n.) crooag; koynrit; (adj.) meein; meen: His words are gentle and insinuating - Ta e ghoan meen as brynnyragh. JJK idiom; mial; meeley: A gentle fire makes sweet malt - Ta aile meeley jannoo braih millish. JJK idiom

glowing jiarg; lonragh; smarageagh; soilsheanagh; soilshean: The fire is glowing - Ta'n aile soilshean. DF idiom; jiargaghey: The iron is glowing - Ta'n yiarn jiargaghey. DF idiom; lonraghey: The sky was glowing - Va'n speyr lonraghey. DF idiom

go out goll magh: You've let the fire go out - Ta shiu er lhiggey da'n aile goll magh. JJK idiom; hraih; immee magh

I will kindle foad-yms: And I will kindle a fire in the wall of Damascus - foad-yms aile er voalley Ghamascus Bible

I will send ver-ym: And I will send a fire on Magog - As ver-ym aile er Magog Bible

let (n.) lhiettalys; (v.) (da) lhig, lhiggal: Let him load the cart - Lhig da laadey yn cart. JJK idiom; lhiggey: You've let the fire go out - Ta shiu er lhiggey da'n aile goll magh. JJK idiom; soiaghey; cur ergooyl

low1 buirroogh; buirrooghey; dowin; garroo; injil: The fire is very low - Ta'n aile feer injil. JJK idiom; ishil; dy injil; kercheenagh

malt (v.) braghey; (n.) braih: A gentle fire makes sweet malt - Ta aile meeley jannoo braih millish. JJK idiom; bry

neighbour (n.) naboo: When thy neighbour's house is on fire, take care of thy own house - Tra ta thie dty naboo er aile, gow kiarail jeh dty hie hene. JJK idiom

oft times (dy) mennick: And ofttimes it hath cast him into the fire - As dy mennick teh er hilgey eh ayns yn aile Bible

on fire (adj.) er-aile: The theatre had been on fire - Va'n thie cloie er ve er aile. JJK idiom

out of ass: Out of the frying pan into the fire - Ass y phanney ayns yn aile. JJK idiom

peel (v.) roostey, speeiney; speein: Peel those oranges and throw the peel in the fire - Speein ny horanjeyn shen as ceau ny speeineigyn 'syn aile. DF idiom; (n.) crackan, roost, scryss, sleayst uinnee, speeineig

poked broddit: You haven't poked the fire - Cha nel shiu er vroddey yn aile. JJK idiom

stack (n.) creagh: He lit the stack - Hug eh y chreagh er aile. DF idiom; chimlee, sthack

theatre1 (n.) theater; thie cloie: The theatre had been on fire - Va'n thie cloie er ve er aile. JJK idiom

will burn loshtee: but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire - agh loshtee eh yn choau lesh aile nagh bee er ny vooghey Bible

aalyn fleshhooks: Ny coirraghyn myrgeddin as ny sleaystyn aile, as ny aalyn, as ooilley ny greinyn oc Bible

aarlym's I will prepare: as aarlym's y dow elley, as ver-ym eh ny lhie er y fuygh, as cha derym veg yn aile fo. Bible

amber amber: ayns y vean echey va myr sollyssid amber ass mean yn aile. Bible

ass niau 1 heaven-born; 2 out of heaven a: Eisht gheayrt y Chiarn er Sodom as er Gomorrah brimstone as aile veihn Chiarn ass niau Bible

baaree shall prune: nee'n pobble tooilleil ayns fardail, as baaree yn sleih nyn niart dy deinagh trooid yn aile. Bible

basonyn basons: As ren Hiram jannoo ny tubbyryn, as ny sleaystyn aile, as ny basonyn Bible

blazal blazing: aile lostee niurin blazal seose mymboo, as tonnyn brimstone lheit son lhiabbee foue. PC

blaze blaze: Ta co-chruinnaght ny mee-chrauee myr kionnan dy lieen-barree: dy ve stroit fy-yerrey ayns blaze dy aile. Apoc

brineenagh dusty: Honnick mee'n traa va'n diunid doo as feayn, gyn aer, gyn aile, gyn thalloo as gyn keayn, gyn soilshey neesht; as foast v'ad ooilley ayn myr dredge brineenagh, floagagh, fegooish kione PC

brishey stiagh er encroach, intrude: Ren shin brishey stiagh er cheer jiass ny Cherethiteyn, as er ardjyn Yudah, as er y jiass jeh Caleb; as losht shin Ziklag lesh aile. Bible

brod pl. broddyn goad, jab, nudge, prick, spur, stimulus: dy virraghey ny broddyn-immanagh Bible; poker: Faag y brod ayn as nee'n aile dy leah lostey. JJK [O.Ir. brot]

broie bake, boil, effervesce, effervescence, overdo, parch, seethe, stew: t'eh jannoo aile jeh, as broie arran lesh Bible; (n.) pl. broiaghyn brew

bwoalley magh (of trail) blaze; hammer out: ta mee er chroo yn gaaue ta sheidey ny smarageyn 'syn aile, as ta bwoalley magh greie son e obbyr hene: as ta mee er chroo yn stroider dy choyrt mow. Bible; tick out


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